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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu – Part 7

By Mega Raichu


            Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Wartortle, Alakazam, Serebii, and Mew sat in the conference room.  Pikachu and Raichu were still in astonishment at Pichu’s sudden ability to talk.

“How is it that Pichu can now talk when before he could only say his name?”  Pikachu asked.

“Whenever Pichu is near another Neo-Pokémon, myself for example, he gains all his abilities.  He can talk, he can fight, and he can do anything.”  Serebii explained.  “But now is not the time for such trivial concerns.  There is a greater danger in front of us.”

“Like what?”  Raichu asked.

“Pichu said something like the fate of the planet.”  Pikachu said.  “What did he mean?”

“Since the beginning of time, the spirits of the universe have been fighting over this world.”  Mew said.

“Why this world?”  Pikachu said.

“Because this world is the axis on which the universe spins.”  Pichu said.

“The universe?  But I thought we weren’t the center.”  Raichu said.

“How do you know so much?”  Pikachu asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”  Raichu said.

“Should one of the spirits gain dominance over this world, the very universe could be protected or destroyed.”  Serebii said.

“How could it be destroyed?”  Raichu asked.

“Think of being in a centrifuge going full speed, and it suddenly stops.  It’ll be like throwing a tomato into a brick wall.  Only it’ll be our universe.”  Pichu said.

“The spirit of Earth wants to destroy the universe.”  Serebii said.

“And this spirit of the Heavens, what does he want to do?”  Pikachu asked.

“To preserve all life in the universe.  The other spirits wanted to rule like gods.”  Mew said.

“What other spirits?”  Raichu asked.

“Oh.  Something you don’t know about huh?”  Pikachu asked.

Raichu gave Pikachu a dirty look.

“Up until a few thousand years ago, there were five spirits: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and the Heavens.”  Mew said.  “The spirits of Fire, Wind, and Water fought for dominance but they destroyed themselves.”

“So why do we have to fight?”  Pikachu asked.

“We are the representatives of the spirit of the Heavens.  If we defeat the Earth spirit’s armies, then together with the spirit of the Heavens we can destroy the spirit of Earth and regain the peace that has been lost to us for several millennia.”  Serebii said.  “The spirit of Earth wants to destroy all life in the universe to create a new universal utopia, a strictly controlled peace.  No one deserves to live that way.  Our destiny is to fight for the life of everyone in the universe.  To save all the lives in the universe from certain annihilation, we must stop the spirit of Earth.”

Pikachu sat in thought for a moment.  This was way beyond what he had planned to do.  This was something much bigger than himself, Raichu, or the rest of his family.  Pichu seemed to be playing a big role in this.

“We’ll need to gather an army.”  Serebii said.  “Mewtwo is already gathering his forces.”

“Mewtwo!?”  Alakazam had finally spoken.

“Yes Mewtwo leads the Earth spirits forces.  I lead the Heavens spirits forces.”  Serebii said.

“At first glance I’d say this is crazy.”  Wartortle said.

“But it appears as thought they speak the truth.”  Alakazam said.

“Yes, they do appear to be truthful, but I have only one question.”  Wartortle asked.

“Ask away.”  Mew said.

“Why us?”  Wartortle asked.

“Yes.  Why us?”  Alakazam asked.

Pikachu and Raichu nodded in agreement.

“It is you destiny as righteous Pokémon, to save the innocent lives of the universe.”  Serebii said.

“Don’t we control our own fate?”  Raichu asked.

“It’s all in how you look at it.  Right now, you don’t have a choice but to fight.”  Mew said.

They all sat in silence for several minutes.  Wartortle finally stood up.

“If Pikachu decides to fight then I shall fight.”  Wartortle said.

“Same here.”  Alakazam said as he stood.

Serebii, Mew, and Pichu looked over at Pikachu.  Pikachu was staring down at the floor with one hand on the side of his head.  Raichu could see that Pikachu was in deep thought.  Pichu hopped down on to the floor and approached Pikachu.

“Big brother.”  Pichu said.

Pikachu looked at Pichu.

“You have to fight.  We have to save all life in the universe.  If the Earth spirit has his way, then mom and dad will die.  I’ll die.  Raichu will die too.  Everyone in the gang will die.  You got to do it for our sakes!”  Pichu said.

Tears were forming in Pichu’s eyes.  A tear fell from Pikachu’s eye.

“Alright.  I’ll fight.”  Pikachu said.

Pichu jumped up and hugged Pikachu.

“Pichu may be in on this whole thing, but he’s still a baby at heart.”  Raichu thought to himself.

Pichu let go of Pikachu and went to sit back down.  Pikachu wiped his eyes and cleared his throat.

“Now.  About our army.”  Pikachu said.


“The time has come to summon the dogs of war.”  A deep voice bellowed in Mewtwo’s mind.

Mewtwo was standing on the roof of the tallest building in Cinnabar.  He slowly nodded his head in recognition of the voice.  He looked towards the sea.  His eyes flared a bright red.  Suddenly, a large water funnel appeared and a large blue creature broke the surface of the water, causing the funnel to dissipate.  One of the nearby islands near Sea Foam split in two.  A large pillar of flame erupted and a large red creature appeared.  The clouds overhead suddenly parted and a large yellow creature descended upon the world on a lightning bolt.  The three converged on Mewtwo.

“The time has come.  Suicune, Raikou, and Entei.  Serebii has appeared.  The time for the final battle is upon us.”  Mewtwo said.


            The six pokemon ran quickly down the path to Lavender town.  The ghost tower loomed before them.  Jolt knew he was going to get chewed out for staying out too long.  Flare felt bad for deserting his gang.  Vape wanted desperately to see if his gang was still okay.  Eev was concerned for the safety of his brothers.  The only thought on Espeon and Umbreon’s minds was the upcoming battle.  As they ran, Espeon happened to look into the sky.

“Look up!”  Espeon called.

“The legendary birds have arrived!”  Umbreon called back.

“Oh, that’s just Zapdos and his cousins.”  Jolt called.

“You know Zapdos!?”  Umbreon asked.

“Yeah.  He’s a big part of my gang!”  Jolt responded.

“Moltres was in my gang!”  Flare called out.

“And Articuno is part of mine!”  Vape shouted.

“Then who are those other two birds?”  Eev asked.

“Lugia and Houou!”  Espeon answered.

Zapdos had looked down and saw the six pokemon making their way towards Lavender town.  He instantly recognized Jolteon and Vaporeon, but couldn’t place the other four.  He knew they would make introductions since they were all headed to the same place.  Then the thought occurred to him: do they know what’s happening.  Zapdos called out to Lugia and pointed downward with his head.

“They’re aligned with us!”  Lugia shouted.

Zapdos let out a sigh of relief.


            Pikachu looked out a window and saw the familiar shape of Zapdos and his cousins flying in the air.  Though he didn’t know who the other two birds were, he was sure they were on his side.

“Zapdos is coming with reinforcements.”  Pikachu said.

“Great.  I knew it was a good idea letting him into the gang.”  Raichu said.

“Anything you do, you consider a good idea.”  Pichu said wryly.

“What!?   Why you little…”  Raichu started.

“There’s no time for this!”  Pikachu said.  “We have a planet to save!”

“Zapdos and his companions are the main force in our battle.  They will be on the front lines while we fight behind them.”  Serebii said.

“They’ll be fighting Mewtwo head on?”  Pikachu asked.

“No, of course not.  Leave Mewtwo to Mew and me.”  Serebii said.  “The birds shall be taking on the dogs of war.”

“The dogs of war?”  Raichu asked.

“Suicune, Raikou, and Entei.  The three Dogs of Legend.”  Pichu said.

“Hey who’s that?”  Pikachu asked, pointing at the small band of pokemon coming down the path.
”It’s Jolteon!  And he’s got reinforcements too!”  Raichu shouted.

“It looks like we might actually win this.”  Serebii said.

Mew nodded in agreement.