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Update - 6/6/02

As it is I have limited internet access, but I'm working on getting a DSL modem networked to my main computer.  Once that is done, then the rest of my site will be brought back online.  I'm practically ready for the move, I just don't have the means to get this stuff up into my account just yet.  I've finally finished The Rainbow Gang, so go check out the ending if you've been following it.  I'm also still looking for a better site navigation.  But since I don't have the internet on my main computer (and I'm working btw, I'm an usher, a.k.a. over-glorified janitor for a 20 screen movie theatre) I don't have time to surf around.  But once I'm online again, and caught up on all my Windows, virus-scan, and game updates I'll find one to use.  No new sections uploaded.  Waiting on the DSL for the rest.  That's all for this update.