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A well overdue update

Not much has been going on.  I got a job so life has been getting in the way.  I'm building a pokemon page for a friend of mine on AOL, so I'll soon make a link to it once I get it on the web.  Also, I've gotten rid of "This Can't Be Happening".  It just wasn't working out.  So instead, I'm writing a sequel to "Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu", called "The Rainbow Gang".  If you've read my Pichu series then you'll know what the title of the sequel means.  Also, Cullen Pittman has been working very very hard on his story.  He's been updating quite a few times.  Be sure to check out the new chapters of "The Incredible Poke-Odyssey 2001", all in my fan fiction section.  Enjoy!