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In the way of Mt. Moon

By Dr.Ultra & Car

Ultra was this time trailing behind Car

Ultra: Car wait for me!

Car: that will teach you to get up early

Ultra: I will get you!

When he accelerates Car stop making him bump against a rock and being sended ricocheting into the sky landing perfectly in another place.

Ultra: why did you stop!?

Car: that.

He points to the immense mountain and to a cave in the middle of the rocks

Ultra: oh, Let’s go in.

Car: I will guide I have an extremely good sense of direction.

Ultra: ok, I guess, Car what is that?

He pointed at an advice in the side of the road the advice read:

To anyone:

That wants to cross mt.moon there has been a lot of mysterious disappearing people, presumed dead, be Careful!

Attn. Chief Jenny

Car: nothing, just a prank I suppose, let’s go.

They entered the cave just to find that they couldn’t even see their hands that was resolved by releasing Charmeleon.

1 hour later

Ultra: this rock looks familiar.

2 hours later

Ultra: this rock looks really familiar.

3 hours later

Ultra: for god sake this is the same rock! Car I will kill you!

Car: don’t kill me, … what is that glow?

Ultra: Weedle go and check what is that glow.

The Weedle squirmed all the way to there and saw a thing eating some rocks he tried them but became sick really fast and created a cocoon around himself to prevent further damage in other words it evolved .

Car: (freaked out) what is that?

Ultra: I don’t know let’s hit it with a stick.

He rapidly grabbed a stick and jumped for the ghost but failed miserably and was knocked unconscious the same destiny awaited for Car, who was distracted, when he awaked the “ghost” was reveled as a Magmar trying to eat rocks.

Car: poor guy he must be hungry.

Ultra: ZZZZZ.

Car: ookk, come here boy I will feed you.

Magmar: (thinking) should I trust him I think I know him from somewhere else.

Car: (gives food to the Magmar) hey my grandfather had a Magmar that wore the same medal that you are wearing.

Car thought for a while and the came up with the best he could.

Car: you thief (start to chase Magmar with a pointy stick) come back here!

The Magmar took out a picture out of nowhere and showed it to Car the picture showed Car and his grandfather playing with a Magmar.

Car: is that you?

The Magmar just nodded.

Car: Magmar will you come with me?

The Magmar said no with his head.

Car: I will give you more food.

The Magmar agreed immediately at that bribe.

Car: hey do you know the way out

The Magmar responded a big no.

2 hours later

Ultra is already awake and they are walking aimlessly around.

Ultra: Car come on I want to get the hell out of here.

Car: I told you I don’t know the way out.

Ultra: but, but, but… I want to get out of here!

Car: shut up.

A cry is heard near them.

Ultra: (running) come Car I think I heard a scream coming from this way.

They ran a long way before stumbling with a baby cleafary being chased by a Zubat.

Car: wartortle go, beat that Zubat.

The wartortle just gave a glare at the Zubat and he froze and flied away.

Ultra: pokeball go! The pokeball wiggled and Zubat was cought with out even fighting.

Clefary: fairy fairy clefairy. (Next from here translated)

Car: What is she saying?

Ultra: That she can’t find her mom and if we can help her.

Car: yes clefairy I will take you to your mom.

2 hours later

Car has clefairy in his arms and Ultra is in the back whining.

Ultra: Car I want to get out of here now!

Car: we have to found this Clefairy´s mom.

Ultra: well, why didn’t you ask me her mother is right there.

Points at a very angry clefable.

Clafable: clefable fable fable clefable (leave my baby alone you dirty poachers)

Ultra: uh, clefable we are not poachers we are here to return you your baby.

Car: you can understand pokémon!?

Ultra: yes can’t you? …

After finishing that the Clefable have finished using its metronome and causing to hit Ultra against the wall with the next listed powers: Hyper  Beam, blizzard, solar beam, twin needle, fire blast, hydro pump, thunder, submission, physic, earthquake, rock slide, night shade, toxic, sky attack, dragon rage, and finally explosion. Needless to say that Ultra was unconscious after that.

Car: wow!

Clefairy (pointing to Car): but mom I want to go with the nice guy.

Clefable: are you sure clefy because he will make you fight against other pokémon after he takes you.

Clefairy: I’m sure of it.

Clefable: then go of my little girl.

Clefairy reached for one of Car’s pokeballs and trapped herself in it.

Car: great now I have a Clefairy!

Ultra: you are just a big sissy.

Car: wanna take this outside?

Ultra: outside? where we are stuck in the middle of the cave!!

Car: good point, let’s just continue to search for the exit.

Some time later

Car: we have been wandering around for more than 7 days, we need a rest!

Ultra: ok, we can take a rest but we have to keep looking.

They lay against a rock but it starts to tremble.

Car:  do you feel that?

Ultra: you mean the earthquake of about 6.5? Yes I feel it!

Car: lets run!!!

They start to run and Geodudes start to fall from the roof.

Ultra: Its raining Geodudes, move out!

A Geodude appears from the floor and grabs Ultras leg.

Car: wait for m… ahhhhhhhhh

A Golem fell from the roof directly at his back, while Geodudes and Gravelers continued to fall, the Geodude that grabbed Ultra’s leg protected him from them.

Ultra: Geodude why did you protect me?

Geodude:  I don’t want any more people hurt. (It said that in poké language but we translated it)

Ultra: like him? (Points at Car)

Car: help me, I’m stuck under a Golem!

Ultra: we have to help him or he will be really hurt come to help Geodude.

Geodude: I can’t help you or I will be in trouble with the boss.

Ultra: the boss? I will make you safe with “the boss”.

Car: I think I met the boss.

Ultra: oh yea? I will beat the crap out of “the boss” hahahaha.

Car: I don’t think you will be capable of that.

Ultra: you think so Geodude?… oh Geodude?

Goedude had disappeared and in his place was a gang of Gravelers. The Golem that was over Car had standed and was their boss.

Golem: Geo why did you help them, you said that the last time was the last, but you keep saving people from us, don’t you want to protect home?

Geodude: yes but that doesn’t give you permission to kill people, or does it? And in fact this people are friendly they wouldn’t go and trap any Geodude of the nest.

The Golem was taken back from the response but recovered rapidly and only laughed at it.

Golem: you trust too much Geo I think I will have to teach you a lesson.

The Golem took the Geodude and started mega kicking and mega punching him, after some time of the cruel and vicious beating the Golem took it and put in its mouth and started chewing it he then spitted it in the floor.

Golem: I expect no more helping these people.

He turned to Car and Ultra, who were being held back by 2 Gravelers he hit them with a finger in the chest and they were out cold.

Golem: lets go to the nest now, Geo you are forbidden to enter to the nest from here on.

Geo: …no…n…oo…o

2 or 3 hours later.

Ultra: ugh, I can’t feel my left arm.

He awoke in a chamber of the Mt.moon it was at the top of the mountain as the light gave away, but there wasn’t a real source of the light. 

Car: you think you are bad I can’t feel my legs!

Ultra: that’s because those aren’t your legs.

Car: that explains it.

Car and Ultra were in a place of the cavern that should been near the roof since there was more light but they couldn’t identify were it was coming from.

Ultra: do you know where Geo is?

Car: who?

Ultra: the Geodude that was his name, but where is it?

Car: when I woke up it wasn’t in here.

Ultra: well, if I were a Geodude were would I want to be?

Car: far from the water? In the ground?

Ultra: Car you are a genius.

He threw himself at the ground and grabbed the Geodude that was camouflaged as a rock.

Ultra: I just wanted to say thanks for saving me.

Geo: you have to go or the boss will get mad.

Ultra: we would go but we don’t know the way out.

Geo: ok, follow me I will lead you out.

Ultra took the Geodude off the ground and to his surprise it was incredibly light for a Geodude.

Ultra: Car we have to take this Geodude to a pokémon center, now!

Car: well if he takes us out, we could do that.

Ultra: Geo takes us outside.

Geo: ok, you don’t have to scream, I’m damaged not deaf.

They walk some time till they found an entrance but it was the exit.

Ultra: yahoo now we can go outside.

Car: well, we could go outside if they weren’t in the way.

In fact the Gravelers and the Golem were in front of the exit and they didn’t have face of many friends.

Golem: Geo, haven’t you learned your lesson do I have to teach it to you again?

Geo: come here Golem I don’t fear you.

Golem: you have the guts to insult me, you shall perish!

The Golem started the vicious and cruel punishment kicking and punching it till his arms were exhausted, then he took it in its mouth and started to chew him again.

Ultra: Geo, no.

The Golem spitted the Geodude when it started to glow; its arms grew while it grew legs then it started to grow in size till he was almost the same size the Golem he punched the ground violently making rocks fall from the ceiling and absorbing them into his body  

Golem: even if you evolved you will not beat me Grav.

Graveler: to death Golem!

Golem: to death Graveler!

Those words shocked Car and Ultra, they expected anything but that, the spook endured very little when they saw all of the Gravelers running to where Grav and Golem were fighting.

Car & Ultra: everyone out, stop the Gravelers.

All the pokeballs opened at mid-air reveling Schyther, Charmeleon, Chansey, Spearow, Zubat, Magmar, Kakuna, Wartortle, Bulbasaur, Nidoran male and Clefairy they flew/walked/jumped to the Gravelers to fight and stop them from ganging against Grav.

At first the fight seemed one sided but after a while and a lot of fighting most of the Gravelers have went down.

Car: help me!

Three Gravelers have woken up and were running after Car like mad pokémon.

Car: Clefairy, metronome!

Car grabbed Clefairy from the floor and putted her in front himself, luckily enough Clefairy’s metronome resulted in a barrier blocking the attacks.

Car: Clefairy you are the best!

When he said that he hugged her reducing the barrier up to nothing.

Gravelers: Gravvv.

Car: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He pushed her to the front again lifting the barrier again, meanwhile Ultra had his own problems.

Ultra: Grav, there most be another way, don’t do this.

Grav: if I don’t do this I will be a coward all my life, and that’s something I will not tolerate.

Golem: less chat and more action or is that all you got.

This couldn’t be categorized as a pokémon battle it could only be categorized as a street fight with no rules and no meaning.

Ultra: STOP IT!

Everyone got to a sudden stop when Ultra started to float over the ground and his eyes where shining in darkness of the cave, he created a psychic barrier between himself and the rest of the pokémon expect for Grav and Golem. The Golem didn’t see that coming but Grav took the chance to win the struggle over Golem and winning the fight.

Grav: come now we can go.

Grav took Ultra outside and all the pokémon and Car.

Hi its me Dr.Ultra my and my friend Car are happy that we finished this chapter like always feed back will be received at and