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Pichu and The Electric Gang Of Raichu
Part IV

Raichu had left the hideout early. Pikachu was trying to organize everybody and was not having much luck because of the battle the night before. Pichu was keeping himself out of the way by snoozing in a corner. Zapdos was nowhere to be found, just when Pikachu needed him to do his patrols the most. Jolteon was away at some family reunion. Pikachu was worried because of the fact that Jolteons brothers, Flareon, and Vaporeon, were in the fire and water gangs. He hoped that everything would turn out okay. Pikachu was ready to go home. He was tired and he wanted to go to sleep. He woke Pichu up and left Electabuzz in charge for the rest of the day. Pikachu and Pichu headed for home. Pikachu looked up, expecting to see Zapdos, but Zapdos was not in the air. Pikachu sighed and headed into the forest.

Jolteon arrived as the reunion started. His cousins and other family members were scattered all over the field they used for the reunion. There were a bunch of other trainers there too. The other trainers had brought their families and other pokemon outside of the Eevee evolutions. Vaporeon was conversing with his old friends, who each had trainers. Flareon wasn't in sight. Vaporeon sighted Jolteon and went over to talk to him.

"Have you seen Flare?" Vaporeon said.

"No. I was hoping he'd be here." Jolteon said.

"This whole gang thing has got everyone worried Jolt." Vaporeon said.

"I know Vape. It'll be over before we know it." Jolteon said.

"You think that Flare is gonna hold a grudge?" Vaporeon asked.

"I doubt it. We're all brothers right?" Jolteon asked.

Their little brother Eevee came up.

"Hi Eev." Both brothers said as Eevee approached.

"Decide on what you're gonna evolve into yet?" Jolteon asked.

"Mom said don't pressure him." Vaporeon said. "He's gonna evolve into a Vaporeon just like his favorite brother, me."

Eevee smiled. He liked to watch his big brothers fight over what he was gonna evolve into. Eevee liked his own form. He had already decide that he was not gonna evolve.

"No way. I'm the oldest! He has to evolve into a Jolteon!" Jolteon said.

"Nuh uh! He'll become a Vaporeon!" Vaporeon said.

"As much as I'd like to watch this fight, I have to ask you guys something first." Eevee said.

Eevee was well spoken for such a little fellow.

"Have you guys seen Flare?" Eevee asked.

"No. We've been looking for him all day." Jolteon said.

"Oh. Well I was hoping that I'd be able to see my favorite brother today." Eevee said as he walked away.

"There is no way Flare can be his favorite." Vaporeon said.

"That's because I'm his favorite!" Jolteon said.

"Nuh uh!" Vaporeon returned.

Zapdos flew high above the clouds so that no one would see him. He hadn't flown this high since he had joined up with the gang. He joined when Boss Electabuzz was around. Back then, if your gang had a legendary pokemon, such as Zapdos, you were really something. Now all the gangs had their own powerful pokemon. Zapdos in the Electric Gang, Articuno in the Water Gang, Moltres in the Fire Gang, Venasaur in the Plant Gang, only the Psychic Gang had no legendary pokemon. Zapdos turned his thoughts to Moltres. He didn't want to fight Moltres. He had to find some way of ending the hostilities before total war broke out. Zapdos knew that Articuno felt the same way. Zapdos had only one option left to him. He had to add an unknown element or two to the concoction. He flew high in the air and soon found a large mountain with a nest on a large cliff. Zapdos hadn't been here in years. The sights and smells brought back memories of when he had been here as a youth. He and his cousins played on this mountaintop with an older friend. Zapdos hoped his friend was still around. The nest was empty. He flew around. Perhaps this nest had been abandoned? He flew in for a closer look. He circled the mountain once more and landed on the cliff. He looked into the nest. All that was in there was a single feather: a white feather with a blue tip. It looked relatively new. He looked around and saw that some nearby clouds had been disturbed. He flew down through the clouds and emerged under them. He spotted something flying away. Zapdos quickly launched himself in the direction of the flying object.

Pikachu and Pichu arrived near their home. As they walked nearer, they heard someone arguing. Pikachu could make out the voices of his parents and Raichu. Pikachu quickly whispered for Pichu to stay put. Pikachu went closer to hear the argument.

"No way. I don't want you to do that!" Pikachu's dad said.

"But he has a right to know!" Raichu argued.

"You can't. You're evolved. You're no longer one of us!" Pikachus mom said.

"But he's still..." Raichu started.

"You can't tell him and you won't tell him!" Pikachu's dad said. "That's an order!"

Raichu turned to leave but saw pikachu standing in the way. Raichu could tell by the look on his face that he had heard most of the argument.

"Can't tell me what?" Pikachu asked.

Pikachu's mom and dad looked at each other. Raichu looked back at them. Pikachu's dad shook his head no. Raichu gave them a look of defiance.

"I'm your big brother Pikachu. They threw me out after I evolved. It's family rules to not allow any pokemon besides pikachu in the family." Raichu said.

Behind Pikachu, they heard Pichu sniffling. Pikachu turned around in time to see Pichu running off, crying.

"Pichu wait!" Pikachu said as he ran after his little brother.

Raichu looked back at Pikachu's mom and dad and then ran after Pikachu and Pichu.

"Failure. Trash. Loser." Rapidash said. "Nothing but a good for nothing failure. That's what you are."

"I'm sorry." Mewtwo said.

"Those Arcanine were supposed to kill Pikachu." Rapidash said. "And instead of a dead Pikachu you bring me excuses."

"He was stronger than I thought. He had that Pichu with him." Mewtwo said.

"Pichu is not strong enough to take down two genetically enhanced Arcanine!" Rapidash said.

"I thought so too! I underestimated his strength." Mewtwo said.

"That was one heck of an underestimate!" Rapidash said, her temper flaring up.

"I know." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo would not look Rapidash in the face. Rapidash saw this and calmed down.

"Mewtwo, I'll give you one more chance to redeem yourself." Rapidash said.

"I'll handle Pikachu and Raichu personally." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo walked out of the room and into his personal chambers. He sat on the floor, crossed his legs, closed his eyes and began to meditate. As he meditated, his body levitated off the ground and hovered in the air.

"Pichu wait!" Pikachu yelled.

Pichu paid Pikachu no heed as he ran through the forest. He zig zagged through the trees to lose Pikachu. He had heard the whole thing. His eyes were filled with tears. He could feel the cold wind against his face where the tear trails were. He came to a stop near a small pond that he had discovered by himself. This was his place. His place to get away. His place to think. Now was the time to think. There was so much on his mind now. He was still tired. That battle really opened his eyes to the power that the Fire Gang has. He was scared at the fact that he was going to have to fight more like that eventually. The last rumble he was in was quite easy. All he had to do was get in a surprise attack on the enemy. This time he took on two enemies head long. Pichu also thought about what Raichu said. I'm not part of this family? I have no family? Pikachu's not my brother? So many questions ran through his mind. The night air gave no answers. He heard a rustling behind him. He turned as Pikachu and Raichu climbed out of a nearby bush. Both pokemon were breathing hard. Pichu found that he too was breathing hard. He turned away from Pikachu and Raichu. Pikachu sat down next to Pichu.

"Pichu." Pikachu started.

Pichu walked away. Raichu followed him.

"You are a part of this family as much as I am Pichu!" Raichu said.

Pichu stopped. His back was still turned on the two other pokemon.

"Pichu. It's a stupid rule. We're not gonna follow it anymore. I'm your brother and Raichu is our brother. That's all there is to it." Pikachu said.

Pichu didn't move.

"Pichu. Remember when you protected me from those Arcanine?" Pikachu asked. "Only a brother would do that."

Pichu turned around. The tears were falling from his face freely. He rushed to Pikachu and hugged him. Raichu went over to them and put his hand on pikachu's shoulder. Pichu was sobbing into Pikachu's chest.

Zapdos had to flap his wings hard to gain the speed needed to catch up to the flying object. The result of his flapping caused an electrical storm to form over Mount Moon. Suddenly the object stopped and turned and headed straight for Zapdos. Zapdos dived and turned in time to see the object, a large bird, fly away. Zapdos gathered his wits and flew after it. Zapdos flew high in the clouds, periodically spotting the bird. He dived to gain speed and climbed as to be able to dive again. Zapdos got nearer and nearer to the large bird. And once he was within earshot, he called out to the bird.