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The Real Story of ELECTRANINE
By: Growlithe2000


Today's the day. I ran to Professor Oak's office as soon as I could. 
Unfortunately for me, it's really far away. I got there as my rival, Emma, 
got the last Pokemon, Charmander. "NOOOOOOO!" I cried, " It's not FAIR!" I 
wanted Charmander. I had posters of him all over my room. I even had a 
Pokedoll of Charmander. Calmly, Emma walked out of the room, smirking. I 
ran through the door. "Professor," I panted, "Is there, any left?" I felt 
the lump in my throat, and the tears swelling up in my eyes. "Umm, actually, 
uh, you see" he stuttered. I felt a tear fall down my face and he replied. 
" Hmm, well I guess you could have Growlithe." He said. " What?" 
"Growlithe," he stated, " a fire type puppy pokemon, which is VERY rare. " I 
took Growlithe, the pokedex, and pokeballs, and headed off. I ran into a 
Pikachu along the way. Pikachu was sitting under a tree, sleeping. Here's 
my chance, I thought, if I could just- "Pika!!!!!" It woke up! "Go 
Growlithe!' I said Pikachu was afraid, so he ran away. Growlithe chased 
after it. "Noooo! Growlithe, come back!" But he was in the bushes before 
you could say Pikachu. I sat under the tree. It wasn't fair! I lost my 
Growlithe. I felt hot tears flowing down my face. Just then, Emma walked 
by. "Hey shrimp!" She said, "Looks like you lost your Pokemon. Ha Ha, I 
feel so sorry, Ha ha!" Just as Emma walked away, a boy stepped out of the 
bushes. "Is this your Growlithe?" he asked, "He ran into me, as I was trying 
to catch a Pikachu." Growlithe ran toward me and licked my hand, putting on 
his best Where the Heck have you been face. "Thanks a LOT!" I said. I had 
made a friend. He insisted on walking with me to Viridian. I met another 
Pikachu on the way. "Go Growlithe!" I said. This Pikachu was ready to 
fight. He used Thundershock, and nailed Growlithe. Fortunately, Growlithe 
was ready. "Ember!" I shouted. He got that Pikachu, and he was a crispy 
critter. I threw a pokeball. "Yay!" I said, "I got a Pikachu!" Me and the 
boy, who's name I learned was Matt, walked with me to Viridian. When we got 
there, he went to the battle stadium there, ready to fight. I went to the 
hotel, ready to sleep. Unfortunately, the Hotel was all full. I sadly 
walked next door, to another one. All the hotels were full! I went to the 
Pokemon Center. She had a couch I could sleep on. I took out Growlithe, who 
insisted on sleeping next to me. The next thing I knew, the center was 
opening, and I was still on the couch. I hurridly packed up and left. I 
looked around for Matt, but I couldn't find him. I decided to go to the 
café. I looked for Matt, and I saw him, sitting with a boy and two girls, 
laughing and talking, and having a good time. I was crushed. Not only did I 
walk up and slap him, but I stomped out the door and threw my food at him. I 
sat on the bench and cried. I had no friends. Growlithe came out of his 
pokeball, and liked my face. Matt came by, and sat down next to me. 
Growlithe growled at him. "Hey," he said. "Go away! I don't want to talk 
to you!" I replied. "But, you don't understand-" "Oh, I understand all 
right, I understand perfectley! You go and dump me for some other girls, 
sure!" I got up and started to walk, Growlithe right behind me. "Those 
people were my brother and sisters!" he shouted. I turned around, 
"Seriously?!" I asked. "Seriously." He replied.


Matt walked with me all the way until his home in Fushia. He had to stop 
there, and he would be awhile. He told me to go on. I was really sad. He 
was with me for so long! When I got my first badge, when Growlithe first 
fainted, when Growlithe evolved into Archanine. He was always with me. I 
didn't want him to go. But I had to leave. There was a gym in Cinnibar 
where I needed to go. I promised I'd come back. I climbed on Lapras, and we 
surfed across the sea. It took so long! I even slept on Lapras. When we 
got to Cinnibar, I got a hotel right away. We collapsed into bed. I 
couldn't believe it was a week since I saw Matt last. I drifted into a deep 
sleep. When I woke up, my phone was ringing. I answered it. "Hello?" I 
asked. "Hey Rachel, What's up?" "MATT!" I shouted. "That was a little 
loud." He replied. I talked with him for awhile. But then Raichu had 
reminded me that it was time to go. "I gotta go" I replied. "Alright, see 
ya!" he said. I missed him already. But I had to go. I ate breakfast, and 
then headed to Cinnibar gym. 
"Go Magmar!" he shouted
"Go Lapras!" I screamed
"Icebeam" and Magmar fainted. It went on like this with all of his fire 
Pokemon. I fainted them all and got my badge. I stayed on Cinnibar for a 
vacation, for three more weeks. I called Matt when I was "done" and he said 
to come on over, and that we'd go get Viridian's badge together. I couldn't 
have been happier. I gave Lapras a break, and flew to Fushia on Pidgeot. It 
took the same amount of time, a week. When I got to Fushia, Matt let me stay 
at his house overnight. But the next morning, we headed out again. While I 
was riding Archanine, she tripped over a stone. She started evolving! I saw 
yellow lightning bolts where her stripes used to be, and she got a foot 
taller (That makes her 7'.) I was so happy. I rode on her again, and she 
could go faster, faster even that Rapidash, in fact, she was the fastest 
pokemon! I soon found out that the stone she tripped over, was a Mystical 
Stone. I ran to Professor Oak, to tell him what happened. After awhile, I 
changed my mind, and hopped on Electranine's back. I called him outside, and 
showed him Electranine (she could not fit through the door, because she was 
seven feet tall!) He marveled at the sight of the new pokemon. 
"Well done!" he said, "You have discovered a NEW pokemon!" He was as 
excited as I was. He immidiately stored the information into the pokedex. I 
couldn't have been happier. In fact, after beating the Elite Four, I 
discovered a new island. I called it Electranine Island, and set up a gym. 
Which became the last thing you had to beat, before you would be the greatest 
pokemon trainer in the world. Not one person has beaten me yet, so I still 
remain the best. Today, me and Matt run the gym together, and our daughter, 
Talia, and son, Mark, are off on their journey. No one has beaten me yet!