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Half of this has nothing to do with Pokemon...

So we're going to bomb some place on the other end of the world. SO? Oh wait, here's the president. What's he apoligizing about now? Oh so now we've bombed Kosovo. Whoopee. Show of hands : who knows where Kosovo is without looking at a map? No one? That's what I thought. Who cares? This has nothing to do with me personaly. I don't really care how badly we bomb them. I don't even know or care for that matter who they are! Some people believe this shouldn't be happening. Some people believe we should be bombing the f$#k out of them. I say the U.S. should stop playing police and keep our bombs to ourselves.

Now for the Pokemon part. I bought some Pokemon cards a while ago. They look a whole lot like Magic. Too much like Magic for comfort. I like the card game (both Pokemon and Magic) and I really need to buy all the sets once I get enough money. I was searching for Emulator games and I ran across Pokemon ver. Yellow : The Pikachu version. I have some screenshots available for viewing (Click Here) but the game is in Japanese. I haven't been playing it lately (partly because I can't read the darn thing) but the graphics are much better than Red and Blue versions. I can't wait for Silver and Gold to come out!