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Poison Power!
By Growlithe2000

Chapter 1, Kicked Out!

I, Growly, remember the day I got kicked out like it was just yesterday. 
It's a family "Tradition" that the runt of the litter gets kicked out, or 
abandoned, when they are old enough. They say its so there are no " Bad 
Generations" in the family. Anyway, once I was old enough to actually survive 
on my own, they sent me out. But no, I ask for sunshine, and what do I get? I 
get the coldest, rainiest night of the season! Well, they sent me out, and I 
ran for shelter, nothing, until three hours later, I was about to collapse 
when a Ninetales grabbed me, and pulled me inside her den. It was like heaven 
after that. I wasn't in the pouring rain anymore! The first thing they did 
was asked if I was ok. Then they just had to ask why I was stupid enough to 
run around in the pouring rain. So, I told them my story. After that, I was 
so tired from talking, and so I fainted.
When I was revived, I started whimpering to Ninetales. "Please can you be 
my mommy, I need a family, WAHHHHHHHHHH!" So, surprisingly enough, the 
Ninetales, Firebolt, said yes! Her husband objected, but in the Ninetales 
Pack, woman is higher than man. The people were all surprised, especially her 
children. In three days, after it stopped raining and was dried up, I went to 
meet some friends. I was introduced to: Shade the Eevee and Tara the Pikachu. 
Shade, Tara and I became best friends, we were inseparable! Everyone called 
us the three musketeers. It was one sad day, though when Shade was chosen to 
be the next to be evolved. Depending on which stone he picked, he would 
either be sent to: The Power Plant, The Sacred Fire, or The Sacred Pond. He 
got to choose, he chose the Thunderstone. He went away to The Power Plant, 
but not before saying goodbye. Me and Tara cried for days, we would hardly 
ever be able to visit our best friend. Shade's twin brother, Ash, became our 
"Replacement" third musketeer. When all four of us were together, which was 
very rare, we were four. 

Chapter 2 Where is all the Food?

It was a scary day, I came home from playing with Ash and Tara. When my 
mom didn't fix lunch, I knew something was wrong. " How come you didn't make 
lunch mommy?" I asked her. Her answer was the scariest part, " I couldn't, 
the Poison Pokemon stole it! They took all of our food, for themselves!" When 
everyone heard, we formed allegiances with all the Pokemon we could! In the 
end, we were a battle team of: Fires, Waters, Grounds, Rocks, Mysticals, 
Normals, Grasses, Dragons, Bugs, and Flyings. We tried to get the Electrics, 
but they weren't at The Power Plant, so we went somewhere else. But the 
Electrics who didn't live in The Power Plant, were on our team. In two days 
we would fight them. We would practice fighting those two days. 
That day, me, Tara, Ash, my sisters, Maruei, Melody, and Mariana, my 
brothers, Tad, Todd, and Ted, and my new Sandshrew friend, Digger, trained on 
some Rattatas and some Raticates. I grew 10 levels, and learned the moves: 
Firespin and Fireblast! Tara also grew 10 levels, and learned Thunderbolt and 
Slam! Ash also grew 10 levels, and learned: Rage and Sand-Attack! 
The next day we were given groups of 20, and had to stay with that group. 
My group was Group 3, Me, Tara, Ash, Firebolt, Digger, A Dratini named 
Frosty, an Onix named Rocker, Tara's sister ( a Raichu) named Meg, a 
Wartortle named Littleblue, a Vaporeon named Waterfall, a Venasaur named 
Solar-Dude, a Vineplume named Daisy, a Wigglytuff named Misty, a Clefable 
named Clara, a Raticate named Chomper, a Pidgeot named Fast Flash, a Golem 
named Rock Roller, and a Persian named Purrie. 

Chapter 3 The Battle 

It was the day of the battle. The Mysticals provided us with food, and 
everyone else ate their own. Everyone luckily had a good nights sleep, and 
ate a whole lot of food. I just couldn't help it, the coconut balls were 
good. And so were the muffins and bagels, and berries. It was one good 
breakfast, and to top it all off, MOUNTAIN DEW!!! That stuff makes me go 
wild, which is why we all drank it, to get "Pumped." Our General was my dad, 
Hot Pocket, he told our 200 groups to go in different places, and when he 
gave the signal, a fire blast in the air, we charge! Our group, 3, hid on 
their roof, clever, eh? One, Two, and Three, FIREBLAST! "That's" our signal, 
our group leader, Pidgeot, said, "Come on lets go!" And we attacked! Many 
Pokemon fainted and got poisoned, but none died. The only really tragic thing 
that happened, was that Onix got his "Butt-Rock" broken. They- wait I can't 
tell you what happened until the next chapter.

Chapter 4 The Battle Ends
The Poisons didn't care we had ten times as many Pokemon on our team, 
they tried, and well, they didn't make it. When all but one of their Groups 
had fainted, they gave up, gave us our food, and ran! Our leader recorded 
what happened to our group, here it is:
Growly: Poisoned at: first 10                     Note: Butt-Rock means 
Tara: Poisoned at: first 10                                   that Onix's last rock
Ash: Poisoned at: first 10                                    on his body broke into pieces. 
Me: Poisoned at: second hour                   Note: First 10 or anything like that 
Firebolt: Poisoned at: second hour                      means first 10 min., etc.
Digger: Poisoned at: second 10
Frosty: Poisoned at second 10
Rocker: "Butt-Rock" gone and Poisoned at: first hour
Meg: Poisoned at first hour
Littleblue: Poisoned at third ten
Waterfall: Poisoned at first hour
Solar-Dude: Poisoned at second hour
Daisy: Poisoned at first hour third 10
Misty: Poisoned at first hour second 10
Clara: Poisoned at first hour second 10
Chomper: Poisoned at fifth 10
Rock-Roller: Poisoned at second hour
Purrie: Poisoned at first hour first 10

Chapter 5, THE END
I was extremely happy that we won, I was so excited, Firebolt said I could 
visit Shade, so the three musketeers went to The Power Plant. It was 
extremely sad there. Tara's friend, Chuccino, said that they had a battle 
because the Psychics had taken their home, in the battle, they one. And 
Shade, who was Chuccino's best friend (and still ours) had risked his life, 
and gotten killed protecting Chuccino. I was so mad when I found out. I 
started whimpering and swearing at the psychics for killing my friend, and we 
had a funeral for Shade. I will never forget my friend, he risked his life 
for his best friend, and didn't make it. I know that he's gone to a better 
place, and when I get there too, I'll tell him our good news.