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It's been a month since my last update and not much has changed. I've added a few new links to a few fun sites and I've added a few new chapters to my pokemon fan fic. I'm about to get a new computer so I'm going to have to transfer ALL of my pokemon webpage files to the new one. As it turns out I've ranked 1196th on the Pokemon Top 50. Ahh well. I'll try new things to see if I can lower that rank. The adopt a pikachu link doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm going to have to find a new one soon. But until I find one that raichu is gonna stay. Oh yeah. You can preorder Pokemon Stadium at Funco, inc. I have a link to their page in my links section. You can also get all the U.S. versions of pokemon (red, blue, yellow, and Snap!) at Funco. I've also added a link to the creators of the Pokemon TCG, Wizards of the Coast. And is down now, forever. I have removed their banner from my page.