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Update - 8/14/02

I know that I've been neglecting my duties as webmaster and fan fic author, but things have been keeping me busy over the past two months.  One of which is called Furcadia.  On Furcadia I go under three names : Ryudo Lee (sound familiar Pokémon 2099 fans?), Pryce414 (from Pokémon G/S fame), and Churai Game (Mega Raichu if you mix up the name).  If you ever feel ambitious about the furry community, go ahead and log on.  It's a great place for chatting and role-playing (two of my favorite activities btw).  Another thing that slowed me down was a virus attack.  I had received 3 viruses and they nearly destroyed my computer.  Luckily I was able to salvage a whole lot, but my FrontPage 2000 was lost, almost for good.  Then I got Microsoft Office XP, and that contains FrontPage 2002.  So my means of making and uploading for this website is now back and better than ever.  I like FrontPage 2002 cuz I got my Office Assistant (Links the cat) to be on FrontPage instead of just on Word.  And for those of you who actually check this page, I'm still working, I'm still an usher, and my job still sucks.  Only now I'm working the day shift which means I can work at night, when I'm awake.  The Shrine is going to take a little longer than expected.  I have to hunt down some images that are lost in the black hole of my hard drive, and then change ALL the image sources from FC to Tripod.  I've already got most of the images into Tripod already, it's just a matter of finding the rouge ones and changing the html.  And I'm lazy, so there.  But I did manage to scrape together the Pics and Animations sections.  Plus I put in some comments about the pictures in the pics section and I sort of cleaned up the Animations section.  No new pictures, as of yet.  But eventually I'll put some new stuff in.  On the fan fic front, I am working on Memoirs Of A Pokémon Master 2002, the sequel to the original Memoirs.  On top of that, The Rainbow Gang and Pokémon 2099 have won awards!  Isn't that something?  Well to me it is.  So that's everything, see you next update!