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Team bullet revenge

By Dr. Ultra and Car

Car was bicycling way apart from Ultra on a street.

Car: Wait for me Ultra!!

Ultra: Car, lets go now!, or when we get to the hotel it will be closed.

After a few minutes...

Ultra: We are finally here. (Glares at Car)

Car (smiling): Well, at least we got here.

They enter the hotel and they got amazed of the luxury of the hotel.

Car: We will never be able to pay for a room here.

Ultra: watch this.

He goes to the counter and talks to the lady, she checks something, and then she told Ultra he was the 10,000 costumer of that hotel so he got a free room for 3 days.

Car: What happened?

Ultra: We got a free room.

Car: How did you do that?

Ultra: Well, lets say that I’m the 10,000 client of this hotel.

Car: L-l-lucky.

Ultra (from the hall): Car lets go I want to rest.

Car: ok


Jim: did you inspect the building Burns?

Burns: yes Jim, those kids have to be here.

 Jim: they will suffer from our revenge. (He remembers the day in viridian forest)

Burns: this incendiary bomb will make them suffer for sure.

Jim: shut up and let’s go.

Back in the hotel…

Car: Hey lets go to take a walk, we can search for the gym.

Ultra: ok, but lets leave our pokemon I don’t think we will need them right now… plus they need some rest.

Car: ok, but hurry I want to get out of here now.

They got out of there and in that instant, two blocks away the hotel explode in flames.

Ultra: Whoa!… what was that?

Car: I don’t know…let’s check it out.

They ran to the building, once in there some people went out and said to them that help was coming, but there are were still a lot of people inside.

Ultra: We got to help them.

Car: You just took the words out of my mouth.

They ran into the building, when they reach a joint they split, Ultra went downstairs and Car went upstairs.

When Ultra goes to the basement it looked like there wasn’t any fire down there instead a lot debris were there and the people seem to be in the last basement, he decided that he needed help to remove the debris so he took his only pokeball

Ultra: Charmeleon go.

Charmeleon: meleon meleon Charmeleon (just like I like, hot weather)

Ultra: Charmeleon get the debris out of the way.

Charmelon decided to get it out of the way by simply burning it.

Ultra: don’t contribute to the fire just slash it out of the way.

Charmeleon: meleon, Charmeleon (all the hard work for me?)

Charmeleon obeyed him and started to slash the debris wall out of the way.

Ultra: hey look, there is a stairway.

They run to the stairway and hear voices screaming for help.

Voice: Help! Help me!

Ultra (screaming): we are on the way, Charmeleon lets go.

Charmeleon: char (ok)

They ran downstairs and finded the people they were six adults.

Ultra: We have to go now, This place is gonna blow.

The biggest man ran and makes Ultra duck before a part of the roof fell on him.

Ultra: gee, thanks.

Man: you are welcome, my name is Jason.

Ultra: ok, mine is Ultra, we have to get out of here.

Jason: that was the only way.

Ultra: then lets move the debris, I can’t do it alone.

Jason: The debris is too much for the two of us

Ultra: if you don’t want to help that’s ok, but I will remove that and get out of here.

Ultra and Charmeleon start to move the debris and soon man by man, woman by woman started to join them, on no time they removed the debris and they were going out but…

Ultra: the roof is falling off… lets get out before is too late.

A piece of rock fall of the roof blocking the way they were coming.

Ultra: look there is the exit run for it.

They all ran and went out of the building but then Ultra remembered Car and ran in the building again.

Some time before, while Car was going up the stairs.

Car: they say that the persons were in the top floors I have to get there before anything happens.

A door was blocking his way so he decided that he needed help.

Car: Scyther go, Scyther cut that door in two.

Scyther cut the door in two parts letting see that behind that there were the stairs to the top floor.

Car: Scyther lets go we have to find those people and save them.

Scyther: schy ter ter schy (ok, but fast this heat is getting in my wings)

They run to the top of the building where six kids were trapped, in that moment trough the door came blasting Ultra.

 Ultra: Car, are you all right?

Car: yes Ultra when you get off my back.

Ultra: sorry, where are the rest of the people?

Car: right behind you.

Ultra: then what are you waiting send Scyther (he was out of the pokeball) for them and then tell him to FLY them down.

Car: you already heard Scyther do your job.

Scyther took all six little kids and flew them down to safe ground he was going for his master and his friend but flame shoot from one of the windows and he was burned. A Jenny attended him immediately. When suddenly a loud shotgun discharging all of its ammo was heard they look up in the sky, to the roof where Car and Ultra were, it was Jim from team bullet shooting at them from a helicopter.

Jim: this time there is no get away kids. (As he jumped from the helicopter)

Suddenly from behind Car was tackled, it was Burns

Burns: Jim is right kid. (As he took a piece of wood in flames) you are dead.

Car (whispering to Ultra): we have to beat them now and get the hell out of here before the building collapse.

Ultra (whispering to Car): you are right I charge to Jim you charge to Burns

Car: ok, lets rock.

Ultra charges at Jim making him lose his gun with a sweep and then pinning his arms to the ground

Jim: get off me now!

Ultra: no! (As he hit his gut with his knee)

Jim: ugh.


Car has already disarmed Burns and grabbed him in a headlock.

Car: I have everything controlled in here, this guy is a sissy boy, and you Ultra?

Burns: I’m not sissy!

Car just tightened the armlock and Burns was unable to talk

Ultra: same in here, Car lets just finish them right now.

In the instant he finished that word a machine gun was being shoot at them one bullet destroyed Car glasses and a voice was heard as a helicopter came down.

Voice: get your butts in here before I shoot you.

Burns: It is the boss.

Jim: we have to get out of here, se ya suckers.

He said the last part as he jumped to a rope the helicopter throw.

Car: well looks like we beat them but how the hell are we going to get out of this place?

Ultra: jumping.

He jumped as he finished the last part of the word.

Car: Ultra! Well in Rome do as the Romans.

They jumped and were caught by a net of the police.

Car: wow! What a ride.

Ultra: you said it.

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