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Pikachu’s Wild Adventure
By Mega Raichu

             Pikachu was sitting up next to Ash.  Ash was snoring loudly and it was keeping pikachu awake.  Misty was lying down near a small pond and Tracey was snoozing between the two.  Pikachu got up and went over to the pond to get a drink.  He looked up and a large black portal had opened up before him.  Pikachu turned to get Ash but was sucked into the portal by a vacuum.  Pikachu fell through and inky blackness and then that inky blackness turned into a large twisting nightmare of pipes.  The Bohemian Rhapsody played loudly in the background.  Pikachu instinctively began to head bang as the opera part ended and the rock guitar part started.  Pikachu looked down and a large green pipe was approaching fast.  Pikachu panicked and began to flail his arms in an effort to either fly, or to miss the pipe completely.  He got neither result as he entered the pipe.  He began to slide along the wall of the pipe, which was actually pretty cool to him.  He hadn’t been on a slide like this since that pokemon reserve they stopped at.  Pikachu kept sliding until he saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  When he emerged from the tunnel he hit grass and tumbled uncontrollably for a few minutes and came to a stop in front of a short fat man with a huge mustache, wearing plumbers’ overalls.  Pikachu was dizzy and didn’t notice the man at all.  The man bent over and picked pikachu up.  As soon as pikachu felt himself lift into the air, he instinctively let loose with an electric shock.  The man immediately dropped pikachu and fell over backwards.

“What didya do thata for?”  The man asked.

Pikachu looked at the man.  He seemed young and healthy, except for the fact that he was overweight.  He wore blue overalls over a red shirt.  His eyes were blue and his nose was big.  The mustache seemed to cover his mouth.  He wore a red hat that had a red letter M in a white circle on the front.  Pikachu stood up.

“Pikachu!”  Pikachu said.

“Thatsa your name?”  The man asked.

Pikachu nodded.

“Well I’ma Mario Mario!”  The man said.  “But you can calla mea Mario.”

Pikachu began to talk frantically and point in several directions.  He was trying to tell Mario where he had come from and needed to get back.  Mario watched pikachu’s movements carefully.

“Oh Ia get it!”  Mario said.  “Thata Bowser has takena Peach againa!”

Pikachu fell over backwards.

“Let’sa go little friend.  I’lla show you how wea get thingsa done arounda here.” Mario said.

Mario led pikachu to a run down old van.  “Mario Bros. Plumbing” was painted on the side of the van.  Mario opened the back and pikachu hopped in.  Pikachu hoped this Bowser fellow would be able to understand him, as this Mario fellow seemed like a complete idiot when it came to conversations.  Mario drove on towards a large black castle.  Mario parked the van in front of the drawbridge, which was down at the moment.  Bowser was empting a trash can into a larger one on the curb.  Mario pulled out a large mallet from the back of his van and konked Bowser on the head.

“Ow!  What was that for you good for nothing plumber!?”  Bowser asked.

“Givea Peach back!”  Mario said.  “Or I’lla hit ya again!”

“I don’t have Peach here you moron!  I haven’t done anything wrong for weeks!”  Bowser said.

Pikachu went up to Bowser and began to talk and furiously point in every which way.  Bowser watched pikachu and nodded every now and then.  When pikachu stopped, Bowser nodded his head.

“Youa understanda what he’sa sayin’?”  Mario asked.

“Not a clue.”  Bowser said.

Pikachu let loose with a thundershock on the both of them.  A large black portal opened up behind Bowser and Mario.  Pikachu jumped up and down and pointed.  Mario and Bowser turned around and looked at the portal.

“What in the heck is that?!”  Bowser asked.

But before anyone could answer, all three of them were sucked into the portal by a vacuum.  The all fell through the same inky blackness that Pikachu had fallen through.


Link was standing in Lon Lon Ranch, discussing with Malon his latest victory in one of the temples and how he had just saved Princess Ruto.

“And now she doesn’t want to marry me anymore.”  Link said.

“Well I guess that means I still have a chance.”  Malon said with a giggle.

Suddenly there was a large thud behind them.  Malon looked over Link’s shoulder and stared at what was standing in her chicken field.

“Link?  What’s a short fat man, a large turtle, and a small yellow creature doing in my chicken field?”  She asked.

Link turned around, saw the group and drew his Master Sword.  Pikachu saw the sword and jumped up on Bowser’s head.  Bowser saw the man with the sword, pried pikachu off his head and put pikachu on Mario’s head.  Bowser reached into his shell and produced a Chomp-Chomp.

“Who and what the heck are you?”  Link asked.

“I’ma Mario.  This’ Pikachu.  That’sa Bowser.”  Mario said after prying Pikachu off his head.

“We were brought here in some kind of freaky warp zone.”  Bowser said.

Pikachu nodded.

“Warp zone?”  Link asked slowly.

“Yeah.  It takes us from one place to another.  But this one seems a bit different.”  Bowser said.

“How is it different?”  Malon asked.

“Ita usually takes us toa different points ona oura worlda.  Buta nowa ita takes us betweena worldsa.”  Mario said.

“Well that’s certainly odd.”  Link said.

Suddenly a large black portal opened up behind Mario, Pikachu, and Bowser.

“Is that the portal you guys were talking about?”  Malon asked.

Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, and Link turned to look at the portal and were all sucked into it by a powerful vacuum.  Malon watched in horror as everyone disappeared before her eyes.


The woman sat on a metal table.  Her arm was wrapped in a bandage.  A man was standing over a small tray of instruments.  He then turned his attention to her.  He unwrapped the bandage to reveal a deep cut on her arm.  He picked up a needle and string from his tray and began to sew up the wound.

“Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  Ow.”  She said every time he made a stitch.

“It would go faster if you wouldn’t complain.”  The man said.

“I’m not complaining.”  She said.

He jabbed at her arm with his index finger.

“OW!  Don’t do that!”  She yelled.

“Now you’re complaining.”  The man said.

The man continued to stitch up her arm.  She looked around the room.  It was furnished, in what she believed to be early ugliness.  A small wooden chair, a large table that she sat on.  A glass cabinet that held bottles and other medical knick-knacks was above a metal sink.  She looked over by the cabinet.  Her suit had seemed to be the only thing that made this room remotely enjoyable to her.  It had a large gash in the left arm: her gun arm.  Her helmet rested next to her.  She put her free hand on top of it.  She had hurt herself in training.  Since her last mission, she had been doing little jobs here and there, not really earning a lot of money.  But the security forces had a good health and dental plan so she stuck around.  Since she was doing little jobs here and there, she felt she was out of practice and decided to go through a little basic training.  Boy, has BT really changed over the years, she thought.  She was running through a room where there were lots of explosions and large spikes.  An explosion surprised her and she tumbled sideways and fell onto a spike.  The explosions immediately stopped and the spikes retracted.  A bunch of medics were at her side in moments.  Next thing she knew she was sitting in this room, out of her suit, with a large bandage on her arm, and a note that said the doctor would be with her in moments.  Now she was getting stitches.  It had been a long time since she had last gotten stitches.  Too long.

“You shouldn’t train that hard.”  The doctor said.

She ignored him.  She looked at the gash in the arm of her suit.  A nameplate was on the chest of the suit.  “Samus Aran”, it read.  It was a name that had become popular over the years as the one who single handedly stopped the nefarious space pirates.  And single handedly committed genocide by destroying the last of the metroids and the space pirates themselves.  Her memories of that metroid larva remained in her mind.  It was the only thing in the universe that had looked up at her as a mother.  In an odd way, she missed it.

“All done.  Be careful next time.”  The doctor said.

Samus got into her suit, which had already initiated self-repair.  She stayed within the pressure dome of the complex, as it was in orbit around earth.  She looked out towards the earth.  She stood there for a long time.  Her suit beeped when it finished repairs.  She put her helmet on and headed for her ship.  Suddenly, there was a loud thud from behind her.  She whirled on her heels and stared at what had appeared behind her.  She didn’t quite know how to react to what she saw.  A large turtle, a man in a green tunic with a sword strapped to his back, a man in plumber’s overalls, and a small yellow creature.  The micro-computer could not identify the creatures but classified the short fat man as a human and the taller man in green as mostly human.  She kept her gun pointed at them as she approached them.

“Does it always dump us out like that?”  Link asked.

“Apparently so.”  Bowser responded.

Pikachu noticed Samus.  He didn’t quite know what to make of her, so he panicked and jumped on to Bowser’s head.  Mario and Link noticed her too.  Link drew his sword as Bowser pried Pikachu off his head and placed him on Mario’s head.

“Who and what are you?”  Samus asked.

Introductions and an explanation of how they got there were made.  Pikachu went into his routine of panicked explanations, which crashed Samus’ micro-computer’s translation chip.  The portal opened up again and the whole group, plus Samus, were sucked into it by a vacuum.  The all fell through the inky blackness and were dumped into a large cave.  Samus provided the light so they could look around.  They spotted some torches in the cave and lit them.  Once all the torches were lit a figure in a black cape appeared.

“Having fun yet?”  The figure asked.

Link drew his sword, Samus readied her arm-cannon, and Bowser produced his Chomp-Chomp.

“Who the heck are you?”  Bowser asked.

“I am Boblovoskoinsky Necheckomonosorlein.  But everyone just calls me Bob.”  Bob said.  “I am an immortal and I’m bored.  So we’re gonna play a little game.”

Bob snapped his fingers and four large rocks shot up from the ground.  The rocks began to change shape.  The rocks became the shapes of a Wheezing, a large Koopa-Troopa, a Space Pirate, and a Like-Like.

“Now the fun begins.”  Bob said as the rock-creations attacked the group.

The Wheezing charged at pikachu headlong.  Pikachu dodged and let loose with a thundershock.  The attack had no affect and the Wheezing charged again, this time hitting its mark.  Pikachu tried to tackle the Wheezing.  When Pikachu hit the Wheezing, he found that the Wheezing was made of solid rock.

Mario and Bowser were dodging and attacking the large Koopa-Troopa.  Mario tried a fireball attack as Bowser threw his Chomp-Chomp at the Koopa-Troopa.  Neither attack had any affect.  The Koopa-Troopa stomped his foot down causing the ground underneath Mario to start shaking.  Mario couldn’t keep his balance and fell over.  The Troopa punched Bowser hard.  Bowser was thrown into a wall.

Link already had his bow out and was depleting his supply of arrows into the Like-Like.  He tried throwing bombs.  He tried using his fire arrows.  He even chanced a sword attack.  Nothing did any good.  The Like-Like began to suck in air using its body as a powerful vacuum.  Link thought he was out of range, but found himself being sucked into the maw of the Like-Like.  Link tried to run but lost his footing and was sucked into the Like-Like.  But instead of the Like-Like stealing his stuff, it spit him back out.  Link hit the wall hard.

Bob began to laugh.  The group got up for another round of fighting.  But was interrupted when a bright light began to shine in the center of the cave.  A woman appeared.  With a wave of her hand, the rock-creations disappeared.  She looked over at Bob.

“Bob.  You know the rules.  You can go around toying with the lives of mortals for your own entertainment!”  The woman said.

“Awww come on mom.”  Bob pleaded.

“No.  Go home.  You’re grounded for a millennium.”  Bob’s mom said.

A portal opened up behind Bob and he disappeared into it.

“I’m sorry for what my son has done.  I shall send you back to your own worlds now.”  She said.

She waved her hand and a portal opened up behind them.  It sucked them all back in.  They all fell through the inky blackness again.  Each member of the group went their own way.  Link went left, Samus went right, and Mario and Bowser moved between them.  Pikachu kept heading straight.  Once the others disappeared, he saw a light and was soon saw that he was heading for home.  He was dumped down next to Ash, just as Ash was waking up.  Ash stretched and yawned.

“What a good night’s sleep.”  Ash said.  “Did you sleep well Pikachu?”

Pikachu looked at Ash and then did a thundershock on him.  Ash fell over backwards.
”What’d I say?”  Ash asked as Pikachu curled up and went to sleep.