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Okay, so I haven't been as busy lately.  College is really taking its toll on me, online time-wise.  But that doesn't mean I've been dormant since August!  I've got a new fiction in my fan fic section!  It's called Danté's Pokémon.  Also, Cullen Pittman has allowed me to post his chapters of his Pokémon series "The Incredible Poké-Oddysey" in my fan fiction section.  This one is definitely required reading!  I'm taking a Java class and I've got an idea for an Applet to use for the upcoming Adopt-A-Raichu section.  All I got to do is get the applet to work online.  For some reason it won't work in any browser.  As soon as it's done, I'll put it online!  Well, I guess that's it for now.  Oh and one more thing.  My e-mail address has changed.  You can now contact me at  Hotmail shut down my previous address for reasons unknown so I created a new one.  I also have a Yahoo! account, but I don't check that one often ((  I've got both of them down on my sidebar.  To those who have been trying to send me e-mail, please re-send those e-mails to one of these new addresses.