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It's an update du' Mega Raichu!

That's right folks!  It's time for another update!  I did a very good thing last week.  I wrote a guest chapter for Cullen Pittman's "The Incredible Poké-Odyssey 2001"!  It's in the fan fiction section.  I've also re-formatted the index for "The Incredible Poké-Odyssey 2001".  Now it's a big table and nifty looking link-boxes.  I'm going to start doing that from now on, cuz it looks better than just listing chapters.  Speaking of, I've started a new series!  It's called "This Can't Be Happening".  It's a story about two adventurous young people who go on a grand adventure in the icy reaches of the mysterious northern continent.  Since finals are going to start up again (ghack!) I may not be able to update again for a short while.  But I will keep doing "mini-updates" via the JavaScript pop ups.  So when they pop up, be sure to read them before you close them, because they might hold some vital information about updates to this site.  I've been playing with Java for a while now, and what I'm going to do is make a section called "The World's Most Useless Programs".  I'll have totally useless programs (in Pascal, VB, and Java) available, such as random number generators, prime number generators, and other programs that have no usefulness in the real world whatsoever.  So you should keep an eye out for that if you like coding and stuff.