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Solemnly Psychic

"Geez. Why does it have to be like this?" The pokémon, Mew, thought to herself. "I've been running and hiding for weeks with no way back to South America. I wanna go back home."

The memory of Cinnabar Island laboratories was still fresh in her mind. The experiments had been too much for her to bear. Lucky for her that crazy Magmar went berserk and ignited a nearby canister of explosive material which had blown her cage wide open.

"There just has to be a place to hide." She thought.

She came upon a small town. The sign at the entrance to town read "Cerulean". But Mew can't read so it didn't matter. The town was quiet as it was the middle of the night. Being very tired, Mew had to find a place to rest. She saw in the distance a Hitmonchan standing guard near a building. While staying hidden she went near the Hitmonchan.

"Mew. (Hey!)" She said.

"Monchan! (Who's there?)" The Hitmonchan said.

"Mewmewmewmeeew. (I can't show myself or I'll be captured.)"

"Hitmonchan? (Huh? What do you mean?)"

"Mew. Mewmew. Meew. (I escaped from Cinnabar. Please. Help me.)"

"Hitmonchanchan? (What are you?)"

"Mewmew. Mewmeeeew (I'm Mew. The pokémon from South America.)"

"Hit? Hithitmonchan? (Mew? What kind of pokémon is that?)"

"Mew! Mewmew meeeewmew! (Please! I need to get back home!)"

"Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan. (I can only take you to Vermillion. They have a ship there.)"

Mew came out of the underbrush and revealed herself to the Hitmonchan.

"Mewmew. (Thank you.)"

The Hitmonchan and Mew headed for Route 5. It was dark and getting cold. Hitmonchan kept repeating their conversation over and over in his head. He felt that Mew was in a lot of trouble, and being a police pokémon, he should help her in anyway possible. The wind blew a cold chill. Hitmonchan decided that this would be a good time to set camp. He gathered some sticks together and placed them in a pile. He picked up two sticks and began to rub them together to start a fire but Mew stopped him. She then used her metronome ability to conjure up an ember attack which lit the sticks on fire.

"Hitmonchan! (That was amazing!)"

Mew did not answer. Instead, she curled up and went to sleep. Hitmonchan's stomach began to growl, so he pulled a piece of fruit off of a tree and ate. Some time later, Hitmonchan too, fell asleep. But his sleep was very uneasy and he woke up several times during the night. Mew was in a deep sleep. Somehow she felt at ease with this Hitmonchan. She seemed to feel more comfortable with a pokémon than with a human.

The next morning Hitmonchan found some fruit for Mew and Mew gladly ate. They moved on down Route 5. They reached a crossroads. One road led to Saffron City and the other lead to a tunnel that goes under Saffron City.

"Hitmonchan? (Which road do we take?)"

"Mewmewmew. Mewmeeeewmew. (We should take the tunnel. I don't want to be seen by humans.)"

The headed down the road to the tunnel. They entered the tunnel and started walking. The trip was a long one and they made the trip in silence. The scenery didn't change and no one came to challenge them. When they emerged from the tunnel, they saw a sign that said "Welcome to Vermillion City!" Hitmonchan read the sign for Mew. They headed into the city.

"Mew! (We should hide!)"

"Hitmooonchan. Hit-mon-chan.(No need. I'm a police pokémon so there shouldn't be any problems.)"

Mew had no choice but to trust Hitmonchan. They walked down the street towards the docks. But they were stopped by a man dressed in fatigues and a raichu.

"Well, well, well. What have we got here raichu?" The man asked.


"Hit? Hitmonchan! (Lt. Surge? Step aside, this is police business!)"

"Raichu. (Like I care.)"

"Mewmewmeeew! (Please don't do this!)"

But Mew's pleads fell on deaf ears as Lt. Surges Raichu and the Hitmonchan went into battle. Raichu tried a mega punch but Hitmonchan easily dodged. Raichu tried to follow with a mega kick but Hitmonchan parried. Hitmonchan tried a mega punch of his own. The attack made contact. Raichu stumbled back and let loose with its thunder bolt attack. The attack hit home and Hitmonchan lost his bearings. Hitmonchan was trying to shake off the attack when Raichu came in for another attack. Raichu leapt up and tried to do a body slam on Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan was not ready and got pummeled.

"Mew! (Hitmonchan!)"

"Raiiichu. (Don't worry. You're next.)

Hitmonchan scrambled to his feet and let loose with a flurry of quick punches.

"Hiiiiiitmonchan! (Comet punch!)"

Raichu was taking a beating. Raichu found a way through Hitmonchan's punches and landed a mega punch into Hitmonchan's gut. Hitmonchan stood, holding his stomach and fell over.

"Raiiichu. (Your turn sweetheart.)

"Don't forget that capturing that Mew will get us a sweet reward Raichu." Lt. Surge said.

Raichu and Mew went into battle. Raichu came at Mew with a mega punch. But Mew was quick to dodge and quickly turned around and hit Raichu on the head with a pound attack. Raichu held his head.

"Raiichu. (That almost hurt.)"

Raichu let loose with a thunder bolt attack. Mew could not dodge. She slowly lost all feeling and fainted. For what seemed like hours, she was out. When she woke up, she felt a burning pain in her right arm. She looked around and found herself in a cage. Raichu was looking at her.

"Raichu. (You weren't much of a challenge.)"

"Mew. Mewmew. (That hurt. That hurt a lot.)"

"Raiiichu. (I would expect no less from my abilities.)"

"Mew? (Where am I?)"

"Churaichu. (In my trainer's gym.)"

"Mew? (What are you going to do with me?)"

"Raichu. Churaichu. (Return you to Cinnabar and collect our reward. You've been avoiding them for too long and now we've got you.)

"Aahhh. So now our little prisoner is awake." Lt. Surge had com into the room. "Keeping watch? Good boy Raichu."

Lt. Surge scratched Raichu's left ear and looked into the cage at Mew.

"Meeeeew! (Ahhhhh!)"

"Heh heh heh. Yer cute when yer scared." Lt. Surge said.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the other room. Before Lt. Surge or Raichu could see what was going on, the door flew off its hinges and in the doorway stood Hitmonchan. Before Raichu or Lt. Surge could react, Hitmonchan charged at them. Hitmonchan began to throw a punch. As his fist flew, his fist to become red hot and it burst into flame.

"Hiiiiiiiitmooooonchaaaaaan! (Fire Punch!)

The attack hit Raichu square in the face. And in one graceful movement, Hitmonchan spun around and dealt an uppercut to Lt. Surge's chin. Both Lt. Surge and Raichu went down.

"Mew! (Hitmonchan!)"

Hitmonchan did a mega punch to the cage door and it swung open. Hitmonchan grabbed Mew and ran towards the exit. A pikachu and a magnemite tried to stop them but Hitmonchan was too fast. Hitmonchan ran out of the gym and into some nearby bushes. He stopped when they got near a small group of trees. Hitmonchan was breathing hard. His body looked wracked. He was covered with bruises and cuts.

"Mewmeew? (Why did you come for me?)

"Hit....mon...chan. (It... was.... my... a.... police.... pokémon.)

"Mew." (You're hurt.)

Mew began to glow.

"Meeeeew. Mew! (Metronome. Soft boiled!)

Hitmonchan's bruises and cuts disappeared. Hitmonchan felt as though he had just been put in the rejuvinator. Mew passed out. Hitmonchan picked up Mew and began walking.

"Hitmonchan. (It's dangerous here.)"

Hitmonchan walked on. With his renewed energy, the walk wasn't hard. Through forests and underbrush, avoiding cities and major roads Hitmonchan carried the fainted Mew. He walked on for what seemed like an eternity. Hitmonchan became very tired. He felt that if he didn't reach a rejuvinator soon, he too would pass out. He eventually found a clearing in the forest he was walking through. Suddenly the ground beneath him gave out and he fell. He looked up and saw that he was trapped in a hole. The walls seemed too steep to climb. Hitmonchan knew that even if there were a way to climb out of this hole, he wouldn't have the strength to climb out. Slowly, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Hours later Hitmonchan woke up. He looked up and saw a wooden ceiling. He heard a girl humming. He looked around and saw a lady in a pink dress standing over a table.

"Hitmonchan? (What happened?)"

The lady turned around quickly and saw that Hitmonchan was awake.

"Oh, you've just come to!" The lady said. "Are you okay?"

"Hitmonchan? (Where am I?)"

"You're in a safe place." Another voice said.

A Meowth hopped up on the bed Hitmonchan was lying on. Hitmonchan slowly sat up.

"We found you and your friend here in one of my traps." The lady said.

"Hitmonchan? (You're poachers?)"

"No. We just don't like lots of people coming around here. We built the traps to discourage people from coming here." The Meowth said.

"Monchan? (You can talk?)"

"Yep. She taught me how." Meowth pointed to the lady.

"My name is Mary. I've never quite seen a pokémon such as your friend here." Mary said.

She moved away from the table and Hitmonchan saw Mew laying on it.

"Hitmon! Monchan! (Mew! What have you done to her?)"

"Now hold on a sec there. We haven't done anything bad to her. We pretty much saved her life." The Meowth said. "And we pretty much saved your life too."

"Hitmonchan. (Thanks.)"

Using Meowth as a translator, Hitmonchan told her the whole story of how they fought Lt. Surge and escaped from Vermillion City. Mew began to stir and slowly stood up.

"Mew? (What happened?)"

"Hitmonchan! Monchan! (Mew! We've been saved!)"

"Mew! (A human!)"

"Hitmonchan! (Mew, they're friends!)"

"Mew? (Friends?)"

They spent a few days with Mary and her Meowth. Once they were fully recovered, they set out again.

"Hitmonchan? (Where do we go from here?)"

"Mew? Meeeew. (You work for the police right? Lets see if they can help us.)

So they moved on. They avoided the main roads and stayed in the wilderness. The wild pokémon didn't bother them that much. Even when wild pokémon did bother them, they were more than strong enough to get rid of it. Soon they came upon a city. In the distance Hitmonchan could see an electricity plant. The sign at the entrance to town said "Welcome to Lavender Town Home of the Ghost Pokémon".

"Hitmonchan. Monchan. (You stay here. I'll get help.)"

"Mew. (Good plan.)"

Hitmonchan went into town. Mew stayed put. She hid in a small bush. An hour later, Hitmonchan came back with two other pokémon, a Raichu and a Growlithe, and Officer Jenny.

"Hitmonchan! (Mew!)"

Mew was reluctant but she came out.

"I see. Good work officer Hitmonchan." Officer Jenny said.

Officer Jenny led the group of pokémon to a police jeep. Officer Jenny began to drive through a forest road. The Growlithe sat in the front passenger seat and the Raichu, Hitmonchan, and Mew sat in the back seat.

"Mew? (Where are we going?)"

"Raichu. Churaichu. (Diglett's cave near Pewter City. We can sneak into Vermillion easily that way.)"

They drove into the late hours of the night. The pokémon fell asleep but Jenny kept driving. When they reached the cave Jenny woke them up.

"Okay. Here's where you guys get off." Jenny said. "Hitmonchan, be careful and get Mew on that ship."

Hitmonchan, the Raichu, the Growlithe, and Mew headed into Diglett's cave. The cave wasn't long but they camped inside it anyway. The diglett and dugtrio were very friendly and let the group sleep inside the cave while they stood watch. Once morning came, they continued down the cave. They reached the other side in less than an hour. When they emerged they were near the docks of Vermillion. The started towards the docks when two people jumped out in front of them. They each wore a blue uniform with a large letter R on the shirt.

"There it is! Grab it and we'll get a huge reward!" One of the people said.

"Chu! Raichurai! (Great! Just what we needed, Team Rocket!)"

"Lithe! Growlithe! (Get outta here! We'll handle these two!)"

Hitmonchan and Mew took off while the Raichu and Growlithe fought with Team Rocket. They ran into a small field covered with bushes and tall grass. Hitmonchan saw that there were lots of people from Team Rocket searching the place. A few Team Rocket members saw them and threw out their pokéballs. Some Koffings and Wheezings appeared. Some Grimers and a large and smelly Muk appeared. The Koffings and Wheezings began to expel smoke while the Grimers and the Muk threw some toxic goo. Hitmonchan began delivering mega punches and comet punches to the Koffings and Wheezings. Mew used her metronome ability to conjure up some flame thrower attacks at the Grimers and Muk. But there were just too many and they were quickly becoming overwhelmed. A blast of toxic goo hit Mew. Then something began to happen. The chemicals in the goo began to mix with her genetic material, which was already pretty weak from the experiments that the scientists of Cinnabar had done to her, and she began to glow. Mew took on a new shape. Her body grew taller and her tail got thicker. Her arms and legs got longer as well. She felt more powerful. Mew had become a new pokémon : Mewtwo! Mewtwo worked her metronome ability and conjured up a very large fire spin. The fire tornado engulfed all the Koffings, Wheezings, Grimers, the Muk, and all the members of Team Rocket and sent them all flying away. The Raichu and Growlithe came around after the battle was over.

"Raichu. (We got rid of them.)"

"Growlithe! (What happened to Mew?!)"

"Hitmonchan! (She evolved!)"

"Mewtwo! Mew! Mewtwo! (There's no way I can get back to South America like this. I'm going to get my revenge for this. I'll make them pay!!!!!!!!!)"

Mewtwo flew off into the sky.

"Hitmonchan!!!!!!!! (Mewtwo wait!!!!!!!!)"

"Raichu. (It's best to let her go.)"

"Growlithe. (We'll never be able to catch her anyway.)"

They headed back to the Vermillion City police station to give their report.

Mewtwo flew around looking for a place to hide out and make a plan to exact her revenge. She saw that near the city called Cerulean there was a cave. She landed and entered the cave. The pokémon in the cave were very powerful. She knew that no one would bother her here. She went to the very back of the cave and began to plan her assault on Cinnabar Island.