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And they said it couldn't be done...

For all those who think it can't be done... "At least not in MY lifetime" you say. I've captured all 151 Pokemon! And I have gained some very fruitful experience from this game. One thing is "Why the hell did spend so many days doing this when all I get is a pathetic diploma?!?!?!?!?!?!" Thats right... The only thing you get for your trouble is a stinkin' diploma... It's not even a good one. Oh yeah, and Prof. Oak says congratulations.... Big deal. So now what do I do? I could wait patiently for Gold and Silver versions to come out or watch Kids WB every Saturday just to see Ash get burned by Charmeleon and Charizard over and over again, laugh at him and laugh at Team Rocket as they get blasted into the atmosphere... But what about Squirtle and Bulbasaur? When do they evolve? Do they evolve? Ahhhh.... but no one will answer my questions. All I get is "watch the show and find out for yourself!"

One more thing before I wrap up this update. All those FAQ's about getting Mew (Pokemon #151) are BOGUS!!!! I tried it. Mew was not under that truck near the ship. I recieved a Bulbasaur with the HM cut and I went through the game and found that the truck could not be moved. Do NOT believe those LYING FAQ's about capturing Mew. If you really want Mew, use a gameshark with this code : 0115D8CF With this code active, all your Pokemon (and trainer) battles will be against a Mew.

Why am I doing this you ask? Just to piss off all those "officials" at Nintendo! Why didn't they tell us this in the first place? Why did they put such a SUCK @$$ diploma as "something special" when you finish the friggin game? That really sucked! Yes I admit that I used my GameShark to get Mew! And I used it to catch all the Pokemon from the Red version! (I have Blue version...) I hope they can do better than this piece of.... well you know... in Gold and Silver versions!

I'm not saying I hate pokemon or anything like that. No far from it! I love Pokemon! I just wish they could've done a better job on it.