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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu

Part Three

The two Arcanine watched as the Pikachu and Raichu walked on while chatting. The two electric pokemon walked towards the two large dogs without a care. Their conversation seemed deep and took their complete attention. A scientist watched all four pokemon from a distance. He held a small remote with a single red button in his hand. He also had a small receiver in his ear. Once he heard the confirmation signal, he hit the button. The Arcanines instantly leapt at the electric pokemon. The two pokemon were slow to react. The Pikachu dodged to the left as the Raichu sprinted forward. The Arcanines reacted instantly to their movements. The Arcanines were on their targets in less than a moment. The scientist watched as the Arcanines quickly devoured their prey. Rapidash and her cohort, Mewtwo, watched on a monitor as the Arcanines cleaned their paws.

"Excellent." Rapidash said.

"I would expect no less from my creations." Mewtwo said. "Even though those were only clones, the Arcanines will work just as well and perhaps better with the real things."

"This was the final field test?" Rapidash asked.

"Yes. Once we set these Arcanine loose in Lavender, they will scour the area and eliminate any pikachu and raichu they find." Mewtwo said.

"Excellent. You have total control over them right?" Rapidash asked.

"Absolute control. They were bred so that I could control them from any point on the earth. And with our satellites, we can observe them from here." Mewtwo said.

"Good. I want no witnesses." Rapidash said.

"There will be none." Mewtwo said.

"Including him." Rapidash said.

Mewtwo looked down at Rapidash. Rapidash stared at the monitor, waiting for Mewtwo to give the order to the Arcanines. Mewtwo sighed. His eyes flashed red. The Arcanines looked up and over at the scientist. They began to slowly pad over to him. The scientist casually pushed the button on his control. The Arcanines kept moving towards him. The scientist began to panic and began to rapidly push the button. The Arcanines began to move at a faster pace. The scientist realized that his life was at stake and turned around and began running. He didn't get far. As he ran, he suddenly felt the impact of two large paws on his back and the crushing sound of his neck breaking. Rapidash smiled. These Arcanines will do nicely, she though. Mewtwo flicked off the monitor once the Arcanines finished their meal.

"When do they get deployed?" Mewtwo asked.

"As soon as possible." Rapidash said.


Pikachu arrived at the hideout without any problems. But as soon as he landed, the problems started. Raichu was the first to greet them. Pikachu sent Zapdos out for patrols before he acknowledged Raichu. Pikachu went into the hideout. Raichu became concerned and followed Pikachu into the hideout. The hideout was mostly empty because most of the other gang members had gone home. Pichu was sleeping on a cardboard box. Pikachu and Raichu went to the far side of the room. Pikachu told Raichu what had happened.

"You lost the treaty." Raichu said. "I told you to do everything to keep it."

"I couldn't turn on Wartortle." Pikachu said.

"So now Rapidash is mad at us. What do we do now?" Raichu asked.

Pikachu began to think. He could call a Boss Council, but doubted that Rapidash would want to talk about things or even show up for that matter. He could call a secret Boss Council of just him, Wartortle and a few others. But Rapidash would see that as a hostile act. Pikachu was running out of options. A rumble was evident. He just didn't want that to happen.

"I need to speak with Wartortle." Pikachu said. "We'll decide what to do from there."

"Okay. But us and Wartortle aren't going to be enough in a battle. Rapidash is probably going to go for the Psychic gang as allies. If they do that, then we're finished." Raichu said.

"Then we'll have to get to Alakazam first." Pikachu said. "Set up a meeting with Wartortle, Alakazam and myself for the earliest possible time. Right now, I just want to go home."

Raichu nodded and left. Pikachu went and gently woke Pichu up.

"Pichu?" Pichu asked groggily.

"Come on little guy. We're going home." Pikachu said.

Pichu and Pikachu walked home without any trouble. It was dark and was getting cold. Soon they were at home. Pikachu wasn't very hungry so he went straight to bed. Pichu ate and went to sleep. Pichu's sleep was short lived. There was a rustling in the bushes near where he slept. Pichu quickly got to his feet and looked around. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness. He saw a large figure moving through the bushes. Then he saw another. Pichu didn't know what they were, but he was sure they weren't friendly. Pichu quickly nudged Pikachu. Pikachu rolled over and didn't wake up. Pichu went over to the bushes and peeked through. There were two large dog like creatures pacing back and forth, waiting for their chance to strike. One was hunched over, sniffing the ground. Pichu jumped out of the bushes to confront the creatures.

"Pichu!" Pichu yelled.

The Arcanines looked up and saw the Pichu, but paid him no mind as they continued the sniff around. One of the Arcanines let out a howl as it jumped over the bush that Pichu came out of. Pichu let loose with his thundershock attack and hit the Arcanine from behind. Both Arcanines turned their attention to Pichu. Pichu quickly tackled one and let out another thundershock to the other. One Arcanine swiped at Pichu, hitting him on the head. Pichu fell and rolled a ways. Pichu quickly got up. His head was throbbing. Pichu let out another thundershock at one of the Arcanines. The attack hit home and stunned the Arcanine he hit. The other pounced on him. Pichu was pinned under the weight of the large pokemon. Pichu tried another thundershock, but had run out of electricity. Pichu tried scratching and biting. The other Arcanine looked down at Pichu. It lifted one paw for a deadly blow to the head. Suddenly a thunderbolt attack came out of nowhere and slammed into the Arcanine that was holding Pichu down. The Arcanine fell over and Pichu scrambled away. Pikachu jumped out of the bush and launched another thunderbolt at the other Arcanine. The Arcanines launched themselves at Pikachu. Pichu tried a tackle attack on one of the Arcanine. The attack hit Arcanine, made the Arcanine lose its balance and it slammed head first into a tree. The Arcanine fell unconscious. The other Arcanine met a thunderbolt from Pikachu. The attack hit home but the Arcanine didn't seem phased. The Arcanine landed on Pikachu and pinned him down. The Arcanine opened its mouth to try to bite at Pikachu. The Arcanine suddenly lost its balance as Pichu had slammed into its side. Pikachu quickly scrambled away as the Arcanine leapt at Pichu. Pichu quickly dodged away. Pikachu let out a thunderbolt attack at the Arcanine from behind. The attack hit home and the Arcanine fell over, unconscious. The other Pikachus in the nearby areas came to see what all the commotion was. They instantly saw Pikachu and Pichu standing near the two unconscious bodies of the Arcanines. Raichu was watching from atop a nearby tree. As was Mewtwo.

"Looks like you lose again Mewtwo." Raichu said.

"Hm. Next time I'll handle it personally." Mewtwo said as he flew off into the sky.

Raichu jumped from tree to tree until the pikachu crowd was out of sight. He then jumped down to the ground where Alakazam was waiting.

"Did Pikachu win?" Alakazam asked.

"Yes. Your interference worked perfectly." Raichu said.

"My gang will join with Pikachu for this rumble. I don't like the way Rapidash tried to handle this." Alakazam said as he walked off.

Moltres and Zapdos sat high atop a cliff that overlooked the home of Pikachu and his gang. Moltres had warned Zapdos about the oncoming threat. Zapdos then warned Raichu about the threat. Raichu in turn asked for help from Alakazam. Alakazam provided psychic interference, which slowed down the Arcanines reaction time. Raichu knew Mewtwo from his old dealings with the electric gang. Mewtwo had come to personally watch his Arcanines do their work. Mewtwo did not detect Alakazam's interference. During the battle, Mewtwo told Raichu everything about the Arcanines.


It was early morning when both Wartortle and Alakazam appeared at the gang's entrance. Pikachu was surprised that Raichu had worked so fast. He was also concerned because Raichu hadn't shown up yet. Pikachu invited Alakazam and Wartortle in for a conference. Alakazam was not going to reveal his actions from the night before.

"I've got a problem guys." Pikachu said. "Rapidash has decided that I'm her enemy. She wants to wipe us out. And Wartortle too."

"I've always had problems with her." Wartortle said.

"This is the exact reason why I voted no to having a female Boss." Alakazam said.

"I was attacked last night by two Arcanines that were being controlled by mental telepathy." Pikachu said. "Usually an act like that would be grounds for declaring war, but I want to avoid that at all costs."

"If it does lead to a rumble, then you can count me in." Wartortle said.

"Yes, me too." Alakazam said.

"They have Mewtwo in their ranks." Pikachu said.

"No problem. Mewtwo is weak against the psychic type." Alakazam said.

"So are you." Wartortle said.

"It doesn't matter who's weak against who. What matters is that if a rumble should happen, we need to get it over with as soon as possible! I don't want any casualties." Pikachu said.

"Then we should try to negotiate." Wartortle said.

"I think last nights actions mean that negotiations are impossible." Pikachu said.

After a few more arguments and points made, Wartortle and Alakazam left to go prepare their gangs for a potential rumble. A short while later, Raichu arrived.

"Hey Pikachu, a couple of Arcanines were taken into custody last night. What happened?" Raichu asked.

"They attacked my home last night. Luckily Pichu and I beat them." Pikachu said.

"Oh. Well that's good." Raichu said.

"Where have you been? Wartortle and Alakazam were here today and you weren't!" Pikachu demanded.

"I overslept." Raichu said.

Pikachu sighed. Pichu was snoozing next to him. The activities the night before had left him exhausted. Pikachu was tired too, but he had more important things to worry about. Pikachu knew that there was going to be more trouble than necessary before this problem with Rapidash is done with.