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Rumors of MY death have been greatly exaggerated...

But the rumors of me doing homework and studying for midterms, well those rumors are actually kind of true.  But seeing as I haven't done an update for four months, I do believe it's time for a status report.  First things first, I got tired of dealing with frames, so I got rid of them, and replaced them with a big table, but I'm keeping that Java menu so people can navigate my site easily.  Secondly, on the fan fic front (try saying that three times fast), I've been working hard on my Lt. Surge story "In The Army Now" and I'm proud to say that it's near completion.  Also, Cullen Pittman has been working really hard on his latest fan fic "The Incredible Poké-Odyssey 2001", which is the sequel to "The Incredible Poké-Odyssey".  If you liked "The Incredible Poké-Odyssey" (hint : go read it!), then you'll just love the sequel.  And as I promised I've given The Raichu Shrine a complete overhaul.  It is now broken down into categories so that there aren't so many pictures in one section.  I've also went through my links section, added a few links and took out some dead links and replaced a few others.  And one other thing, I'm trying to start up a web comic called "Almost Paradise".  I've been posting storyboards on Mega Mewtwo's Message Board, and one of these days I may actually be able to draw it, but I'm awful at drawing.  If anyone is interested in drawing this comic for me, please go to Mega Mewtwo's Message Board and read the threads entitled "Almost Paradise".  I would love to get this thing off the ground.  If you're interested E-mail me!!!