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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu – Part 6

By Mega Raichu


            Mewtwo sat in thought of how he was going to get Pikachu and Raichu out of his way.  Suddenly a psychic flash entered his mind.  His consciousness was taken away to a far off place.  He stood on a beach of an island.  The beach went on for as far as the eye can see.  There was a large volcano in the center of the island.  Suddenly, the volcano erupted and a large red figure appeared in the fiery cloud above the volcano.  Two large golden eyes peered down at Mewtwo.  Mewtwo recognized the eyes and got down on one knee and bowed his head.

“The time has come Mewtwo.”  The figure said in a deep rumbling voice.

“Then Serebii has appeared?”  Mewtwo asked hesitantly.

“Yes.  He brings with him another foe.  You must destroy the one that has allied with him first.  For this one is more dangerous than even you!”  The figure bellowed.

“Who is it?”  Mewtwo asked.

“You will know.”  The figure said.  “Gather your forces and prepare for the final battle.”

The figure slowly dissipated and the fire from the volcano subsided.  Mewtwo was whisked away from the island and back to his body.  He opened his eyes and smiled.

“The time has come, Serebii.”  Mewtwo said.


            Rapidash was enjoying the warmth of the sunlight on her back.  Her mane seemed to absorb this warmth and transport it directly into her bloodstream.  She felt warm all over.

“A perfect day for a rumble.”  She said to herself.

Mewtwo walked into her chambers.

“Mewtwo!  I didn’t call for you.”  Rapidash said.

Mewtwo’s eyes were glowing blood red.

“The time has come Rapidash.”  Mewtwo said.

“My forces aren’t ready for the rumble just yet.”  Rapidash said.

“I’m not talking about your pathetic rumble.”  Mewtwo said.

“I don’t like your tone.”  Rapidash said.

“The time has come for the final battle.”  Mewtwo said.

“What final battle?”  Rapidash asked.

“The battle between the spirits.”  Mewtwo said.

“That what?”  Rapidash asked.

“The battle between the spirit of Earth and the spirit of the Heavens.”  Mewtwo said.

“Have you totally lost your mind?”  Rapidash asked.

“Listen to me.”  Mewtwo said.  “Thousands of years ago, three spirits waged war on each other, trying to gain dominance over the universe: Water, Wind, and Fire.  The war destroyed the three spirits, so now only two remain: Earth and the Heavens.  When the Earth spirit wins this battle, we will annihilate every speck of filthy life in this universe and created a new universe in our image.  We will be gods!”

“You’re insane!”  Rapidash said nervously.

“It is fate.  It is fate that I was put in the ranks of the Earth spirit’s army.  Now you will join us and fight for us.”  Mewtwo said.

“Who is ‘us’?”  Rapidash asked.

“We are the army of the Earth spirit, the fire and the ground types.  We have been chosen to represent our spirit in a battle to the death.  When we destroy those aligned with the spirit of the Heavens, we will then destroy the spirit of the Heavens and remake this universe for ourselves.  An ultimate utopia for all the new living creatures our spirit will create!  Think about it Rapidash, I lead the Earth spirits army’s.  Not by choice though.  When Serebii aligned with the Heavens, I was forced to align with the Earth spirit.  You see, Serebii and I are, spiritually, the same.  He is one, and I am the other.  I will destroy him.  With you at my side, we can rule this little dust ball we call Planet Earth along side the spirit of Earth!”  Mewtwo said.

“No way.  This is not my fate!  This is not my destiny!  You are in my army!  You are my lieutenant!”  Rapidash said, panicking.  “I will not permit this war to be waged!”

“Then you must die!”  Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo raised one hand and pointed it at Rapidash.  Rapidash felt a white hot pain in her chest as her heart exploded.  Rapidash slumped to the floor.  Before she succumbed to death, she heard Mewtwo say: “It will be a universal utopia.  Too bad you won’t be there to see it.”

As she slipped into the darkness, she heard Mewtwo laughing a maniacal laughter.  She then succumbed to the darkness.


            Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu were enjoying the sunlight while sunbathing on the roof of their warehouse.  Suddenly, dark clouds began to cover the sky.  Pichu looked up and pointed.  Something was flying around in the sky.  Then there were two of them.  Two small creatures were flying through the skies.  They got closer.  The creatures made a soft landing on the roof in front of Pikachu.  Raichu stepped next to his brother.  Pichu was curious so he came over for a look.  A small pink cat-like creature and a small creature that looked like it was covered in plants stood before them.  Pichu looked at the small plant-creature.

“Serebii!”  Pichu cried.

“Pichu!  What did you say?”  Pikachu asked.

“Pichu!”  Pichu responded.

“He said Serebii.”  The small plant creature said.  “I am Serebii.”

“How does Pichu know you?”  Raichu asked.

“Because Pichu and I are the same.  We are both Neo-Pokémon.  We share the same wavelength.  We also share the same spirit.”  Serebii said.

“Spirit?”  Pikachu asked.

“Yes.  Spirit.  You are all members of the army of the spirit of the Heavens.”  The small pink cat said.

“Who are you?”  Raichu asked.

“You already know.” The small pink cat said telepathically to Raichu.

Raichu was taken aback.

“Raichu?  What’s wrong?” Pikachu asked, seeing the distress his brother showed on his face.

“Uh!  That’s… that’s… that’s Mew!  Mewtwo was created from her DNA!”  Raichu said.

“How do you know so much?”  Pikachu said.

“That’s my secret.”  Raichu said.

“I hate to break up the conversation but there are more important matters at hand here.”  Serebii said.

“Like what?”  Pikachu asked.

“Like the fate of the world.”  Pichu responded.

Both Pikachu and Raichu looked down at Pichu in astonishment.


            The four brothers sat in an open field talking amongst themselves.  Eev was enjoying listening to his brother’s fight over him.  He smiled as the argument between Flare, Jolt, and Vape began to heat up.  Suddenly the three stopped arguing and looked over at Eev.

“What?  What is it?  Have I got something stuck on my face or something?”  Eev asked.

The three brothers stood up and looked past Eev.  Eev stood and turned around.  There were two creatures coming towards them.

“What are they doing here?”  Flare whispered.

“I don’t know.  But I know that it means trouble.”  Jolt whispered.

“Who are they?”  Eev whispered.

“Family that we don’t talk about often.”  Vape whispered.

The first creature had a light purple fur.  The other was deep black with gold rings on its body.

“Umbreon and Espeon.”  Vape said.

“What do you want?”  Jolt asked.

“The time has arrived.”  The dark one, Umbreon, said.

“Serebii has arrived.”  The light purple one, Espeon, said.

“Serebii?!”  The three brothers asked.

“Who’s Serebii?”  Eev asked.

“This means trouble!”  Flare said.

“Yes.  Big trouble.”  Jolt said.

“I gotta go report to Rapidash!”  Flare said.

“Save it.  Rapidash is dead.”  Umbreon said.

“What!?”  Flare asked.

“Mewtwo killed her.  I saw it through my telepathic vision.”  Espeon said.

“No!  He’ll go for Moltres next.”  Flare said.

“Don’t worry.  Moltres was alerted and is safe.”  Umbreon said.

“Now is the time for us to align ourselves.”  Espeon said.

“What is going on here!?”  Eev asked.

“You haven’t told him?”  Espeon asked.

“Well.  Uh… no.”  Jolt said.

“Eev.  It’s time we had a little chat.”  Vape said.


The five birds sat high atop the mountain.  None of them said a word for a long time.  Lugia eventually decided to break the ice.

“So Serebii has appeared.”  Lugia said.

“Espeon alerted me.”  Moltres said.

“This means that Mewtwo will gather his forces.”  Zapdos said.

“I wish there was a way to avoid this fighting.”  Articuno said.

“Don’t be a wuss.”  Houou said.  “We are aligned with Serebii.  Plus, Mew has aligned with Serebii.  We still have a chance.  It is a sure thing that Pikachu will align with us and we have a good chance with Alakazam.”

“I just wish there was a better way to solve this.”  Articuno said.

“There is no other way, but to fight.”  Zapdos said.