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First loss

Dr. Ultra & Car.

Pokedex translation opened.

In the last chapter we left Ultra and Mindy in the beginning of a Pokémon battle.

Ultra: Mindy, I still don’t know if we should battle.

Mindy: oh, shut up and start.

Ultra: ok, well, Graveler battle stance.

Mindy: well, well, Vileplume let the game begin.

From the flowerbed a gigantic flower stands up, and walks all the way to the front of Mindy and stood to Graveler height.

Ultra: Graveler use your earthquake.

Mindy: Vileplume use your petal dance.

The Graveler jumped in the air with the intention of falling and making an earthquake, but instead he got propelled backwards into a tree when Vileplume danced, she spun in one foot while releasing little rose petals from her flower. Graveler was in serious pain as he hit the tree.

Graveler: I will not let any sissy Vileplume beat me you are gonna… pay for this I will, I will, I will…

He was engulfed in a white light as he was saying that he evolved into a Golem with the help of its rage and was about to attack when Mindy said…

Mindy: Vileplume finish him, solar beam!

The Vileplume jumped in the air with a golden glow in his flower then in landed in front of Golem, no more than a foot away and released the pure light beam in his face, fainting him in an instant.

Ultra: Golem, come back, this will not go like that, Charmeleon battle stance!

Vileplume was terrified at the name she heard; it will be her last minute in the fight.

Ultra: Charmeleon, flamethrower!

The large fire lizard came a step closer to Vileplume just to see her face as his fire roasted her.

Mindy: so a Charmeleon well lets see how that big lizard does against another of my pokémon, Squirtle let the game begin.

Charmeleon merely laughed at the release of the little turtle.

Charmeleon: this should be easy.

Squirtle: well I will not make it easy.

Mindy: Squirtle skull bash.

Ultra: Charmeleon use your…

But Ultra command was late as the Squirtle nailed his head in Charmeleon stomach suffocating him and making him stumble backwards to take breath against a tree.

Ultra: Charmeleon? Are you ok?

Charmeleon: yes I just need to catch *gasp* my breath.

Ultra: Charmeleon you are in a bad state, you can’t continue like this you will end up in the floor, better came back.

Ultra beamed him with the pokeball, but the laser beam was greeted with a slash that slashed it in half.

Charmeleon: where is the honor in doing that, I will fight till I’m out of energy.

Mindy: (to herself) that Charmeleon has a very high pride, it is good.

Ultra: Charmeleon that is very dangerous, you could die.

Squirtle: yea, big lizard listen to your human and then maybe you will get out alive.

Charmeleon: shut up, little blue idiot, I could eat you in a bite, you little…

Charmeleon screamed a howl of pure rage as he jumped in the air. He glowed pure white his arms got thinner, his nails grew a couple of inches, his feet got bigger like his legs got thicker, his body became larger and his neck stretched out, finally from his back sprouted 2 dragon wings, finally there stood a Charizard.

Ultra: Charizard, you evolved!

Charizard: what did you expect, that I lose?

Ultra: well… watch out!

Charizard was drained from the little energy he had left when he evolved so he didn’t noticed Squirtle running behind him and clinging to his tail, and using a bubble beam in his tail fainting him in an instant.

Ultra: Charizard! Return.

Mindy walked seductively to Ultra whispered something to his ear, and then walked away.

Ultra: I have to go to the pokémon center right away.

He ran to Cerulean City Pokémon center and pleaded to Nurse Joy to help his pokémon.

Nurse Joy: don’t worry take this potion it will restore them, it is not a real cure, but will make them survive, after this just a little rest after the energy rush and they would be better than ever.

Ultra: thanks Joy, see ya later.

He got an unconscious Charizard and Golem, when he gave them the potion they awoke, but they were down, because in all their battle this was their first loss.

Ultra: don’t worry, its not that bad, everyone loses from time to time, like the masters Tim Oak, or Jim Ketchum.

They where still down, but thanks to the potion, they were in the middle of an energy surge.

Ultra: ok, Charizard, I want to know will you FLY me to the Hospital?

Charizard nodded and Ultra jumped on his back as soon as he took off. Ultra stood on Charizard back and took his Pokédex out, and pressed the battle record in the panel, it flashed his battle. He used voice recognition program to ask for Vileplume and Squirtles level, the Pokédex said that they were in level Vileplume: L55, Squirtle: L75, then he flew the rest of the way standing on Charizard back, and then they flew on the roof and Ultra put Charizard back on his pokeball so he would rest.

Ultra: now to check out Car and go to Vermilion City.

He took the stairs to Cars room and found him plainly awake and staring, out of the window. (The window has a view to the flowerbed where Mindy and Ultra fought)

Ultra: so how much time have you been awake?

Car: enough to see your fight with that girl how could you lose?

Ultra: hey, those pokémon were at higher levels than mine, I checked with my pokédex while I was coming this way.

Car: well, doesn’t matter, everyone could lose, well lets go.

Ultra: hey, hey, hey, you can’t go just like that you were injured pretty badly.

Car: oh, that don’t worry, I’m used to it.

Ultra just stared at him like saying, “I don’t believe you”

Car: hey don’t stare at me like that, its just like you say, bad luck follows me like my shadow, so I’m accustomed, at being at a hospital, I actually know my way back to cinnabar.

Ultra: I wish I could stand pain like that… hey you never told me you were from cinnabar.

Car: you know, I still don’t know your last name, want to introduce to each other?

Ultra: ok you start.

Car: well, hello I’m Car Steelhard, from Cinnabar island.

Ultra: well, I’m Ultra Mayhem, form Lavender town.

Car: uh, Lavender town, spooky.

Ultra: watch your mouth volcano head.

Car: well lets calm down, we need to get to Vermilion City before it gets dark.

Ultra: before dark? How do you plan to do that exactly? Vermilion City is very far away; I would say 2 weeks of travel by foot.

Car: well we could always use Charizard.

Ultra: he is in not that of a good condition, in fact he will need 2 weeks of rest, as does Golem.

Car: ok, we will have to walk, well let’s go.

Ultra: ok, well see ya in 2 weeks in Vermilion City.

Car: what do you mean?

Ultra: well lets travel separately, I need time to train and think of something.

Car: ok, if it pleases you, but after this no more, I will feel lonely (smiles sarcastically).

Ultra: of course, see ya later.

Car: ok, but what did that girl, said to you when she went away.

Ultra: she told me: “keep training Lion, your Tigress will wait for you”

Car: why did she call you Lion? And who is Tigress?

Ultra: Lion was my nickname in the Poké Tech, but I can’t quiet remember who Tigress was.

Car: you studied, on the Poké Tech? You never told me.

Ultra: that’s not the point, well I have to think on that, so see ya in 2 weeks.

With that final phrase he transformed into a blur of red energy and disappeared.

Car: well that leaves me alone.

Car checked out of the Hospital and ran to the road, he caught a glimpse of a bike running away, so he took his bike, and started on the road he mounted for 6 hours straight. Then he got a little tired and decided to camp, he took all of his Pokeballs out and let out all of his Pokémon, then he searched a little for the other pokeballs that Nurse Joy gave him.

Car: hey they aren’t here, where could they be?

In that instant there was a flash of purple and 2 pokeballs appeared in front of him with a note.

The note said:

To Car:

Sorry for taking the Pokeballs I kind of forgot, sorry again.

See ya later.


Ps: they are a Magikarp and a Jynx.

Car: cool a Magikarp, now I can have that Gyrados, I just wish that grandpa was alive to see it.

He goes to sleep that night but when he fell sleep, he was unaware that from Clefy pokeball she was set free, she then proceeded to set free all of other Car pokeballs.

Scyther: it is good to be out of the pokeball, well who wants to have fun?

Chansey: oh, Scyther you are very discourteous, we have two new guys and you don’t even pay attention to them.

Jynx: where are we? And where is Vulpix.

Magikarp: I told you that we were abandoned, with that memory, I still wonder how do you remember your attacks.

Ekans: welcome to the group, your new trainer is over there.

He pointed at Car with his tail.

Magmar: don’t worry, he is a very nice person, I’ve known him for the longest time.

Pidgey: he took me in a second.

Scyther: hehehe.

Nidorino: well now that we are introduced, who want to have some fun?

Magikarp: I do!

Wartortle: well I bet I can beat you in a race.

Magikarp: deal!

They got to a nearby lake and raced back and forth, with Magikarp winning.

Jynx: hehehe, we got an unfair advantage, our last trainer gave us some thing called carbos that make us really fast, and got us stronger with something called protein too.

They passed the rest of the night, by the lake getting to know each other and eating some berries that they found.

When dawn cracked in, they got to their pokeballs and slept till noon when Car called them to battle.

They battled till they were down to their last pokémon, in the rivals case a Sandshrew. And in Car cases his Wartortle.

Car: I have this one won.

Rival: not so fast, Sandshrew use your dig attack.

Car: Wartortle, use your Bubble Beam.

The turtle used his Bubble Beam, bubble behind bubble, but the enemy Sandshrew was too fast and got under ground, and hit the Wartorlte, while he was confused.

Rival: that’s it Sandshrew, now use your Bite and Body Slam.

Car: Wartortle, use your Hydro Pump.

Wartortle got inside his shell as his enemy bit and tackled his shell, he shot a massive amount of water outside of his shell pushing the Sandshrew, backwards but it didn’t affected him greatly.

Rival: Sandshrew show him a fissure attack!

Car: Wartortle don’t let him finish that attack counter with your withdraw.

Sandshrew jumped into the air and came down with one finger but Wartortle jumped under him using the withdraw.

Rival: tell him to get out of there he will die if Sandshrew falls on him.

Car: damn, Wartortle!

Car took a sprint for Wartortle took a dive and snatched Wartortle from under the Sandshrew.

Car: I admit defeated.

Rival: I think you admitted it, but not your pokémon, look.

He pointed to Wartortle who was struggling against the Sandshrew, when the Sandshrew used slash he used bite.

Car: Wartortle, you don’t stand a chance give up!

Wartortle glanced at Car. Sandshrew took advantage of that moment and bit Wartortle arm; he was in serous pain when he pried Sandshrew off his arm.

Wartortle: you are gonna get it little mole thingy.

 Sandshrew: I'm not a thingy!

Wartortle: well you could have killed me, I think you deserve to be treated with a Hydro Pump.

He shot a massive amount of water at Sandshrew but it barely made effect except it just threw him back.

Sandshrew: hahaha you are not gonna do me any damage with your water, I can stand everything.

Wartortle: you are gonna get it good you little rat!

Wartortle glow a bright white and it entered his shell again, it became bigger and bigger then suddenly it stopped growing. He took four appendages, and a turtle like tail, then it took out a big head, with a jaw made to receive punches, then from the sides, two pieces of the shell lifted from their place and 2 big steel cannons appeared from under them.

Car: it evolved, into a Blastoise.

Blastoise: now its time for revenge.

Blastoise took a sprint for Sandshrew he gave him a Mega Kick then in mid air a Mega Punch finishing it with a Hydro Pump when it was falling down,  he fainted when he crashed against a tree.

Car: well, it seems, that “I” won.

Rival: you surrendered, but I will leave this in a tie.

Car: wuss.

Rival: whatever.

Car: hey I never knew your name, who are you?

Rival: my name is A.J.

Car: oh, ok, see ya.

The rest of the trip came smooth till they found a note by Ultra that said that his Zubat, and his Sandshrew evolved and he got a Vulpix.

Car: damn, that guy is going straight for a fire trainer.

The rest of the way passed smooth.

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And watch out for the next chapter.