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Pokemon Drinking game

To play the Pokemon drinking game:
First get lots of liquor (preferably Jack Daniels or Crown) and 2 or three shot glasses
NOTE Have a hangover remedy at hand and have AA on speed dial
Second tape lots of Pokemon episodes on an 8 hour tape
Third print these instructions. When one of these occurrences happens, take the required number
of drinks.
Last but not least : get totally loaded!

Take 1 drink when:

Ash gets into a battle
Ash gets a new Pokemon
Ash says something that gets Misty angry
Brock falls in love (you'll get loaded on this one)
Team Rocket says their motto
Meowth scratches Jessie and/or James
Team Rocket is in a silly disguise
Ash looks up a Pokemon on his Pokedex

Take 2 drinks when:

Misty hits Ash or Brock
Ash gets a new badge
Ash loses a battle
Ash says he wants to be the worlds greatest Pokemon master
Team Rocket doesn't get to complete their motto
Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny break up a fight
Ash is not perceptive (prepare to get loaded)

Take 3 drinks when

Pikachu wins a battle and Ash takes credit
Pikachu shocks Ash (prepare to get loaded)
Jigglypuff makes a cameo appearance
Ash wins a battle but gives credit to his Pokemon
A Pokemon (either Ash's or someone else's) evolves
Brock uses Vulpix in battle

Drink a whole bottle when

Team Rocket doesn't appear during the whole show (except credits)
Misty doesn't get mad during a whole episode
Brock uses Zubat