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The sensational sisters

Dr.Ultra & Car.

 Pokedex translation opened. Car is learning how to understand his pokémon not every pokémon.

Car is in a road with all the camping stuff with him, and talking through a cell phone with Ultra.

Car: Ultra where are you? Are you in the hotel?

Ultra: yes.

Ultra on the other hand is relaxing in a hotel room and talking through a cell phone too, since he can’t find the room phone.

Ultra: well if you hadn’t forgotten about our camping stuff you could have come with me, but since you were the one to forget the things and lose the coin toss you had to go for it.

Car: well yes, but I still say that coin was tricked, I mean you said it would fall on its side and it fell on its side 37 times in a row!

Ultra: what can I said I have a pretty good luck, I mean right now if I extend my hand out of the window something good is going to fall on it.

He extends his hand and an autographed photograph of the elite four fells on it.

Ultra turns his head up the window and yells “I already have one” toss it and a little children gets it.

Car: oh, I’m already getting to the hotel talk to you later.

Ultra: ok.

Ultra goes to his bag founds a brick, toss it outside the window and is rewarded with the sound of Car screaming.

Ultra: hahahaha.

Car climbs the stairs with his shades broken and a lump in his head, a murderous look in his eyes and the brick in his hand, he enters the room and finds Ultra rolling in the floor because of the laughter. 

Car: why the hell did you throw this brick out of the window!?

Ultra: (sigh) because I wanted to test something.

Car: what did you want to test?

Ultra: your luck man, girls may think that you are hot but man you have the worst luck on this planet, look I throw a ball in the bathroom and I bet you that in a way it will cause you damage.

Car: that’s not true!

He goes for him but the ball rolls under his feet and he falls on his face.

Ultra: told you, well I will stop this if you help me get a chick.

Car: ok, but try to not leave things on the floor.

They talk a little about going to the gym and what pokémon they should use.

Ultra: I heard that it was a water type gym.

Car: then I know what pokémon I will use.

Ultra: me too, but who goes first, I mean if they are three sisters.  If we made them each use a pokémon it will be a lot easier.

Car: yea, well I go first the next gym you can go first.

Ultra: ok, but do you know where the gym is?

Car: I don’t know but let’s just wander around so we can look for it.

Ultra: ok, but it will be better if I use this map.

Car: (big sweat drop) I think I will just follow the map.

They go around the town to the gym and get there in time to see a red head girl running from the gym to catch up with 2 other boys, they disappear in the sunset and a Nurse Joy comes by.

Nurse Joy: uff, hey boys.

Ultra: yea nurse?

NJ: well I have a lot of work so can you give this to the gym leaders?

Car: of course nurse, you can go and we will give the pokémon to the girls.

NJ: thanks, bye.

They enter the gym and see that it appears that a show just got off, because the pool is lifted and people is getting out of the gym/theater.

Ultra: well it looks like this is the place.

Car: hey, look Nurse Joy gave me two extra pokeball.

Ultra: forget about that right now, and let’s go find the gym leaders.

They search for a while till they see 3 girls that are dressed like actors and they suppose that they are the gym leaders.

Ultra: are you the gym leaders?

1 girl says yes and they introduce themselves as Lilly, Daisy, and Violet the fabulous Cerulean sisters.

Lilly: like, if you want to challenge us you came by in a bad moment, all of our pokémon are in the Pokémon Center.

Car: well you have good luck we have your pokémons in this bag.

They open the bag and each sister grabs 2 pokeballs.

Daisy: like, one by one we will get you.

Car: well what do you think if we say that we are in a duo battle, I go first then him and so on, as much pokémons you want the battle to be.

Daisy: like, 3 pokémon for one each one of us. (Points to her sisters) is that ok?

Car: ok, but lets set a prize if we win we get a badge and a date with one of you.

Daisy: like, ok, but if you lose you don’t get a badge and we get all of your money.

Ultra: it sounds fair to me, what do you think Car?

Car is very busy glaring drop dead to Daisy.

Ultra: we accept so who of you is first?

Daisy: like, me. Let’s go to the arena.

They went through the back of the stage, through an aquarium and finally to the arena, which resulted to be a pool with concrete pillars scattered in the pool.

Car: I go first, do your best chansey.

Daisy: like, this should be totally easy, go Dewgong.

Ultra: a Dewgong, it should be really hard for Car.

Car: oh, shut up, what do you know?

Ultra: more than you in water types.

Car: oh, well then shut up if you are not gonna help.

Meanwhile Dewgong has took the chance and was jumping in and out of the water and in mid-air headbutting poor Chansey that was trying to defend herself in the pillar she was standing.

Car: Chansey, use your Seismic Toss.

The Chansey waited for the Dewgong next attack. When it jumped out of the water she moved aside, took the head of the Dewgong and crashed him directly into the concrete making little damage because of her little strength and Dewgong’s thick skull which only used the horn drill to pass through the concrete. 

Daisy: Dewgong, like, use Aurora Beam.

The Dewgong powered up the ice-cold beam in his horn and he shoot and it hit home, throwing Chansey against a wall and freezing her tail to the wall. Chansey was stuck to the wall and was trying her best effort to get out of it, meanwhile Dewgong has swam to the other end of the pool and was swimming at full 7 knots to body slam Chansey against the wall he was getting nearer when…

Car: Chansey drop your egg bomb.

Chansey did that and drop the egg bomb in the pool, which was hit head on by Dewgong the explosion combined with his momentum sent him flying to a concrete pillar moving it an inch to the left. While Chansey broke free of the ice and fell in the pool it was little time before Dewgong was after her and she was swimming to try to not be hit but Dewgong was gaining on her.

Daisy: like, totally good going Dewgong, finish it with a headbutt.

Car: Chansey, use your egg bomb again.

The Dewgong headed at full speed towards Chansey but she was prepared, she got her egg bomb and lifted in the air, then threw it at the water so it was collided head on by Dewgong, after that it fainted.

Daisy: like, my Dewgong how did you defeat it?

Car: with a lot of effort.

Ultra: well at least is my turn now, battle stance Beedrill.

Lilly: like, it’s my turn Seaking, go.

From under the water a fast moving figure could be seen then a big orange and black fish with a horn jumped from the water.

Ultra: Beedrill use your pin missile.

Car: uh, Ultra tell me, why the hell did you use Beedrill.

But Ultra was far from hearing Car, his eyes turning from pale lavender to a dull gray and making Beedrills eyes turn from red to gray.

Car: dammit Ultra don’t do that everytime we are in a battle. It’s creepy.

Lilly: like, less talk and more action, this is getting pretty boring, Seaking waterfall!

The Seaking sumerged very fast making the Beedrill attack fail, then it jumped out of the water with half the water in the pool behind him and body slamming Beedrill to the wall.

Lilly: like, L-O-S-E-R if you don’t train that pokémon it will like totally continue to lose battles. Like, I bet you just caught it on your way to here.

Ultra eyes turned normal again it seemed that he was out of air before he started to talk

Ultra: you don’t know the hard training he has endured I shall show you the final power of my Beedrill.

Lilly: like, I’m totally scared I’m trembling, hahahaha, I don’t believe you could train a pokémon even if you wanted.

Ultra: laugh now cry later, Beedrill use your best attack, the ultimate power, use your best attack, the all mighty LIGHT PILLAR!

Lilly perked her head up she had heard of that attack from Lt. Surge in the league dinners he said that only the most powerful electric pokémon could knew that attack, I guess he was wrong.

Beedrill knew what Ultra meant by that they have been training that for a whole week, it was hard at first but he eventually learned it, his wings flapped at a high speed till it transformed into a electric buzzing, electricity passed between its stingers creating a yellow triangle.

Lilly: like, Seaking stop that Beedrill or we will lose to them, use your waterfall.

Seaking jumped from the water with all the water following behind him, while that happened Beedrill had finished the electric attack it formed an orb of a yellow color that flew to Seaking, then it transformed in the so called pillar toasting him and electrifying the water.

Ultra: yes we won.

Lilly: that’s it Gyrados go.

Daisy & Violet: GYRADOS?! STOP!

They ran to Lilly and grabbed her arm, as she was about to throw the pokeball that contained the raging dragon.

Violet: like, are you totally out of your mind?

Daisy: like, remember what Gyrados did last time. Plus it would lose in the act thanks to the electricity.

Lilly: like, I lost well Violet, like is your turn.

Ultra: well my Beedrill and me are out so Car it’s your turn.

Car: ok, here, do your best Nidorino.

Violet: like, do your best effort Tentacruel.

Violet released the multi-tentacle pokémon while Car pokeball was stopped in mid air by an invisible force it came back at him and clipped at his belt, then the Clefary pokeball came from his briefcase and out popped Clefary.

Car: what? Why are you out Clefary?

Cars reaction was to turn around to Ultra but he found that he dozed off against the wall as well as Beedrill. So he can’t blame him for that, then he thought about Clefairy or Clefy as her mom said.

Violet: oh, like it is so cute!!! I could just grab her and hug her.

Car: Hey, why don’t you hug me in place of her? (He turns to Clefary) Clefy did you do that?

Violet: well like, later ok? We have to finish this battle, I’m totally sorry for hitting such a beautiful Pokémon but oh, well once out always out.

Car: you got to be kidding, Clefy it’s extremely weak she can’t battle against that Tentacruel.

Violet: well it’s a rule in the Gyms if you send a Pokémon it is out till it faints or you quit.

Car: you know that you leave me no other choice but to fight or quit.

Violet: that’s the point of the rule, (She made her cutest face) but no hard feelings, ok? (Winks her eye to him)

Car: oh, yes, well, what will I do (To Clefairy) Clefy, will you fight?

Clefy: yes, Mr. Good guy, I will fight that big, ugly thing if you want.

Car: yes, she will fight, now Clefairy, use your…

But Clefairy had her own little plans she jumped from pillar to pillar ignoring completely the Tentacruel, no need to say that the Tentacruel was furious at being ignored he got behind a relaxed Clefairy.

Violet: oh my God I can’t see that!

Violet covered her eyes as Tentacruel prepared to launch his attack but was welcomed by a FLASH of energy and when he recovered his sight she was gone.

Car: where the hell is Clefairy?

Violet: over there!

She pointed to a pillar in the other side of the pool and there she was playing with the water.

Car: how did she get there?

His eyes were as wide as saucers and could be seen behind his shades, Violet and Tentacruel were impressed to but recovered immediately of his shock and swam all the way to there just to find Clefairy gone again and in top of his head.

Violet: oh oh, like he got her and it’s not gonna be nice.

Car: no Clefairy!

But Clefairy grabbed onto Tentacruel’s head, made a half-backward jump and dumped Tentacruel in the water. Making in the process a empty cylinder of water were Tentacruel was resting in the deep end of the pool inside of the cylinder then Clefary started to move her fingers then a crackling noise was heard as from a ligthbulb a little sparkle came. But it grew very fast to transform into a Thunder destroying everything it hitted, then hit Tentacruel dead on and fainted him then the cylinder broke and the water remained still as she got back to her pokeball.

Car: how did she do that?

Daisy: that was her Metronome attack, for her luck it was a Thunder attack the one that came out.

Car: ok, will you be nice enough to give my friend and me a cascade badge.

Lilly: like, ok.

She handed Car two badges that were aqua blue shaped like a teardrop.

Car: so these are the famous cascade badges? Oh, well…

He walks up to Ultra.

Car: wake up, sleeping beauty we have to get the hell out of here.

Ultra: uh, 5 minute more, please? ZZZZZZZZ

Car: we don’t have 5 minutes moron, we have to get moving even if I don’t remember why.

Ultra: ok, I’m up, hey by the way did you win?

Car: of course I won, it not like it was hard.

Violet: WHAT?

Ultra: well se ya Car, I have other things to do.

A lot of screaming and hitting is heard as Ultra runs out of the Gym and call for an ambulance for Car.


Ultra is waiting for Car in waiting room and just finished reading a book. Called “Fire Pokémon and their ups and downs” he got it back in the library, next to “Why a Magikarp can be better than a Venusaur” and “Venusaur the loser pokémon: non fiction” when a Chansey, to be exact Car’s Chansey enters the room.

Ultra: how is Car Chansey?

Chansey: well he is unconscious till later but you can go and do something else.

Ultra: ok, if he wakes tell him I will go for a walk.

The scene changes to Ultra taking a stroll in the park, when he remembers that Car said that Nurse Joy had give him 2 extra pokeballs in the bag, he got them from the back of his pack and opened them, inside them were a Jynx and a Magikarp.

Ultra: I would keep them but I never liked neither of them so I will give them to Car.

He runs off to the Hospital and stumbles against a guy wearing some pokeballs in his belt, the guy noticed Ultra’s pokeballs and introduces to him as Sammy.

Sammy: hey wanna get a free pokémon?  

Ultra: sure, how do I do it?

Sammy: well I will give you this pokémon in exchange for a pair of socks.

Ultra: ok (takes a pair of socks from his bag and gives them to him) well where is my pokémon.

Sammy: well here it is but I have to say to you, it will not evolve, I have tried everything but she will just not evolve.

Ultra: well anyway I will take it.

He gave a pokeball to Ultra and ran away with the pair of socks in the hands mumbling something about a death ray.

Ultra: what a nut. (He opens the pokeball to set free a Vulpix) no wonder it didn’t evolve that guy is a total nut.

Ultra ran in the park but stumbled into a girl in a flowerbed with a overcoat covering all of her and a hat in her head.

Girl: hi!

Ultra: (with a loving face in his face) hi!

Girl: oh, were are my manners, my name is Mindy Lhouve and yours?

(AN: it is pronounced Love)

Ultra: my name is Ultra Mayhem, hey do I know you from somewhere?

Mindy: I doubt it, but oh well (notices his pokeballs) hey do you want to battle?

Ultra: I don’t know I got some pretty tough pokémon I don’t know if a lady like you could handle them.

Mindy: hmph, are you saying that because I’m a girl I can’t handle being a pokémon trainer!

Ultra: n-no I dint meant that, it’s just that…

Mindy: that’s it we are fighting here and now.

Ultra: (nervous) w-well ok, but I got to tell you that I’m no piece of cake.

Mindy: me neither (she took a pokeball of her coat and said) let the game begin.

Author notes: well look who learned to make cliffhangers (yay for me!)

Well now tell me if you liked it or if it just plainly sucked but please don’t flame me at well now I far a well.

Disclaimer: I don’t own pokémon but I would give my house for it, if you are a Nintendo manager, talk to me ok?