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Oak’s surprise

By dr.ultra & Car

You may think that after Ash beats Gary the story ends… but no one has ever told the complete story for the respect that everyone had for Ash. This is the story of how two other trainers took the triumph first.

Everything starts when a Pidgey and a Spearow started to fight for who eats a Caterpie then something scares them, a pair of shoes is seen, and then a person dressed in black suit, gray tie, sun glasses and with black hair.

Man: It must be here

Then a scream is heard and a military like dressed person with green vest, a pair of black rubber boots and a military trousers with gray eyes and black hair is seen falling from the sky

Man 2: Heeeeeelp!!!!!!

Man: Wha…?

Then the inevitable happened and the person fell to the guy in suit.

Man 2:Well where the hell did that Pidgeot leaved me now?

Man: On my back!!!!

Man 2: Oh sorry, mommy boy!

Man: I will show you what a mommy boy can do, bastard!!!

Man2: shut up, I have better things to do right now sucker.

Man: ahh you are avoiding a fight, aren’t you? coward.

Man2: Avoiding? Yeah right… come here you….

A man in a lab coat and red shirt with brown pants comes down of a near building, it was Prof. Oak but they didn’t know that.

Oak: you two seem to be the ones that were coming today I got a picture of both of you, hey, both of you stop fighting… ok?

Man: Look old man, this is not of your business.

Oak: If you don’t stop I won’t give you your pokemon.

Man: yeah sure! (they were not paying attention because they were concentrated on fighting)

Oak: come on its 6 in the morning and it is freezing, lets go inside there you two can argue all you want.

Man 2: Aww…whatever. (He said as they stopped fighting)

Man1: Well, I was searching for the Dr.Oak’s lab my name is Car, I came from Cinnabar Island

Man2: My name is Ultra I came from Lavander and I’m here for the same reason he is.

Oak: I’m professor Oak, or like you insist in calling me Car “old man”, come with me I will attend you in a minute

Car: Cool… I will get the special pokemon.

Ultra: Yea, if you get there before me loser. (Starts running)

When they arrive there some cops were inspecting. Supervising the place was an officer Jenny doing some question to Prof. Oak

Jenny: are you sure that’s everything they got out.

Oak: yes, I’m sure they just took one pokeball it had a special pokemon in it.

Jenny: like the one that Ash Ketchum got?

Oak: exactly.

Car: I’m sorry to interrupt but what happened in here?

Jenny: well, it looks that a pokemon has been stolen from the professor someone entered to the lab.

Ultra: Do you have any idea of who could have stolen the pokemon?

Jenny: well here the professor showed me a photograph of the criminal…he got if from the security camera, his name is Cid Phillips

The picture showed a boy with black hair, black pants, white cap, black snickers, blue eyes, white messy hair that reached his ears, a menacing scar under his right eye and a earring in the left ear and a big glowing silver “pipe” in his right hand, he was grabbing a pokeball.

Oak: Boys, you are here for your pokemon, but I’m afraid that Cid stole the special one in it’s pokeball. He broke a window with his elbow and entered here… The police is so busy with the Team Rocket now, that bringing the pokemon back will take weeks or months.

Ultra: I can’t wait that long, I’ve waited too long. (Then he took Cid’s picture and said) I’m gonna find that Cid and take my pokemon back

Car: “Your” pokemon? (He said, while taking the picture from Ultra’s hands)  I’m going after that bastard too, for “my” pokemon.

Oak: Ok, great…now lets get to business, I have to give you a pokemon anyway, so Car what pokemon do you want?

Car: Well… I would like the Squirtle.

Oak: Then it is yours; how about you Ultra?

Ultra: Mmm… I will take the Charmander… Hey Doc. Will anyone else come?

Oak: No, with the robbery and all I cancelled all the other appointments

Ultra: Then can I take the Bulbasaur too?

Oak: I don’t see why not .

Car: Damm, why didn’t I think of that before…

Ultra: let’s go Car I don’t want to camp before getting straight to Viridian Forest (he said putting his pokeballs on his military backpack).

Car: Sure, let’s go (they leave the building).

When Car gets out he sees Ultra in his green military bicycle.

Car: where did you get that?

Ultra: I got it from my PC, there’s one on the Doc’s lab.

Car: Ohh…I see…. I’ll get mine and I will race you to Viridian Forest.

Ultra: ok, what are the pokemons that are on the other 2 pokeballs you’re carrying?

Car: Scyther and a Chansey.

Car entered the building and a minute later he came with a black bicycle with him

Ultra: Cool, now I will let you see how fast I’m.

He said that while his figure dissipating in the horizon with Car following behind him in his bicycle.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any character in the fanfic in exception of car, ultra and Cid Phillips all the rest is made by game freak, Nintendo

Author notes: Hi everybody, I’m one of the authors of this great fic thanks for reading it. Any good comments send them to me my e-mail is (Ultra) you can send your complains to (Car)

Fixed by Nicholas Carter

Ps: if you think that a Chansey is a bad pokémon picture this, you are against a level 100 Chansey with seismic toss and it haves around 800 HP, now I think that is a good pokémon.