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I will be moving in shortly...

For those of you who are regular visitors to Mega Raichu's Pokémon Page : FortuneCity has broken the final straw.  I've had it with them so I'm moving to Tripod.  The reason?  Tripod will allow just about everything on their servers.  FortuneCity won't allow Archive files, Mp3's, and they don't support Perl scripting.  I'm trying to test out a new forum, but it requires Perl scripting and thus I can't even put it in my webspace in FC.  That was enough to make me want to leave FC.  So now I'm with Tripod.  It's only 20 megs of space, but I wasn't even using that much in FC, and I have more space in my Geocities and AOL accounts anyway, so webspace is not an issue here.

Update - 6/20/03

Okay, so it's been forever since I last made an update and not a lot has been happening. Writer's block has set in, but hopefully I may be able to start on a new project that will help to alleviate that. More on that if it develops. As for the Shrine, well, that's going to be postponed until a later date. Why? Well, I've discovered how to set up my own website without the need for any of these online providers. Unfortunately, my router is not allowing access to a certain port which is blocking me from hosting my own site. Once I get this deal with my router figured out, I'll be hosting from my home computer. But until then, I'm not going to be doing much for the shrine or any other page I've made. Which means this site is on the backburner for the time being. But if I can get around my writer's block, I'll still update my fiction section at least. That's all for now. Laterz.

These sections are currently available on my Tripod account :

Fan Fics - Uploaded 2/11/02
Yellow Ver. Screens - Uploaded 3/17/02
Gold Ver. Screens - Uploaded 3/17/02
Pokémon Drinking Game - Uploaded 3/17/02
Pokémon Airliner Pic - Uploaded 3/17/02
Pokémon Pikachu FAQ - Uploaded 3/17/02
GS Codes - Uploaded 3/17/02
Files - Uploaded 3/17/02
Pokémon TCG Decks - Uploaded 3/17/02
PokéQuiz - Uploaded 3/17/02
Links - Uploaded 3/17/02
Updates Archive - Uploaded 4/9/02
Pics - Uploaded 6/14/02
Animations - Uploaded 6/14/02

I'm still working on :

Raichu Shrine
Awards I Won

I will upload the main page last.

If this causes a problem for you then please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking here.