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It's been almost two months since my last update, but I haven't been laying around doing nothing!  I've finished yet another series!  Mistakes and Consequences is finished!  Soon I'll start on another story but I haven't decided which one yet.  I have three plots that I want to write but I need to decide which to start with.  I was going to make a frames and no frames version of this page but I'll do that for the next update.  I need to get a new Java compiler because the one I have right now is not supported by its developers (Borland).  I have no idea when I'll have the adopt-a-raichu section up and running, if at all.  I've also added two new pics to the Raichu shrine.  They are two japanese cards.  One from the Orange Island adventures and one from the second movie.  I'll try to reorganize the Shrine by the next update which will probably be sometime in January 2001.   Merry Christmas!