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Pokémon Quiz
By Mega Raichu

Some questions can be answered by looking at my web page and the manuals for almost all of the Pokémon games.  Just send your answers to my e-mail address and I'll let you know how you did.

1. On the back of the Topps Chrome Pokémon card for Nidorino, what two questions are listed as to be asked by Pokémon League?

2. Which AMERICAN Pokémon Card from the Pokémon TCG has the most HP?

3. How much HP does the Pokémon in question 2 have?

4. What Pokémon registers your Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium?

5. In the Pokémon Stadium manual, what two pokemon are shown on page 40?

6. In Memoirs of a Pokemon Master by Mega Raichu, how is the Nurse Joy in Viridian City related to the Nurse Joy in Lavender Town?

7. How many versions of Pokémon were released in Japan and America and what are the colors?

(Disregard Pokémon Pinball.)

8. How many Pokémon are in the AMERICAN Pokémon TCG Base Set?

9. In version 3 of the American Pokémon TCG Rules, up to what page does Prof. Oak say that the rules will look familiar to you?

10. According to version 3 of the American Pokémon TCG rules, what can you do during your turn?

11. Also in version 3 of the American Pokémon TCG rules, what card is shown to demonstrate the card positions on page 15?

12. How much HP does that card in question 10 have?

13. What does the announcer in Pokémon Stadium sometimes say if a level 100 Pokémon takes out a level 50 Pokémon?

14. What are Jessie and James' names in the Japanese Pokémon TV show?

15. How do you get a Pichu in Gold/Silver versions?

16. In Solemnly Psychic, how and why does Mew evolve?

17. According to the Pokédex Observation Unit in Pikachu's Vacation, what does Togepi have a low tolerance for?

18. In the manual for Pokémon Pinball, what two Pokémon are on page 12.

19. What types are those two Pokémon from question 18?

20. On page 22 of the Pokémon Pinball manual, what evolution is demonstrated?

21. On the Gameboy Camera, what four Pokémon are shown in photo B16 when you open up Album B?

22. How many times does pikachu's picture (either partially or fully) appear in the Pokémon yellow trainer's guide?

23. How many Pokémon are listed in the Pokédex in the back of the Pokémon yellow trainer's guide?

24. How many raichu pictures are in the Raichu Shrine?

25. How many different Pokémon are in Pokémon Snap?

If you get...
0-5 questions right....  you need to spend more time on Pokémon
6-10 questions right....  not bad, but you still need to play Pokémon a little more
11-15 questions right....  you've got the hang of it!
16- 20 questions right.... you seem to really know what you're doing
21-All questions right.... you are a true Pokémon Master!

So far no one has gotten all questions right.