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Solemnly Psychic Part II : I Scream Clones

Mewtwo stared into the water at her own reflection. Her mind raced with ideas and plans to destroy the humans who had done this to her. She would not have any help for she had no friends. She would need no help because she knew the incredible power that had been laid before her. She knew that she would only have one chance to destroy the lab and seize victory. If she did not succeed she knew she would die.


Professor Shang was staring at a data feed coming out of a nearby printer. A young woman in a lab coat tapped him on his shoulder.

"Clone number one has been lost from satellite view professor." She said.

"Did you get the data from the evolution?" Shang asked.

"Yes sir." The young woman replied.

"That was no evolution!" A voice rang out.

"Professor Yanamuse!" Shang said.

"That was clearly a mutation. I have researched the data already and now I know the consequences surrounding that particular mutation." Yanamuse said. "But first we need to start implementing the attitude correction gene therapy. When will it be ready?"

"In a matter of days, sir." Shang said.

"Good. And as always, all this is confidential. Oak, Blaine, and the others are not to know of this." Yanamuse said.

Yanamuse headed out of the room, down a few hallways and into his office. He turned on his laptop and began to type his report.

Project Clone : Day 128.

We have the data necessary to successfully clone the Mew and create an army of loyal Mewtwo. We have finally found the catalyst that causes a Mew to mutate into Mewtwo. In a matter of days, we will have completed the gene therapy to control Mewtwo's violent tendencies. Once this army is secured, I will make my intentions to Pokémon League clear.


Mewtwo reached her hand into the cool water and stared at her own reflection. She was appalled at her own visage. She heard a light footfall behind her. She whirled around and came face to face with a familiar face.

"Hitmonchan! Monchan!(Mewtwo! I've finally found you!)"

"So you have. What do you want from me?" Mewtwo asked.

"Hitmonchan. Monchanchan. (I've been searching everywhere. I want to help you.)"

"Hmpf. You can't help me. I don't need any help and I don't need anyone!" Mewtwo said.

"Hitmonchanmonchanmonchan . Hitmonchan. (You want revenge and I want justice to be served. I can help.)"

"Leave now! I don't want your help or your 'justice'! I swear, if you stand in my way I will kill you." Mewtwo said angrily.

Hitmonchan thought for a moment and backed off. He turned and jumped up on a ledge and walked away. Mewtwo looked back down to her reflection. She did not pay attention to her face, but she was concentrating on a plan to destroy the humans that made her what she is.

The night was long and Mewtwo did not sleep well. In fact she found that she did not sleep well since her transformation. She drank some of the cool water and decided to search the cave as she had not explored it at all. The pokémon in the cave ran from her as she approached. She felt some mixed emotions about that reaction. She felt happy that she could strike fear in others but she felt sad that she was alone. She turned a corner and saw a camp site. A figure was sleeping in the shadows.

"I thought I told you to leave." Mewtwo said.

"Hitmonchan. Hitmonmonchan. (I can't leave. Not until you let me help you.)"

"Or I kill you." Mewtwo said.

"Hitmonchan. (Whichever comes first.)"

"Why do you want to help me?" Mewtwo asked.

"Hitmonchan! (It is my duty!)"

"Will your duty allow you to let me to destroy that lab?" Mewtwo asked.

"Hitmonchanmonchanchan! (If you do that then innocent lives will be lost!)"

"A sacrifice for the greater good." Mewtwo said.

"Hitmonmonchanchan? (And that greater good is your happiness?)"

"And if it is?" Mewtwo asked.

"Hitmonchanmonchan. Hitmonchan? Hitmonchanmonmonchan? (Lets say you do destroy that lab. What next? How many more will die to make you happy?)"

"As many as possible. Human and pokémon alike will die if they oppose me." Mewtwo said coldly.

"Hitmonchan? (Why kill innocents?)"

"You don't know what it was like in that lab! They poked and prodded me, they injected me with all kinds of things! It was hell! No it was worse than hell. Most of the time I felt that the only way I could feel better was to die!" Mewtwo said.

Hitmonchan didn't say anything.

"You don't know what it was like. You don't know how it feels to be born into a world just to be an experiment and then thrown away like garbage once they've salvaged every datum they could from your body. You don't know how many Mew's have been created and thrown away. I barely escaped with my life intact. And now that I have a chance to strike back, you try to hold me down? I will have my revenge, Hitmonchan, whether you like it or not." Mewtwo sat down and held her head in her hands. "You just don't know. It was hell."

Hitmonchan moved to comfort her but she moved away from him.

"You can't help me. It's not your problem." Mewtwo whispered.

"Hitmonchan! Hitmonchanmonchanchanmonchanhitmonchan! (I can help! They've committed a crime against nature and they need to be brought to justice.)"

"Fine. If it will shut you up. If we're going to do this then it needs to be done my way." Mewtwo said.

Hitmonchan and Mewtwo began to plan their assault on Cinnabar Island.

It was three days before Hitmonchan returned with supplies. Hitmonchan explained that they would go to Pallet town where a ship would be waiting. From there they would head to Cinnabar Island and make their assault. The plan seems enough, Mewtwo thought. Hitmonchan climbed in a jeep and motioned for Mewtwo to get in.

"I prefer to fly." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo took off into the air and Hitmonchan followed in the jeep. It was an hour before they reached Pallet town. As Hitmonchan promised, a boat was waiting at the harbor. Mewtwo looked towards the horizon. She could not see Cinnabar island because the island is too far away from Pallet.

"Hitmonchan. Monchan. (It'll take awhile to get there. Climb aboard.)" Hitmonchan motioned towards the boat.

"I don't want to be seen. I'll swim under the boat." Mewtwo said.

Hitmonchan started the boat as Mewtwo dived into the water. It was a long ride. For Mewtwo, it was a good workout. She hadn't swam like this since she was back home in South America. Swimming under the water made her long for her home. She missed the waters of the rivers back home. She missed swimming alongside the Magikarp. She missed dodging the piranhas. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sight of the island. Her thoughts turned to her plan. Hitmonchan stopped the boat at a dock as Mewtwo climbed out of the water and hid behind some large crates. Mewtwo and Hitmonchan moved into the city. They hid in a darkened alley behind the building they were going to infiltrate.

"We'll move in from the roof. I'll carry you up there. We have to get to the fourth basement level. That's where the lab is." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo grabbed a hold of Hitmonchan and flew up to the top of the lab. There they entered a hatch on the roof. The hatch led to the machine room for the elevator. They wound their way through the gears and found the elevator shaft. When the elevator came to the top floor, they got on top of it. Mewtwo used her psychic powers to see if there were any people in the elevator. When there were none, she opened a hatch in the roof of the elevator and they climbed in. Mewtwo hit the B4 button and the elevator went down. She watched the lighted numbers count down to B4. As she watched she began to have memories of going down in this elevator. But when she did, she was in a cage. The memory subsided when the door opened to the B4 floor. The exited the elevator quickly and rushed into the hallway. No one was around and there were no security cameras.

"Odd. There should be lots of security cameras around here." Mewtwo said as they moved on.


"Sir! Clone number one has been located!" A young woman at a console said.

"Really? Where?" Shang asked.

"In this building! The B4 level." They young woman responded.

"Where on the B4 level?" Shang asked. "Why wasn't security doing its job?"

"The clone is heading to the cloning room. There appears to be a police Hitmonchan with the clone." The woman said.

"Police? That pokémon will screw up all our plans." Yanamuse said.

"What should we do, sir?" Shang asked.

"I'll deal with them." Yanamuse said as he left the room.


Mewtwo saw a door with a plaque that said "Cloning Room". They entered the room and found a large machine with many tubes full of a strange liquid nearby. In one of the tubes was a sleeping Mew.

"It may be asleep, but that Mew is in agony." Mewtwo said.

"Hitmonchan? (How do you know?)"

"I can feel it." Mewtwo said. She turned on a computer and began to type on it. "There has to be a self-destruct mechanism here."

"I knew you would get this far. I would expect no less from one of my experiments." Yanamuse had entered the room. "But I'm afraid that you're a little too late."

Hitmonchan and Mewtwo turned to face Yanamuse. Yanamuse was holding a remote control with a single red button in his hand. Hitmonchan took a step forward.

"I wouldn't try anything or I'll release an army of Mews on you." Yanamuse said.

"What are you going to do with all these Mew!?" Mewtwo demanded.

"Why world domination of course." Yanamuse said.

"There's one in every crowd." Mewtwo said.

"First my army of Mew and Mewtwo will take over pokémon league and with them out of the way, I will control the world." Yanamuse said.

"That's impossible. No one can control me." Mewtwo said.

"I have found a way. Thanks to the data I was able to extract from your body I have a totally subservient breed of Mew and Mewtwo." Yanamuse said. Mewtwo was taken aback. "And now that I have my army, I have no need for you. All that is left is to mutate the Mew and my plan for world domination can begin. But first I must kill you."

Yanamuse hit the red button and some hatches opened up on the walls. Mews began to pour out of the hatches.

"Kill them." Yanamuse said.

Before the Mew could react, Hitmonchan leapt across at Yanamuse and hit him square in the face with a mega punch. The Mew began to leap at Mewtwo and Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan was throwing comet punches and mega punches to get the Mew away. Mewtwo was shooting psychic blasts to keep the Mew at bay. Hitmonchan got between Mewtwo and the onslaught of the Mews and began to fight them by himself.

"Hitmonchan! Hithitmonchanmonchan! (I'll hold them off! You find the self-destruct mechanism!)

Mewtwo turned and started tapping on the key board. Hitmonchan was fighting off Mews left and right. Suddenly an alarm sounded and the room was drenched in a red light.

"Warning. Self-destruct system activated. All personnel should evacuate immediately. One minute until complete annihilation. Have a nice day." A digital voice said.

Mewtwo let loose with an extremely large psychic blast that stunned all the Mews. Hitmonchan moved to the door of the room. Hitmonchan picked up Yanamuse. They exited the cloning room and barricaded the door. The Mew were pounding on the door. The got in the elevator. The elevator was shut down. Mewtwo shot a psychic blast at the ceiling hatch on the elevator, grabbed Hitmonchan and flew straight up. The explosion had started as they were midway up the shaft. They reached the machine room and headed for the hatch. As they were going through the hatch the explosion had reached the machine room and it sent them flying into the air. Mewtwo grabbed a hold of Hitmonchan, who was in turn holding on to Yanamuse. Mewtwo made a quick landing at the dock where Hitmonchan's boat waited. The explosion had already engulfed the laboratory. She could see many people running out of the building. Yanamuse started to come around.

"Hitmonchan. This isn't easy for me, but thank you for your help. I don't think I would have done it without you." Mewtwo said. "We may never see each other again."

Mewtwo took off into the air. A few moments later Officer Jenny pulled up next to Hitmonchan as Hitmonchan was putting handcuffs on Yanamuse. Off the coast, a lone Mew watched the laboratory burn to the ground. She dived under water and swam away.