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By: Growlithe2000

There was once a Pikachu named Piki. Piki was different from all other
Pikachus. This was because it had blue cheeks, eyes, and tail (where on other
pikachus the part of the tail was brown). Everyone made fun of Piki for that.
No one knew why it was that way. Until one day...
It was a beatiful spring afternoon, just like my mom said. Too bad I
coudn't enjoy it. I am Piki, a Pikachu. And that very beautiful day, I
couldn't really enjoy. I hate it. Everyone makes fun of me. They even hurt me
sometimes! Its not fair! I want to live a normal Pikachu life. But no, I had
to have blue cheeks, eyes and tail! Why? Why was I born into a world where I
make no difference? Just to be made fun of and hurt, physicly, by every other
Pikachu kid. Some Pikachu adults even make fun of me! Its not fair! I just am
the stupid blue Pikachu. Every day I wake up into a world of darkness. Just
to be mad fun of and hurt. Why me, why always me???? Well, anyways, today
will be different, I promised myself, as I got out of bed. Today will be
different. I will fight back. I know, I'll run away. I'll leave late tonight
at midnight. They'll see. I'll show them!
Well, its midnight, I have my bags packed, I'm ready! I left out my
window, and fell into my mom's flower bed below. Yikes! Better not show any
sign of me leaving. Did someone hear me? I waited there for a few minutes,
just to be sure no one herd. Phew. They didn't. I got my bags, and went on
the road. Where would I go to? I just walked on the road, 'till about 3, I
thought. Then I was far enough away. I laid down under a maple tree, and went
to sleep. When I woke up, I couldn't remember where I was. Then I heard
rustling under the bushes. "Tag you're it!" I heard from a Rattata, then "No,
I got you, now you're it!" from a second one. I sighed, I wish I had a friend
like that. When they saw me their faces turned from happiness to terror, as
they raced away. Oh i hated myself. I walked until noon that day, until it
started to rain. I would faint in the rain!
I ran around franticlly trying to find shelter. I ran for about 2 hours,
until I got to a cave. I walked in, and fainted on the floor. The next thing
I knew, I was revived. In the cave sat Ninetales and Vulpixes. They had saved
me! I told them what I was doing. They said I could stay with them until the
storm was over, but then they would have to leave, and I, too.
When the storm was over, I left off, in search of a home. I found the
power plant, a glorius building filled with electric pokemon. I ran inside,
and told my story to their leader, Zapdos. He said that I couldn't stay. And
this was why: first of all, the psychics were going to attack soon, and i
couldn't battle them. Second, my blue cheeks, etc. was because I was part
water! So I wasn't totally electric type. I wasn't offended, and he said,
he'd fly me home.
When I was there, all the Pikachus were glad, or seemed it. When they
made fun of me the next day, I hydro pumped 'em and they shut up. I made new
friends, and everyone liked me. My troubles were over.
To be continued...