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After the dark

Dr.Ultra & Car.

Pokedex translation open, but just you can hear it, and remember Car doesn’t understand pokémon but Ultra does.  

Ultra: yes, it feels good to be out of that cave, thanks Grav.

Car: yea Grav, but I think you should come with us to a pokécenter you sure seem very damaged.

Grav: well, yes I will go with you, but if you don’t mind I want to go with Ultra.

Ultra: with me? Really? Thanks man.

He proceeds to put him in a pokeball.

Ultra: yes I have a Graveler! *Does a victory dance*

Car: shut up and lets go to find our way to cerulean, I know they have a gym there with three girls as gym leaders.

They start to walk in the direction of the city.

Ultra: so, you will try to get a girlfriend?

Car: I have tons of those I just want to have one or two or maybe three more.

Ultra: exactly how many girlfriends do you have?

Car: who keeps count of those things? Well lets see, I got Jennifer, Carol, Karla, Tania some others, I think I got 27 girls.

Ultra: 27 girls!!, how do you keep so many girls with out them knowing of the others?

Car: well my charms got a lot to do with that, plus most of them are from different cities.

Ultra: oh… look a Sandshrew and an Ekans are fighting in there, want to see and then catch them?

Car: I don’t see why not.

They stop some time to watch the ground mouse fighting the poisonous snake after that the Ekans got bored and left the mouse unconscious in the ground.

Car: pokeball…

Ultra: go!

Car was throwing the ball when Ultra did it faster and trapped the Sandshrew in it.

Car: hey it was mine.

Ultra: finders’ keeper’s loser’s weepers.

Car: well at least I will catch that Ekans.

He goes away after he said that.

Ultra: I think I will take a shot at an Abra, but first I have to set the camp.

Ultra starts to focus and from his pack surge the things of the camp and they start to set themselves up.

Ultra: now to catch that Abra.

He runs a little after that he remember “I can teleport” he teleports to the forest but without his knowledge his pokeballs stayed in the camp.


Car: Ekans come here I just want to catch you.

Scyther: don’t say that or it will get afraid of you.

Ekans: don’t be so sure.

The snake jumped from where it was lying trying to bite Car in the ankle but it was stopped in the nick of time by Scyther.

Scyther: don’t try to hurt my friend, or you will fight me.

Ekans: I’m not afraid of you bug, I could take both of you down in 1 bite and I’m not afraid of doing that.

Car: I don’t know what you are saying but it doesn’t sounds nice so just try to slash it.

The Scyther worked on trying to slash the Ekans but it was to fast for him.

Car: this is not worth it, Scyther “disco dance”.

If you want to know that attack just picture the Scyther dancing the Hassel on top of the Ekans.

Car: pokeball go.

The pokeball trapped the Ekans it wiggled a little but after a while the ball stopped and it clicked that it was trapped.

Car:  yay I got an Ekans, thanks scyther.

So the time passed and they found the camp and also Ultra’s pokeballs with his pokémon inside them.

Car: go everyone.

So he released every pokémon from its pokeballs to stretch and play, it seemed like the new pokémon make friends really fast of the other pokémon and soon all of them were playing or chatting, but all of this is interrupted as they hear a rumbling in the bushes.

Car: what was that?

Schyther: it could be anything including a rampaging Machamp.

Charmeleon: or it could be a big and angry Gyardos.

Wartortle: or it could be a scary Gengar.

Chansey: stop saying those things you are going to make clefy cry.

Clefy: what is a Gengar auntie Chansey?

Car: I wish I could know what you are saying.

In that instant from the bushes popped a creature holding a ball of some sort and rambling about success.

Car: stop or we attack.

Thing: why would you attack me Car, it’s me Ultra.

Car: oh, we thought that you were a monster of some sort.

Ultra: why in the world did you think that.

Car: I think that I was just a little paranoid… any way, what is in the pokeball?

Ultra: I caught an Abra.

Car: wow I heard that doing it is really difficult, especially without pokémon. (He said that in a sarcastic tone)

Ultra: well it wasn’t easy but I discovered how to trap one, want to hear how?

Car: yea, tell us how you trapped it.

Ultra: well first I chased the Abra through half the forest I waited it for to sleep when he was fast asleep I came behind her and hit her with a stick in the head and I took advantage that she was “asleep” to throw a pokeball at her and catch it.

Car: I have a question how did you chase a teleporting Abra?

Ultra: easy, I was teleporting behind her.

Car: you can teleport? Why didn’t you tell me?

Ultra: I thought I told you.  Well… anyway let’s go to sleep it will be a long walk tomorrow.

Car: ok, till tomorrow Ultra.

And the night passed without them noticing eyes watching them from afar.

Jim: I’m going to get even with that boy.

Burns: what do you have to get even for?

Jim: this scar.

He pointed at a newly formed scar in his neck it extended from his chin to his shoulder, it was still red, it looked as if a sharp object had trespassed his skin to the bone and haven’t been removed.

Burns: Since when did you have that?

Jim: since the building blow up, that brat Ultra put me in a headlock when he was finished he threw me to the side but he didn’t noticed the window crystal that was there.

::flash back::

Car: Ultra lets go.

Ultra: run for it.

Jim: ahhgg.

Ultra threw Jim to a pile of rubble near the wall, but he didn’t noticed the shard of glass sticking out of it, Jim felt like thousands of Beedrills have stung him when the hot glass ripped his flesh apart.

::end of flash back::

Burns: I never noticed it till now, how did you tended to that? I never saw you near the infirmary of the office and I work in there, while you work as an executive, but I never saw you.

Jim: the Dr. and Eric of the Red Cross did it, I didn’t want any special treatment for this.

He pointed at his scar.

Burns: oh, well if it relieves you it looks neat and chicks dig it.

Jim: thanks, but don’t try to get near me.

Burns: hey the b******* are asleep.

Jim: that’s our sign.

They leaped from the bushes towards our heroes and landed softly making impossible for them to be aware of the danger ahead. When the infamous Team Bullet was near our heroes a bright yellow blur passed by waking them up and scaring Burns while Jim grabbed it in mid air but it suddenly it disappeared.

Jim: what the hell was that?

Ultra: it looks like someone was watching out for us.

Jim: awake or not you are dead, Grimer, Nidorino, and Sanshrew make them bleed.

Burns: make them bleed Exeggcute and Staryu.

The 5 pokémon of totally different types were standing there, where our heroes are.

Car: do your best everyone.

Ultra: battle stances all of you.

Every single pokémon the have caught got out of its pokeball and got into a battle stance except for Abra who just sat there sleeping.

Car: uh, I think that your Abra is asleep.

Ultra: really? What make you think so? (He said this while returning Abra to its pokeball)  

Car:  Scyther, Magmar, Ekans go for Burns pokémon, Pidgey, Nidoran go for Jim’s pokémon, Chansey protect Clefary and heal who are in need.

Ultra: Zubat, Kakuna, Charmeleon go for Exeggcute, Ivysaur go for Staryu, Spearow, Graveler, Sandshrew or Jim’s pokémon.

Jim: (in a Chinese accent) a poor thecnich is going to direct you to a humiliating defeat.

Burns: (is on the floor laughing) hahahahahahaha

And the battle continued after little time Charmeleon, Ivysaur, and Magmar had subsided from a self-destruct attack from Staryu. Scyther and Zubat went down from a hypnosis and dream eater combo the only one left against Exeggcute was Ultra’s Kakuna

Burns: hahahahaha a Kakuna what were you tinking when you sended him out HAHAHAHAHA

Exeggcute: hahahaha the master is right a little kakuna against me, you are going down useless pokémon.

Ultra was desperate he knew he was going to loose if he didn’t do something and the pain from his other pokémons was just too much, he saw that kakuna was also feeling the others pain through the telepathic channel, he got an idea.

Ultra: (telepathically) sorry for this kakuna. (Normal) I admit defeat it was just too much for my pokémon.

Kakuna: don’t do that Ultra, don’t admit defeat I have to be of some help (while he was talking Ultra has got to his knees and Jim was pointing at him with a gun to his neck) no! (He felt like he was burning from the inside out, his interior moved breaking the hard core outside of it he released his wings. His front legs were released after that when he perked his head out he noticed a white light emanating from him he then stepped out of the brown shell to reveal a full Beedrill)

Beedrill: yes now I can defend Ultra.

The Beedrill took flight and used one of its simplest moves, the feared twin needle reducing Exeggcute to a little heap of junk.

Meanwhile, in the other fight.

Things weren’t looking as good the 3 pokémon proved to be more than a challenge to Car and Ultras pokémon,

Grimer as well as Staryu had used a self-destruct move on sandshrew, while Nidorino took on Pidgey and Nidoran by himself squashing Pidgey and torturing the poor Nidoran. And in and upper hand Ekans and Spearow had maked little work in Sandshrew fainting him in little time but they were squashed as well as Pidgey by the Nidorino stomp attack.

Jim: well it looks like my Nidorino resulted to be more of a challenge that you expected? Well I will tell you something when you 2 are dead I myself will take your Nidoran and train him to be stronger just like my Nidorino.

Car: shut up, because we will not lose this fight, now Nidoran use that move we have been practicing, use your dig attack now!

Nidoran got under the ground and jumped only to be greeted by a stomp in the face.

Nidorino: hahaha puny little one, accept it you will never be able to defeat my master, or me.

Nidoran: don’t talk like that till you have a proof of it, now you will face the anger of a Nidoran.

The Nidoran went against the Nidorino just to be tackled over by the Nidorino. He went flying and when he landed he saw the amazed looks on everyone faces, then he noticed the white light and that he felt that he was growing bigger he then realized that he was evolving he was now a fully grown Nidorino.

The now Nidorino took on Jim’s Nidorino and used a dig attack to shorten the fight to a couple of seconds.

Ultra: it looks like you lost Team Bullet but remember there is always a next time.

Jim: the boss is going to kill me for this but anyway, we will meet again, Taurus explosion.

The Taurus appeared from some bushes and exploded sending himself and to fly and Jim and Burns in hot pursuit.

Car: I can’t see Cerulean from here, if I’m right we will get there in a week.

Ultra: great!


Well I don’t know you but I liked this chapter see ya in the next chapter.

Ps: if you are saying that we got 2 extra pokémons you are right, but lets say that Car and Ultra convinced Dr.Oak to let them have all of their pokémon in their back packs, in case of Car in his brief case, bye!