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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu - Part 9
By Mega Raichu

"How can you let Pichu go out and fight in a war?" Pikachu's dad asked.

"Because he's a big part of it!" Pikachu shouted.

"There's no way I'm gonna let him fight!" Pikachu's dad shouted back.

"You don't understand the stakes here!" Pikachu shouted. "This is bigger than you, than me, and especially bigger than the gang!"

"Then why won't you tell us what's going on?" Pikachu's mom asked.

"I just can't. All I can tell you is that you have to get out of here and fast." Pikachu said.

"Things are gonna get ugly around here pretty soon mom." Raichu said.

"Don't call her that!" Pikachu's dad shouted. "You're not part of this family!"

"Don't start with that! Raichu is a part of this family whether you like it or not! Just because granddad had problems with a Raichu in the past doesn't mean that he's gonna repeat those problems!" Pikachu shouted, defending his older brother.

"Tradition is tradition! You can't break it!" Dad shouted.

"I am breaking it now! Raichu has saved my butt on countless occasions and not because he was obligated to! He did it because he is my brother. If you don't recognize him as family then… then…" Pikachu was looking for something to say.

"Then what?" His dad asked.

Pikachu knew exactly what he was going to say. But it would be something that would totally shock both his parents. He knew he would hate himself for saying it. But it seemed to be the only way to make his dad back down. He calmed himself.

"If you can't recognize Raichu, then by the same argument, you can't recognize Pichu." Pikachu said.

"Pichu is a whole 'nother story!" Dad yelled.

"He's not a pikachu! Your rule says no other Pokémon besides pikachus!" Pikachu shouted. "You either accept Raichu, or disown Pichu."

Pichu gasped. This was a little too much for him. Raichu put a comforting paw on his shoulder. Pichu hugged Raichu and started crying. No matter that he could talk fluently, he was still a child. Pikachu and his dad were at a standoff. His dad knew that Pikachu wouldn't stand down. He looked over at Pikachu's mom, but she turned away. Somehow, he knew that this day would come. And now it was staring him in the face. He wanted to put the blame on Raichu for this, but he couldn't.

"Tell us what's going on. Why do we have to run?" His dad said.

"Don't change the subject." Pikachu said. "Decide."

"I need to know. My decision could be based on how bad the situation is." His dad said.

Pikachu thought for a moment. He looked over at Raichu. Pichu was still sobbing. Raichu nodded to Pikachu. Pikachu turned to face his dad.

"Alright, but don't interrupt me." Pikachu said. "We're in a war that's going to decide the fate of the universe. The Spirit of Heaven and the Spirit of Earth are at war. We fight for the Spirit of Heaven. We're the good guys. The Earth Spirit wants to destroy the universe and remake it into his image. Mewtwo is leading the Earth Spirit's forces while Mew and Serebii are leading the Spirit of Heaven's forces. They've already started fighting. Once we get everyone evacuated, we'll be going to the front lines."

Pikachu's parents stood in awe of what they had just heard.

"Pichu is a big part of this because he is our connection to Serebii and Mew. I can't explain why, but he just is." Pikachu said.

"And that's why you guys have got to forget this stupid family feud and get the heck outta here!" Raichu said.

"Mommy, daddy. Me and my brothers are gonna fight. And we'll win. Raichu and Pikachu are my brothers. They'll make sure I won't get hurt." Pichu said.

Raichu smiled down at his little brother. Pikachu's dad sat in deep thought. Pikachu's mom went up and whispered something in Pikachu's dads ear.

"Tradition is…" He started.

"Tradition! Is that all you believe in!?" Pikachu shouted, finally losing his patience. "Your stupid tradition is tearing us apart! Your stupid tradition has my world turned upside down! I'll have no more part of your tradition!"

"What are you saying son?" His mom asked.

"If you don't accept Raichu, you can't accept Pichu or me!" Pikachu shouted.

"You can't do that!" Pikachu's dad shouted.

"Like heck I can't!" Pikachu returned.

Raichu came up behind Pikachu and put a calming paw on his shoulder.

"Let's let Pichu decide." Raichu said calmly. "Pichu, who do you want to be with? Your brothers or your parents?"

"Don't make him choose." Pikachu said softly.

Before Raichu could answer, Pichu made his decision. He hugged Pikachu tightly. His parent's were taken aback.

"It seems as though we're at a standoff." Pikachu said. "You've got to get outta here. When the ground gang reaches this place, it's gonna be all out war."

Pikachu turned to walk away.

"Wait." His dad said.

They all turned to face his dad.

"You really feel strongly about this whole brothers thing huh?" His dad said.

Pikachu, Pichu, and Raichu nodded in unison.

"In times like this, we need to have unity, not only in our armies but in our families. Raichu, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have kicked you out." Pikachu's dad said.

"So then the tradition…" Pikachu started.

"As far as I'm concerned, there was never any tradition." Pikachu's dad said.


Jolteon and the others stared at the firewall before them. The legendary birds fought with the Dogs of War just a little was away. Jolteon scanned the firewall before them. Realization clicked in his mind as he saw the shapes of fire Pokémon in the flames. It was the fiery incarnation of the Fire Gang. The one defensive ability that took all of the Fire Gang to summon: The fire wall. Espeon came up beside him.

"Are we going to face them?" Espeon asked.

"We don't have a choice." Jolteon said.

"We don't have an army." Umbreon commented.

"Wanna bet?" Eevee announced from behind them.

Jolteon turned and saw several psychic Pokémon teleporting behind them. Jolteon turned to face the Fire Gang. A smile shot across his face. When Alakazam teleported next to him, he let out a battle cry and the psychic gang along with Jolteon's family, charged the Fire Gang's fire wall. With Jolteon and Vaporeon in the lead, the entire army rushed head forward at the fire wall. Vaporeon let loose with a hydro pump attack as Jolteon released his thunderbolt attack. Espeon let loose with a psybeam while Alakazam double-teamed and shot a psybeam as well. Umbreon fell back and began to gather energy. Flareon opened up with a swift attack, as any fire attack would be pointless. Eevee double-teamed with Flareon with a swift attack of his own. The rest of the psychic gang threw psywaves, psybeams, psyshocks and several other psychic attacks, seemingly at random. But the fire wall stood. No member of the fire gang was moved. They were concentrating their power on the fire wall.

"We need to find a weak link!" Espeon called out.

Alakazam scanned the fire wall and found a charmander that seemed to be the weakest.

"That charmander is the weak link!" Alakazam shouted.

"That's all I needed to hear." Umbreon said.


Lugia concentrated, but was blocked by the immense force of the fire wall. Lugia cursed under his breath as Raikou recovered his bearings. Raikou shout out the electric beam at Lugia again, but Lugia quickly dodged. Raikou was getting aggravated. He leapt at Lugia. Lugia had been charging another hyperbeam and let loose with the massive attack, catching Raikou square in the face. Raikou was sent flying. Lugia prayed that he was unconscious as he went to aid his cousins. Suicune shot an ice beam at the two fire birds. Lugia swooped down and tackled the monstrous dog, giving Houou and Moltres time to regroup and recharge. Lugia quickly shot upward as a humongous fire spin engulfed the ice dog. The three went towards Entei who was engaged in a battle with Zapdos and Articuno. Of the three battles, this one seemed to be getting worse every second for the legendary birds. Even though Entei's weakness to Articuno's ice, the icy blasts seemed to be doing little to no damage to the fiery dog. Moltres and Houou dived in to help. Lugia concentrated on Jolteon again, and charged his hyperbeam at the same time. But instead of Jolteon, he got Umbreon.

"We need help over here Umbreon! Get Jolteon and the others and let Alakazam handle the fire gang!" Lugia said. "We need some real fire power over here!"

"That's all I needed to hear." Umbreon said.

Pikachu and the electric gang along with the water gang were facing the grass and ground gangs. The battle had already started and it seemed as though they had been fighting for days. Pikachu was concerned about the battle starting so quickly. He had no time to send Wartortle to face the Fire Gang, so he was forced to send Alakazam. Pikachu looked over at Pichu who was tending to the wounded. Raichu was fighting on the line. Pikachu was helping where help was needed. It seemed as though every time he turned around, someone was calling for help.

"Where's Jolteon when I need him?" Pikachu thought to himself. "Oh yeah, he's with Alakazam." He answered with a sarcastic tone.

Pikachu made his way back to Raichu. Raichu let loose with a thunderbolt attack on a graveller. The graveller fell over with a big black spot on its chest. More enemies were coming. Raichu looked over at Pikachu, his face betrayed his thoughts: we have to get outta here. Pikachu knew he had to make a tactical retreat, but to where? They were cornered in Lavendar.

"Pikachu! We gotta retreat!" Raichu shouted.

"To where? The moon?" Pikachu asked.

"Then what do we do?" Raichu asked.

"The only thing we can do: stand and fight!" Pikachu shouted.

Pikachu turned to face the rest of his gang.

"Forget the wounded! We need all the fire power we can get up here!" He shouted.

All the peons dropped what they were doing and began to engage in battle. Pichu came to stand with Pikachu and Raichu. Boss Golem suddenly shot out from under the ground, jumped into the air and slammed down into the ground in a massive fissure attack. Everyone was thrown off balance. Pikachu quickly regained his balance as he faced Boss Golem. But Raichu pushed Pikachu to the side.

"Raichu! What are you doing?" Pikachu demanded.

"I've got a score to settle with pebble brain here. Take care of Pichu!" Raichu said as he engaged in battle with Boss Golem.

Pikachu turned to see Pichu being lifted in the air by two massive vines. Pikachu quickly shocked the vines and caught Pichu as he dropped. Pikachu looked for the source of the vines and saw that they were from Boss Venusaur. Pikachu and Pichu engaged in battle with Venusaur. Pikachu leapt at Venusaur as Pichu let loose with an electric attack. Venusaur shout out his razor leaves at Pikachu, catching Pikachu on his right arm. But that didn't stop Pikachu. Pikachu landed on Venusaur's head, smiled and let loose with a massive thunder attack. Pikachu was thrown off of Venusaur as Venusaur fainted from the electric attack. Raichu and Golem were going fist to fist. Golem hit Raichu with a glancing blow, but Raichu quickly recovered and let loose with a mega punch to Golem's head. Golem was knocked back and had a red lump on his forehead. With Venusaur down and Golem going down, the grass gang quickly submitted. Wartortle and Pikachu stood beside Raichu as Golem got up. He saw that he was totally out numbered. But he had one more trick up his sleeve as he jumped in the air and slammed down onto the ground for another fissure attack. The three Pokémon lost their balance and fell over. Pikachu had fallen into the fissure but was holding on to the ledge. His right arm ached where Venusaur's razor leaf had hit him. Pichu rushed over to help Pikachu but was knocked away by Golem. Raichu slammed into Golem. Golem was too close to the fissure and fell into it, unable to get a grip on the ledge. Pikachu was slipping. Raichu quickly grabbed at Pikachu's arms and pulled him upward. Pikachu cried out in pain as Raichu pulled him up. Golem appeared again from under the ground. Golem looked around and then fainted. Pikachu sat down and let out a sigh of relief.

Umbreon called out to Espeon. He quickly told Espeon the situation with Lugia. Umbreon headed for the battle between the birds and the dogs as Espeon quickly passed on the news to Jolteon and left for the battle himself. Vaporeon concentrated and called up a huge wave. Vaporeon surfed on top of the wave as two huge water pump attacks slammed into the fire wall. The huge wave slammed into the charmander and the other fire gang members around him. The charmander was unable to hold his position and was knocked back. The fire wall instantly fell apart. The rest of the fire pokémon charged the psychic gang. Jolteon let loose with a thunderbolt on a charging Charizard, knocking it out cold. Vaporeon let loose with bubblebeam, knocking out anything that came his way. Eevee and Flareon were attacking with swift and tackle attacks, while Alakazam finished them off with his psychic powers. The rest of the psychic gang was fighting the rest of the fire gang with their psychic powers. Alakazam knew that without Rapidash, these Pokémon battles would be an easy win. With the firewall down, Jolteon could see all the way to Cinnabar Island where he could see Mew and Serebii hovering in the air. He could not see Mewtwo though.

Espeon and Umbreon saw the three dogs of war stand up and regain their battle with the legendary birds. Espeon looked over at Umbreon. Umbreon nodded.

"Okay, I'll go first." Umbreon said as he rushed over to the battle.

Raikou was the first to notice the small creature coming. He paid it no mind as he shot another electric blast at Lugia. Umbreon smiled. Umbreon began to concentrate. Suddenly the clouds in the sky above them began to turn a very dark, inky black. The dogs ceased their battles and looked up in curiosity. The legendary birds backed off at Lugia's signal. Suddenly the clouds parted and a huge beam of pure white energy slammed into Entei, completely devouring him. When the beam dissipated, there was nothing left of the fire dog. Espeon came up beside Umbreon and began to concentrate as Umbreon did. Then the clouds completely parted and the sun shined bright. Then another huge beam of light slammed down on Suicune. When that beam dissipated, there was nothing left of the ice dog. Espeon and Umbreon collapsed in exhaustion. Lugia was thankful for the help as he dived down at Raikou. Zapdos let loose with a thunder attack as Articuno shot an ice beam. Moltres and Houou let loose with their fire spin attacks. When all the attacks were about to hit Raikou, Lugia let loose with his hyperbeam attack on Raikou. There was a large explosion, lots of fire, a cold wind, and the sound of crackling electricity. When the dust settled, there was nothing left of the dogs of war.