The Pokemon Pikachu is a little virtual pet created by Nintendo (duh). Anyone who obsesses over Pokemon has one (or two or three). I have one. I've had him for about 3 or 4 months. And during that time I think I've seen everything that Pikachu can do. This page is split into several sections...

1 What Pikachu does. (Goes through all his moods and the things I have seen him do)

2 How to get Pikachu to love you (and keep loving you).

3 Rumors (Does Pikachu evolve on this thing?)

1 The things that Pikachu will do.

Pikachu has 4 main moods.


  1. Hates you.
  2. Is O.K. with you.
  3. Likes you.
  4. Loves you.

1 Pikachu hates you.

It sucks to be you. Pikachu will do nothing and then less than that. In the morning he shocks you or doesn't appear at all. When he ever appears (this is VERY rare) he always has his back turned to you. All he does is eat, sleep and bathe and will walk if you shake him a lot. You need a serious butt-load of watts to pull him out of this mood. But don't worry, you have to leave Pikachu alone for like a month for this to happen. My Pikachu has never hated me to date so I don't know how many watts you need to give him.


2 Pikachu is O.K. with you.

This is Pikachu's mood when he first pops out of the Pokeball. At this stage, Pikachu has a few functions. He looks at you if you shake him, he eats, sleeps, snacks on a lolipop, and bathes. He'll walk or run if you shake him a lot. Eventually you will find him playing in his sand box. It takes about 1000 - 2000 watts to get to the next mood.


3 Pikachu likes you.

YES! Pikachu is starting to take up some space on that little screen! He moves around a lot, and actually looks you straight in the face if you shake him a little. At this point, Pikachu will start watching TV, or reading a book, or he will start to play with his blocks (maybe). Pikachu will also start riding a scooter. You need a little over 2000 watts to get to the next mood.


4 Pikachu Loves you.

Oooohhhh yeah! Happy dance time! (I need to get an animation of the Pikachu Happy Dance) Pikachu takes up the whole screen! He stands there wagging that 5000 volt tail until you shake him a little. He does a happy dance cuz he loves you soooo much. I bet you think that's the end of it? Well it's not. Pikachu gets lots more functions at this stage. You need a ton of points and lots of watts to get him to do new things. I've got over 300000 points already. At this stage he will start riding a bicycle, using a riding car, start driving a car (man he gets his license before I can!!!!), he rides a unicycle, he rides a skateboard, takes a bubble bath instead of a shower, he eats an Ice Cream cone instead of the lolipop, he eats fried rice instead of the sandwich and the plate o' stuff (as I call it), sometimes when you turn him on he will be showing his affection for you, he will be playing the trumpet, flying a kite, he will be in school (too bad he goes to school 7 days a week) and sometimes he will be hang gliding. That's all I can remember right now.

* - When you give Pikachu watts he will do certain things. Sometimes he does a happy dance or just shows his love for you. That's the stuff for the people who give him 200 - 250 watts. If you give him a load of watts (like 400 - 600) he will do a whole lot more. He does a back flip, plays a baby grand piano (or is that a pokepiano???), he goes hang gliding, he plays the trumpet, he'll even write you a letter. You just gotta give him a load of watts for him to do these things. The more watts (and points) you get, the more things he'll do!

2 How to get Pikachu to love you and keep loving you.

So far my standing record for getting my Pikachu to love me from the O.K. stage is 2 days. Can anyone beat that?

There are a few ways to get Pikachu to love you.

(1) Give him watts! There are two ways to do this : 1 - Shake him. 2 - GAMBLE.

1 Shake him.

The best way to do this is to sit down to a TV show or an hour long movie and shake him for the duration of the show. Your mind will be distracted from the Pikachu, but you'll still be shaking him. By the end of the movie/TV show you should have amassed about 400-500 watts. Put Pikachu in a poket on your cloting and go for a nice long walk/jog/run. A good hour long outing will get you about 300-400 watts. You can probably put Pikachu on a paint mixer and let it go for 15 minutes. You'll max out the points and the watts. (I haven't tried this!!! I take no responsibility for your Pikachu overloading or something!!!) And remember : 100 points makes 5 watts!


Yup, for a mere 5 watts you can gamble to your hearts content (or until you run out of watts). You have to match 3 of the same picture on the slot machine. The slot machine is almost the same as the one on the GameBoy, but this one is easier to win at. My personal theory about the slot machine on Pikachu is that every Pikachu has different odds. I can win big on mine but not on my friend's. There are 4 pictures on this slot machine : The Fish thing (me and my friends call it Magikarp), the Flower, the Pikachu-Head, and the Lucky 7. You get 3 Magikarp - 30 watts, 3 Flowers or Pikachus - 50 watts, 3 Lucky 7's - 500 watts. I've gotten 3 7's a lot let me tell you. You just gotta time it right. That's the only advice I can give.


(2) This is only my personal theory but it does make some sense (to me at least). You gotta treat him as if he were a REAL Pokemon. Yup, you read that right. Treat him like he was real. The best things to do is not to shake him when he's sleeping, bathing, playing, or snacking. I find that this has helped me to keep Pikachu loving me.

3 Rumors

I've only heard a few rumors about the Pokemon Pikachu.

  1. If Pikachu loves you for 90 days straight, he'll evolve.
  2. If you get the maximum score (999999), he'll evolve. (I'm going for this one!)
  3. Nintendo may be putting out a new Pokemon Virtual Pet. I heard it might be Psyduck, others said it might be Vulpix.

I asked Nintendo about these rumors but they were very evasive in giving me answers so some of these rumors MAY be true.