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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu - Part 5
By Mega Raichu
Co-Authored by Ree-chan Peekster (


Pichu sniffed the air and growled.  Pikachu looked at his younger brother curiously.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Pichu..." Pichu growled.

"What's wrong?" a voice laughed.  "Nothing at all."

"Mewtwo?!" Pikachu gasped.

Sure enough there ahead stood the powerful psychic pokemon.  His eyes were glowing a bright purple.

"Pi chu pi pi chu," Pichu snarled.

"Heh.  Your brother is brave for one so small," Mewtwo said with a wicked smile.

Pichu charged the Mewtwo.  Using his Tackle attack he slammed into Mewtwo... or would have if he hadn't gone through it.

"What?!" Pikachu cried.

"I'm not really here.  You are seeing an image of me," Mewtwo explained.  "You can't defeat me, but I shall certainly defeat you."

"PICHU!" Pichu cried in anger as he charged the image again. 

Again, he went straight through. Mewtwo laughed and did a power Psywave attack at Pichu.  Pichu cried out in pain and fell to the ground.  Pikachu gasped and powered up for a thunderbolt forgetting that Mewtwo was actually a image.  The Thunderbolt had no effect. Pichu got up and ran towards Mewtwo again.  This time he dodged at the last second as Mewtwo fired off another psychic attack.  The attack missed and Pikachu saw something.  Mewtwo was weakening.  It must be taking a lot of energy to project his image to them and then even more to do the attacks.  Pikachu did the same thing as Pichu.  Mewtwo, not knowing that they knew he was weakening, fired off another attack. Now Pikachu and Pichu were running in circles around Mewtwo.  Mewtwo kept firing off his attacks until he grew too wary to do so.

"Your brother is smarter than I thought," Mewtwo observed.  "Next time we shall meet face to face, Pikachu."

With that the image vanished.  Pikachu and Pichu were tired but relieved and happy.


"Lugia," Zapdos called again.

The psychic bird turned to face his cousin.  "What?"

"We need your help.  The Fire Gang is threatening the Electric gang because we won't break our alliance with Wartortle."


"So, they have Mewtwo on their side!"

"Mewtwo?! But he isn't a fire pokemon.  Rapidash is stretching the rules to the max."

"I know.  We need your help to defeat them," Zapdos pleaded.

Lugia thought for a moment.  He didn't like getting involved in the gang affairs but if Mewtwo was involved, it was serious.  He would have to help this time.

"Okay," Lugia said.  "What do I do?"


"So Rapidash is actively attacking them now." Alakazam said.

The Squirtle messenger waited patiently for an answer. Wartortle got a late night call from Raichu explaining the attack from Mewtwo. Now their allies had to be notified. A rumble was inevitable. Alakazam sat in thought for a few minutes. The Squirtle wanted to go home. He was getting bored being a peon. All peons are just gophers anyway. "Time for an upgrade in rank." thought Squirtle. Alakazam could hear the Squirtle's thoughts. He paid them no mind because his thoughts were petty and self-conscious.

"Tell Wartortle that we need a council as soon as possible. Pass that message on to Pikachu as well." Alakazam said.

The Squirtle quickly nodded and left the room. Alakazam smiled at the plan he was devising.


"So that's it?" Lugia asked.

"That's all. Mewtwo is powerful. All we need is one heck of a barrier around him. It can't affect the psychic gang or my gang." Zapdos said.

"Just one barrier. I can do that." Lugia said. "But what about Rapidash?"

"That's another thing. We need to get Houou to take care of her." Zapdos said.

"That's asking a lot." Lugia said.

"I know. But Moltres is in that gang and he's in a real position. It'll be me and Articuno against him. That's something we really can't do. We need Houou to get to Rapidash. Once Moltres sees Houou, he'll back off, knowing what we're up to." Zapdos said.

"We'll just have to see." Lugia said.

"Otherwise, we'll have to take Moltres out so I can get Articuno over to Rapidash." Zapdos said.

"While I handle Mewtwo." Lugia said.

"You're the only one who can." Zapdos said.

Lugia had to think for a few minutes. Zapdos looked over the cloud cover. They were high atop their old perch on a high mountain, one of Lugia's favorite hiding spots. Moltres, Articuno, Lugia, and Zapdos would play for hours atop this mountain in their youth. Houou was a different story. Houou was always moving. He was always older than the rest of them. He never wanted to play. Zapdos wondered if Houou would even consider helping them.

"Alright. I'll do it." Lugia said. "In the meantime, I'll find Houou and talk to him."


Eev walked around the field without a care in the world. He loved these family reunions. He loved to watch his brothers fight over him. He only wished that Flare was around. This whole gang thing was tearing them apart.

"Pssst! Eev!" A voice said from behind a bush.

Eev looked around, but couldn't find who had called out to him.

"Eev!" A voice whispered.

Eev whipped around and saw Flare hiding behind a bush. Eev became excited.

"Flare!" Eev said excitedly.

"Shhh! Don't let them hear you!" Flare whispered.

Eev came around the bush.

"Why are you hiding back here?" Eev asked.

"There's gonna be big trouble with the gangs." Flare said.

"What kind of trouble?" Eev asked.

"My gang is gonna go to war with the electric and water gangs." Flare said.

"Does that mean you're gonna fight Jolt and Vape?" Eev asked.

"Yes. That's why I don't want to be seen." Flare asked.

"Hey Eev! Come on over here!" Jolt called from the field.

"Come on. They're not gonna hold a grudge." Eev pleaded.

"I can't. I'm not supposed to." Flare said.

"You came this far didn't you?" Eev said.

Flare was about to argue, but what Eev said made sense. He had come this far. He was forbidden to come this far. He would be punished for coming here anyway. Why not enjoy the party now and worry about Rapidash later?

"Okay Eev. You talked me into it." Flare said. "Just try not to talk about the gang okay?"

"Okay." Eev said.


"They had better not be skipping out on us." Pikachu said.

Pikachu was annoyed that Jolteon and Zapdos hadn't returned yet. Jolteon and Zapdos were two of his best fighters. He needed them for the imminent battle.

"I'm sure they'll come back." Raichu said.

"Pi!" Pichu said.

The three of them were very tired. They hadn't slept at all and it was getting dark. Pikachu was hoping he could have gone home for some rest but all he found was some trouble, more trouble, and then some. The three of them went straight from Pichu's pond to the hideout. Some gang members were still hanging around. Pikachu didn't say anything about their encounter with Mewtwo. Pichu curled up and went to sleep. Raichu followed suit and propped himself up against a wall. Pikachu was very tired. He sat down. As he closed his eyes, he heard the doors of the warehouse open. He looked and saw Zapdos standing in the doorway. Pikachu picked himself up. He was very tired. The battles with the Arcanines and with Mewtwo's image had worn him out. He wanted to lie down and go to sleep, but he had to find out where Zapdos had been.

"Pikachu. You look terrible." Zapdos said.

"Don't worry about me. Where have you been?" Pikachu asked.

"I've been visiting an old friend." Zapdos said.

"Who could be so important that you just had to take off all day?" Pikachu asked.

"Sorry." Zapdos said.

"Its alright." Pikachu said. "Just go home and get some rest."

Zapdos could hear the fatigue in Pikachus voice. Zapdos left the warehouse and started flying around in his usual patrol pattern. Once he was satisfied that nothing was coming, he headed for his home, atop the electricity plant. Pikachu looked around. Pichu was curled up next to Raichu, who was sitting up against a wall. Both were asleep. Pikachu sat down next to Raichu. He closed his eyes and fell asleep instantly.


"You said you were going to take care of those mice!!!" Rapidash yelled.

"They… are too resourceful." Mewtwo said slowly.

His fatigue was obvious. Rapidash calmed herself.

"They may be resourceful, but you have resources that they don't. Go and rest. Then you will go to them in person and destroy them." Rapidash said.

Mewtwo remained silent. He could feel the heat emanating from her body. It was a different kind of warmth. It was filling him with energy. He stood up and left the building.

"Yes Mewtwo. Now you have true power. Now go and destroy them." Rapidash said.