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Alice the forest protector

By Dr.Ultra and Car

Ultra: you are soooo slow Car!

Car: well, it isn’t easy to win to someone that doesn’t have a Scyther running around him.

Ultra: excuses, excuses… look a Weedle!

Car: where? (Looks everywhere)

Ultra: right there (point under a tree), bye Car I will get it right now

The Weedle was there when the two newcomers stumbled across him and he ran for his life.

Car: wait for me… Aww, what the heck! He said as he rose his arms to the air.

A flapping is heard and a Pidgey lands in front of Car.

Car: Cool, a Pidgey… now I will catch something.

Pidgey: coo coo (loser)

Car: ok, Scyther go, just let me hang my coat

Pidgey: coo coo ru coo coo (ohh, my god)

When Car gives pidgey and Scyther his back Scyther whacks Pidgey unconscious with one hit, Car just threw a pokeball and catched it.

Car: Hey, Scyther I didn’t order you to attack.

Scyther: schy ter schy (yea right, com on)


Ultra: where did that Weedle go?

Voice: let that Weedle go, NOW!  

Ultra: who’s there?

A girl that didn’t pass from 22 year’s she could have been pretty if her hair and her clothes weren’t all messy; she had aqua blue hair, green eyes, and she was wearing a blue overall, a stray hat with a Butterfree picture in it and white snickers

Ultra: who are you?

Girl: I’m Alice the forest protector and you leave that weedle alone or you will have to fight me!

Ultra: and I should be afraid because…?

Alice: I train bugs, everyone tells that bugs are weak but let me tell you that if they are well trained they can be very strong

Ultra: and so?

Alice: forget it, I choose you Scyther!!!

A Scyther got out of the pokeball he just stood there sharpening his schytes and looking at him

Ultra: well, if you want so, but I will make you cry, babe, Bulbasaur go!!

Ultra’s eyes started to glow with an eerie gray and his Bulbasaur too, the Bulbasaur attacked with a vine whip that lefted the Scyther looking like a mummy  

Alice: Scyther destroy that vine whip and then slash him.

The Scyther got free and slashed the Bulbasaur failing the Bulbasaur used his razor leaf

Alice: Scyther, watch out for the leafs and use your double-team

The Scyther covered all the leafs and throwed all of them to the floor the Bulbasaur bulb started to glow releasing 5 little seeds that planted themselves in Scyther body making him faint by sucking his energy.

Alice: nooo… Scyther come back; Pincir go!!

Ultra’s Bulbasaur prepared for the attack and started to become impatient.

Alice: Pincir use your vicegrip!!

The Pincir ran for Bulbasaur menacingly opening and closing his pincers

Bulbasaur just sited there with out doing anything then in the last minute he jumped out of the way making Pincir dig his way to the underground and disappearing

Alice: good, Pincir use your dig attack now!!

Bulbasaur ran with out control to make the dig fail but even with the running the dig hit him square in the chest his eyes turned a normal color and Ultra too

Ultra: damm, Bulbasaur come back; Charmander go.

Ultras eyes started to glow again and Charmander eyes glowed an eerie gray too. The Charmander started to rotate and used his ember attack burning Pincir to a black coal form.

Alice: why did my pincer lost? Well this isn’t finished Venomoth I choose you!!

The Charmander stood there while the Venomoth started to rapidly fly towards him the he erupted a ball of fire from his mouth doing a flame-thrower and roasting one of the Venomoth wings fainting him. 

Alice: what was that? …It doesn’t matter Butterfree g… (Goes gaga over Car who just was coming with little hearts for eyes and all the stuff)

Car: Ultra why did you leave me back there? Well actually it doesn’t matter I caught a Pidgey, and who is the girl?

Ultra isn’t listing but suddenly his eyes return to the normal and he explains all to Car

Car: ok, but let’s go it’s getting late, we don’t have time to be playing with girls.

Alice: (still gaga over Car) hey I’m here and I want to fight that guy. (Points to Car)

Ultra: what do you think Car?

Car: aww, well but if you lose you have to give me your phone number. (He winks to Alice)

Alice: yes, yes, yes (goes gaga again) Butterfree go use your harden

Butterfree: free? free freeee fre (what?, are you thinking right?)

Car: Chansey go, Chansey use your sing.  

Butterfree hardens and his skin go to a metallic form rising his defense meanwhile Chansey prepared to sing doing a sweet sing almost sleeping Butterfree (thanks to the metallic skin)

Alice: Butterfree use your silk shot

Butterfree: frre (ok)

Car: Chansey pound him

The Butterfree shot a thin line of silk to Chansey feet reducing his speed and movement but Chansey was near enough to pound Butterfree in the head so he pounded him making him faint

Alice: Butterfree come back, go Parasect, Parasect use you scratch

Car: Chansey come back; Squirtle go, Squirtle use your water gun

Squirtle prepared and shot a powerful water strike that hit the Parasect in the middle of the face making him angry but he did what his trainer said so he just scratched the Squirtle in the back

Car: Squirtle use your tackle now

The Parasect was distracted when the Squirtle tackled him on the side and make him stand in his back so Alice had to take him back.

Alice: (still gaga) Parasect come back, go Beedrill use your silk shot

Car: come back Squirtle, go Scyther use your double-kick.

The Scyther didn’t obeyed Car an instead used Double-Team and started to run and separated in two different Scythers one was the real one and the other was a holographic image. The Beedrill shot a silk shot, but hit the image as Scyther slashed the wings of the Beedrill making him land and be vulnerable, which Scyther take advantage of fainting him with a quick attack

Car: not again, why Scyther wouldn’t obey me? Well I won anyway

Alice: hey what are you doing in here?

Car: we are going to pewter city to make Brock cry for his pokemon.

Alice: then you will have to search for him because he isn’t there. He disappeared one day with a pikachu guy and a red haired girl and his dad took over, his name is Flint and they say the he is good.

Ultra: hey, how do we get there? I wa…

The Weedle he was running after was trying to escape so he ran after it

Car: not again, well se ya

Alice: bye, take Care of yourself, hey I didn’t give you my phone.      

Ultra: come back here Weedle

They keep running till they got to clear in the forest where they heared two man voices. They searched for a while till they found two guys discussing they looked considerably major than them, they have some Persian (the country) cloths basically some really baggy with pants and vests, and each one have a knife strapped to the side of the pants but the major one and, also the angry one, have what looked like an automatic shotgun in his back and they looked ready to kill anyone they also were giving the back to them

Voice1: I cant believe you screw that up it was like taking a candy from a baby, in fact that was exactly what you were doing.

Voice2: I’m sorry I already told you that her dad was coming… hey who are those two? (Pointing to Car and Ultra)

In that moment they turned to face them the shotgun guy looked extremely pissed, he had a black beard, purple eyes and black hair also, he was tall and muscular, the other man was less tall and less muscular also he have green hair and aqua blue ayes, but he looked very smart and very scared of the other man, in the back was a Taurus who looks also pissed        

Car: we were already going in our way, bye…

Ultra: he is right, bye….

They ran but the two other man were faster that them and catch-up with them in no time *special thanks to the Taurus* they caught them and pinned them to the ground

Man2:  now what do we do to them Jim (the shotgun guy) 

Jim: I don’t know Burns, let’s just mug them and left them unconscious, ok

Burns: yeah… let’s kick their asses.

At the moment Car and Ultra liberated from Jim pinning and throw two pokeballs from which Squirtle and Charmander come out.

Car: Squirtle use your water gun.

Ultra: Charmander use your flame-thrower

The two pokemon obeyed and used they respective attack making Jim and Burns go flying straight for Taurus, with this the Taurus was very made very unhappy and tackle Charmander and Squirtle which responded the attack with just glowing bright white.

Ultra & Car: they are evolving!

Where Charmander and Squirtle where standing a Wartortle and a Charmeleon where now, they attacked in a rage sending Taurus, Jim and Burns flying in the air

Jim: you will hear of Team Bullet soon.

Ultra feels something in his leg and discovers that Weedle was at his foot trying to go to one of his pokeballs 

Ultra: so now you want to come with us? Well… that’s ok

He throws a pokeball and the Weedle didn’t try to get away

Car: hey Ultra there is pewter city in the horizon let’s go for it. ____________________________________________________________   

Disclaimer: I don’t own any character or pokémon in the fanfic in exception of Car, Ultra, Jim, Burns and Alice any other (if there was another one) are from gamefreak and Nintendo 

Author notes: hello whoa this chapter was huge but it as just because of the fights, we want to tank to our fixer Nicholas that has been a great help, thanks Nick! Write to me what you liked and what you didn’t liked to my friend Car his e-mail is

And tell us did you like team bullet?

Fixed by: Nicholas Carter

Ps: we don’t have outlook so you have to write us directly from your account. 

Ps2: if you are saying that the pokemon we used are too weak to use the attack they used you may be right, but I’m a firmly believe that pokemon can do some attacks like: water gun, flame-thrower with out being evolved or trained; and other need to be learned like: ember, fire blast, but some have to evolve to use such attacks like: slash, psychic, and twin needle.