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Pewter City showdown

By Dr.Ultra and Car 

Car was trailing a long way down the road with Ultra.

Ultra: faster Car, I want to get to the gym before the next year.

Car: well if you wanted to go there you should have awaked me before leaving.

Ultra: Car, look in the base of that tree there are two pokeballs and a note.

Note: take my Mew and my Serebii Iím not training them anymore.

Car & Ultra: ahhh!! (Gasp)  there are a Mew and a Serebii in here.

Car & Ultra: I want them.

They start to struggle for the pokeballs and the pokeballs opened reveling a Spearow and a Nidoran male and a note attached to them.

Note: hahahaha you fell in the trap, but you can keep the pokemon.

Car: I will take the Nidoran male

Ultra: ok I take the Spearow.

Car: hey look there is the gym why is an ambulance there I mean itís from the pokemon center but I canít think of a Gym leader that strong

Ultra: that is the least, look at that Victreebell.

The Victreebell was being Carried away with a rock in his ďmouthĒ and his eyes closed but the worst part was that like everyone knows this was a rock gym the Victreebell should have won easily but it looked pretty beat up.

Ultra: I think we should plan our strategy a lot more.

They think a little and decide that they will battle together as a team one pokemon from each one

Car: lets go to that gym now.

They enter the gym and see a guy counting money in the top of the head of an Onix

Gym leader: so you are the next losers to battle me?

Ultra: if you put that way WE WILL KICK YOUR @$$

Car: what my companion wants to say is that we will battle you in a team one after the other.

Ultra: hell yea

Gym leader: well any way my name is Flint and you should know that name will take your pokemon to the tomb.

Ultra: yeah right Car you go first.

Flint: before we fight I will tell you my nickname they call me ďpulverizerĒ because that is how I left the pokemon.

Car: Wartortle go.

Flint: Onix go.

The little turtle (compared with Onix) was terrified with the huge rock snake

Flint: Onix use your rockslide.

Car: Wartortle use your water gun.

The Onix was descending upon the little turtle when the powerful spray of power deflected its route into the ground

Flint: you are good, Onix use your rage.

Car: Wartortle keep using your water gun.

The Onix started to hit the Wartortle and slamming him into the floor with his head while very quietly he slid his tail around Wartortle and left him hanging upside-down while headbutting him. After some time he stopped and looked at the Wartortle he was pretty beat up and had his eyes closed.

Flint: I donít think you already killed himÖ

That was his last mistake in the last moment the Wartortle opened its eyes and hit one of Onix eyes.

The next part is going to be translated for your mental health.

Onix: you little prick now you will feel my power.

Wartortle: try me.

The Onix charged his energy and shoot a powerful beam a hyper beam! The Wartortle waited to the last moment and jumped on top of the beam and ran on top of it and hit the Onix dead on in the head making him faint.

Flint: wow that was a good fight, but can you match Golem?

Car: Ultra itís your turn.

Ultra: time for a change of focus.

Flint let out his Golem and gives him certain instructions while Ultra got his Bulbasaur out and was waiting.

Flint: are you sure thatís your decision because Golem is certainly powerful

But he received no answer since the weird glow came back in Bulbasaur and Ultra eyes.

The Bulbasaur used his vine whip but it didnít have any effect because of the Golem hard shell.

Flint: those little twigs are no matches for Golem armor, Golem use your take down.

The Golem rolled to Bulbasaur, it jumped over it and focused a target, its face, and he shot a seed from his bulb straight to its face.

Flint: Golem get rid of it.

The Golem obeyed and ate the seed in mid air and said.

(Next part is translated)

Golem: more energy for me loser, try doing your old moves and you will not defeat me little one.

Bulbasaur: try with this.

The Bulbasaur shot two vines directly at Golem face, it only covered his face, but in the last second they shot in different directions and attached to the walls and Bulbasaur was sent sprouting with a lethal kick to Golem.

Flint: cover and counter Golem.

The Golem was sent two steps back but took the Bulbasaur in his hands pinned it to the floor and started to hit it with out mercy.

Ultra: haaaggggg (fall to his knees clutching his stomach)

Car & Flint: what is it, what is hurting you.

Suddenly Golem was sent flying upward followed by a bright white glow.

Golem: what is to you fellow, what are you doing?

Bulbasaur: evolving dummy.

Ultra: no, ugh I canít resist it. (He falls to the floor and starts rolling, when he opens his eyes energy sprouts from them and he starts to float like 2 feet over the floor and with a thunder voice he says.)

Ultra: BulbasaurÖ well, Ivysaur finish that Golem with your razor leaf

The Ivysaur shot four leaves with enormous proportions re-growing it in less than a blink the Golem received them in his arm, looked at them laugh and throw them to the floor.

Golem: is that all you have after evolving?

Ivysaur: of course not idiot.

Ultra: Ivysaur use your solar beam.

The Ivysaur charged power of the sun (it was a gym with crystal roof) and shot a beam of pure light that the Golem just ate.

Ultra: just as I suspected.

Car: Ultra stop throwing rays and seeds it will just eat them and get stronger.

Ultra: shut up! (He lifted one hand in the direction of a rock it exploded in a split second and lifted his other hand to Car) that will happen to you if you donít shut up, Ivysaur use a ďmega leach seedĒ

The Ivysaur started to charge a lot of seeds into the point of his plant, Golem tried to cut him short but it was to late, the Ivysaur shot hundreds of seeds that attached themselves to Golem and were sucking the life of his body.

Golem: (thinking) I have to think fast if I donít get out of this I will surely die, I know!!!!!!!.

He jumped and shot a hyper beam to the center of the arena and the energy pooled in there like water and the Golem jumped out of there in a second covered in energy without seeds in his body.

Golem: your little trick didnít work huh?

Ivysaur: just wait and you will see.

Ultra: Ivysaur use your leech seed and then use your blossoming flower.

Car was about to ask when he saw the rock.

Ivysaur shot some seeds and Golem as expected ate them, then Ivysaur got one of its vines but the front part was a blossoming flower the Golem bite the flower but immediately left it out of his mouth as it burned its throat.

Ultra: mwahahahahahahahahaha (he continued to laugh as a maniac)

The Golem was at the floor in great pain when twigs shot from the stones that composed its body.

Ultra: if you donít want your Golem to die better call it back now.

Flint: G-G-Golem come back.

The red ray came from the pokeball as the Golem disappeared a flower started to form and when the Golem was out a beautiful flower was in its place.

Ultra: what is happeningÖ (He then passed out)

Flint: you little son of a bitch! (He started to run to Ultra but Car stopped him)

Car: we still have a duel but if you retireÖ

Flint: never I will prefer to die first.

Car: Scyther go.

Flint: bad choice boy bug and flying types are bad against rock.

Car: let me change my pokemon.

Flint: no way boy, once out is till death, go Rhydon.

Scyther waited impatiently while the Rhydon adjusted to the change but it didnít take long for him to pick a fight after he heard what they have done to Onix and to Golem, it was so furious that it destroyed the flower in a rage.

Car: Scyther use your slash attack to leave him immobile.

The Scyther ran to the occupied Rhydon and cut its knees so he couldnít move.

Flint: isnít that cheating?

Car: no itís just too much power, Scyther use your drill peck attack.

The Scyther approached the Rhydon from behind with the schytes positioned as a drill, he jumped and started to roll trespassing the Rhydon from side to side.

Flint: that will not make a damage Rhydon its all rock.

Car: so you wouldnít mind if I crack his neck, Scyther use you wrestling combo.

Scyther jumped on top of Rhydon and twirled its legs to crack Rhydon neck successfully killing him.

Flint: Ha, my Rhydon is to powerful to die for that, just look at this.

The Rhydonís head started to re-accommodate to his normal place rotating it. Scyther was distracted in this moment so the Rhydon WRAPed him with the tail.

Flint: Good, just Mega-Punch him to dead!

Car: Nooo!!!

Ryhdon punched him violently till his arms ached.

Car (almost crying): No, Scyther donít die pleaseÖ

Suddenly the Scyther revitalized, looked to the face of the Rhydon and, at just 6 inches apart he shot a powerful Hyper-Beam to Rhydonís face, reducing him to a heap in the floor.

Car: All this time he was Biding!!!

Flint: R-R-R-Rhydon, you beat my Rhydon to the point of coma!

Car: yes indeed, but I think that I deserve a boulderbadge.

Flint: you little son of a bitch, you almost killed my Rhydon and now you want me to give you a boulderbadge!

Car: yes it is on the rules stipulated that I won, even if I ďalmostĒ killed your Rhydon.

Flint: damm, I donít really want t do this but take two badges, 1 for you and 1 for your pal there, but believe me if it would be for me you would have your license removed.

Car: thanks Iím out of here, Scyther and Ivysaur carry Ultra behind me.

The pokemon obeyed and when they were outside Ultra awakened.

Car: what happened to you?

Ultra: it usually happens when my powers get out of control.

Car: and what power are we talking about?

Ultra: Iím a psychic, and when my powers get out of hand that happens.

Car: cool, well take this.

He throws the badge to him.

Ultra: so you won!

Car: yes!

Well this was a looooonnggg chapter ok, if you have something good to sat send it at and if you have something bad to say send it to so se ya later.

Disclaimer: you know the drill.

Blossoming flower: itís a power I made up for the scene to work itís basically a flower in the top of the bulb of the vine whip that releases solar beams.