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Been all over the place...

I've been searching and searching the internet looking for lots of pics and animations of pokemon. Sooner or later I will make a Dragon Ball Z web page and post my DBZ RPG on it. I've made some major updates. As you've probably noticed the banner for Pokemon League at the top of my page. I'll get more links as time goes by. Oh yeah, I made a shrine to the best electric pokemon : Raichu! I have a link to it in my links section! I'll soon have an art gallery (and get these emulator pics off the main screen!) I especially love that pic of Pikachu Vegeta! (Scroll down to see it.) Sooner or later (hopefully) my Pikachu will evolve. I really want that Raichu... it'll probably be sometime next week. I've had that Pikachu since January 20th and it's almost been 90 days. I NEED MORE ANIMATIONS!!!! Preferably Raichu (or other pokemon) animations. My page has been overrun with Pikachus. Gawd, my sister's birthday is coming up... Hide your children folks, the evil one is coming April 28th!!!!!! How old is she gonna be? Well same as last year : 666 years old.