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November 17, 1999

Wow! It's been a whole month! I've been busy working on my fan fiction! I've got 11 chapters complete! That's all that I'm going to be doing until December. In fact the only online activities I'll be doing until December is playing on The Thanksgiving holidays are coming up! I've got a week off to study for finals! I hope I can make some money so I can get Pokemon Yellow. Also I now know that I can win with my Pokemon TCG deck! I kicked a friend of mine's butt twice in a row over the weekend. Yay! Anyway somtime in December I'm gonna make a major update. I'll have a better menu. This time it'll be an image map! I've added a new link to the bottom of my page. It's a link to Free Fall. A very funny online comic. If you like online comics and want to see more go to or Those web sites have lots of comics.