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Bill and the mysterious Pokémon

By Dr. Ultra and Car.

Pokedex translation opened

We see Car and Scyther running under a heavy rain.

Car: Scyther lets go, this rain will make us sick.

They ran and ran and eventually got tired, they stopped but suddenly from a cliff side an avalanche of mud started.

Scyther: Car! We have to get out of…

The avalanche got to them they were about to be killed when a purple barrier stopped the avalanche.

Car: what the..?

Ultra: I can’t leave you for a week, because you’ll get yourself killed.

Car: hey that is not fair! You know that I got very bad luck.

Ultra: that was not your luck man, look up there.

He pointed at a lighthouse in the top of a cliff.

Car: hey, I have heard of that lighthouse it is from Bill, the Pokémon researcher.

Ultra: yes I was going up there when I saw you, I have a bad feeling about that lighthouse.

Car: hey, can we pay a visit to Bill, I have to ask him for something about my Pokémon.

Ultra: didn’t you hear me? I said I had a bad feeling about that place.

Car: come on, it can’t be that bad.

Ultra: ok I warned you.

They walked along the hill with a tremendous rain pouring on them the rain was so hard that one of Ultra pokeballs slipped from his pocket and opened after jumping from the cliff.

Spearow: yay I’m out!

Ultra: Spearow, watch out!

But it was too late a blinding flash came over as a mighty thunder fell upon Spearow. A blinding flash took again, but this time coming from Spearow, who changed color to reddish, his wing span grew to an unbelievable size, then his beak straightened and grew a couple of inches, it had evolved into a mighty Fearow.

Ultra: anyone could have thought that you had been severely injured in that hit.

Fearow: I’m not hurt, but very tired, can I perch in your head?

Ultra: ok, but extend your wings a little so I can be covered of the rain.

Car: You look idiotic.

So they travel up-hill continuous with Scyther blocking the water for Car and Fearow perched on Ultra head covering him from the water and the cold, they finally got to Bill’s lighthouse, they knocked in a door engraved with lots of different Pokémon.

Knock knock knock

In the inside a voice came that asked who it was.

Car: we are a pair of bystanders we were wondering if we could spend some time in here while the storm passes.

Voice: but of course.

The door opened to reveal a big room with a guy with green hair drinking some tea in a small table.

Ultra: so you must be Bill.

Bill: yes purple eyes, and I should suppose that you are a psychic aren’t you?

Ultra: well yes, how did you knew?

Bill: well this and that, but don’t worry about that, you are soaked go to the rooms and change.

They walk into a room and 10 minutes later they walk out, with the same cloths on but dry.

Bill: always the same clothes, uh?

Ultra: mhm, hey what have you been doing Bill?

Bill: well I was supposed to be studying an Abra and a Clefary, but I seem to have misplaced mine.

Car: well you are lucky, we got some of them right here.

He took a pokeball from his briefcase and one from Ultra bag and set free Abra and Clefary.

Abra: take the lights out, it is disturbing.

Ultra: Abra this man wants to study you, will you let him?

Abra: ok, but let me sleep meanwhile, ok or I will psychic you to hell and back.

Ultra: ok, but will you let Clefy sleep near you she needs protection and we will be busy.

Abra: ok, but if she wakes me up, you will regret that.

Ultra: ok, so se ya later.

Well Abra and Clefy walked up to a corner and fell sleep, Bill, Car and Ultra got into a room to chat a little, Fearow and Scyther guarded the door perched over it, apparently they were sleeping too.

Ultra: so Bill, what exactly do you want to study about Abra and Clefary?

Bill: well, I want to study their sleeping patterns, you should know that it is a very long job since Abra and Clefary sleep nearly 16 hours a day. *

Car: that is a hard job isn’t it…

The floor started trembling and a ghostly figure appeared from the wall, it looked like a black circle with a dot in the middle, it make a sound that came from everywhere that sounded OOOOOWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNN.

Car & Ultra: Pokedex identify!

Both of them got their Pokedex at the same time out, their names where Derek and Zachary** respectively.

Derek: searching old know pokémon file, not found.

Zachary: searching known neo pokémon file, not found.

Zachary & Derek: infra red port opened, entering network searching myths and legends, file found.

Name: Anown.

Weight & Height: unknown.

Type: Ghost/Psychic

Info: Anown the legendary Pokémon, Known to kill people because they annoy it, more than that is not know, be very careful at approach, don’t try catch it, is a sure suicide.

They all gasped at the information given to them by the pokedex´s, it was terrible, but they had to defend themselves.

Car: do your best Scyther!

Ultra: Fearow Battle stance!

The 2 flying Pokémon went straight for the Anown but they just passed straight through it.

Ultra: F*** it is a ghost pokémon normal attacks wouldn’t do no good.

Car: you are right, we have to use elemental attacks.

The Scyther and Fearow used their Drill Peck attack together but it just teleported away.

Ultra: it is too fast, we can’t even touch it.


It glowed a deep purple and both Scyther and Fearow went flying by a mysterious force and crashed into each other.

Car: what…

Before they could do anything a big rock came from the floor, fractured and all of them landed on the Fearow and the Scyther.

Ultra: the…

After the rocks a massive Thunder came from the chandelier and fell on the trapped Pokémon getting a massive pain scream from them.

Bill: hell!

Finally a massive ice wave came by freezing them under the rocks and fainting them in the instant.

Ultra: Fearow! You hurt my Fearow, you are gonna get it! Charizard go!

Car: my Scyther! You will suffer my revenge! Blastoise go!

Neither of the Pokémon came out, even after struggling to get out, their pokeballs were sealed.

Bill: that thing sealed your pokeballs, you will have to use some that are set free.

Ultra: but the only ones out, that can still fight, are Abra and Clefary.

Car: we will have to take the risk, you entertain it and I will go for Abra and Clefy.

Car ran to the other room, he trip over a chair and landed with a thud beside Clefy and Abra, they woke up and were about to beat up Car, when he told them about the situation.

Abra: that looks like a bad Pokémon, I will try to stop it.

Clefy: can I try too?

Car: no, Clefy you are very little you can’t try it.

Clefy: ooookay.

The trio entered the room and saw Ultra running around the room, while Bill took notes on Anown behavior.

Abra: hey, leave Ultra alone!


It attacked with a massive electrified water pillar, Abra just teleported away, and it continued like that till a blue jagged beam hit Anown square in the “bulls eye”


Everyone turned around and saw Clefy pointing her little hands directly at Anown.

Car: wow, Clefy hit that thing.

Ultra: but it wasn’t hard enough, look at that.

Anown was teleporting from place to place in the whole room and was confusing Abra and Clefy a lot.

Car: how the hell will we hit that if it doesn’t stop teleporting.

Bill: correction, it is moving very fast, and if you take a close look, it is also changing form.

Bill was right, it was moving from side to side incredible fast, also it was changing its form, at first it was just a circle now it looked like and vertical bar with two more little bars to the right side, the first bigger than the latter.

Ultra: I have to do something.

Then it snapped in his mind, he focused and joined minds with Abra, and their eyes where gray now.

Abra: hey get out of my mind!

Ultra: want to have a chance? Then let me in here.

Abra: ok, but don’t do anything else.

Ultra: ok, well if you want to have a chance against him, you have to evolve.

Abra: I should know that myself but I can’t evolve at pleasure… hey watch out!

Abra saw Anown getting near to Ultra and hitting him with a Submission attack in the middle of the stomach.

Abra: Ultra! That’s it, you are going down Mr. I’m-a-big-legend, you know I think I will evolve at pleasure.

In a flash of light Abra disappeared a face of light appeared then disappeared to give space to a Kadabra.

Kadabra: <I can feel the power running through my veins. >

Ultra: *cough* good going Kadabra *gasp*

Car: are you ok Ultra?

Ultra: yes, I just needed some air.

Bill: look it changed form again.

It didn’t change much it just sprouted a new rod in the lower part, it was the same length that the first one.

Car: well Clefy use your metronome.

Ultra: Kadabra use your Psychic.

Clefy metronome produced a Thunderbolt that hit Anown in the top rod while, Kadabra blast blew him out of the room, but it appeared back in a second.

Bill: it is too fast it looks like it is hitting but it’s just a blur of itself, we need to stop it.

Ultra: I know, Kadabra use your barrier.

Car: what is your point in doing that Ultra?

Ultra didn’t waste any time talking to Car, he sent it in a telepathical message

Ultra: <I’m planning to trap Anown between the barriers, that as you know are unbreakable, and then we will be able to hit it, do the same with Clefy>

Car: Clefy use your barrier now side to side with Kadabra barrier.

The plan was working after 3 or four barriers Anown started to ram into the Barriers but without any success.

Bill: it’s changing form again!

It rotated in a vertical manner and transformed into an upside down “v” with a stick in the middle.

Car: you know, it actually looks like a letter.

Ultra: we will revise that later we have to defeat this here and now, Kadabra, Clefy shrink your barriers and squish him to death.

They obeyed and started to reduce the space.

Bill: stop it!

Ultra: why?

Bill: look at it what do you see?

Ultra: Something that looks like an “R”

Bill: exactly, if we see the pattern it says  “F” “E” “A” “R”, it is afraid of us it is just defending itself.

Car: Kadabra, Clefy stop shrinking the barriers and let it loose.

They obeyed again and settled free the Anown who immediately ran to hide behind Bill, and shrink to hide correctly.

Ultra: you mean this thing froze Scyther and Fearow just for fun and then battled to defend itself.

Bill: exactly, please don’t hurt it, it seams to be a child, I will take care of it.

Car: I don’t know, but oh, well if it attacks you we will be a day or two away from here.

Bill: ok, I will heal your pokémon and then you can leave tomorrow.

Ultra: thanks Bill, well see ya, I will be sleeping right away.

With that he fell to the floor sleep and floated to a near chair, close to the fire.


I hope you liked it, this is all for the first nine chapters, what will happen to Ultra and Car, what exiting adventures will they have and the biggest question, who was tigress, and for who do Team Bullet work?

This and other question will be responded possibly in further chapters.

Disclaimer: I don’t own pokémon or any of their characters.

*we don’t know how much does Clefairy sleeps it just came to us ok?

** I named the Pokedex at my will, do they have to be called Dexter all the time?

Note: the attacks that Anown used were in this order, Psychic, Rock Throw, Thunder, and Blizzard, and the last one was a Hydro Pump/Thunder Wave combo, and yes I know that he is a Neo Pokémon but I had to use him and put him as a mysterious Pokémon.