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The Rainbow Gang
Chapter 9 - What now?
By Mega Raichu


The eldest Raichu, Pikette, and Pikelle stood around the younger Raichu, now in the Rainbow Gang's infirmary, while a Chansey tended to his wounds.

"He was foolish to go head on against Mewtwo." The older Raichu said.

"It must run in the family." Pikette said.

"What are we going to do?" Pikelle asked.

"First off, you're going home." Raichu said.

"What!? Home?" Pikelle asked, taken aback.

"Raichu!" Pikette said with an angry look.

"Both of you. Go home." Raichu said.

"What!? Why?" Pikette asked.

"You're both tired. Pikette, you have a family to look after. Pikelle, you don't need to be here right now." Raichu said.

"But..." Pikelle started.

"Being here isn't helping. You should go home and get some rest." Raichu said.

Pikelle stared at the old Raichu for a few moments, and then left without another word.

"Raichu..." Pikette started.

"Go home with your children, Pikette. They don't need to see their father like this." Raichu said silently.

Pikette shook her head and walked out of the room silently. Once Pikette had left, Raichu started rubbing his temples.

"I'm getting too old for this." He said.

"Heh... giving up already?" The younger Raichu asked weakly.

"Raichu! How long have you been awake!?" The older Raichu asked.

"Long enough. I didn't want Pikette to yell at me."

"Yeah, I'm going to do that for her. What the hell were you thinking!?"

"It runs in the family."

The older Raichu opened his mouth to speak, but closed it instead and shook his head.

"I suppose it does. But going head to head against an enemy that you have no chance of defeating!? That's not being headstrong, Raichu. That's stupidity."

"Nothing we haven't done before."

"Well back then we had all the gangs to back us up."

"True, but Mewtwo wasn't at full strength. I thought I could take him."

"Do me a favor Raichu. Let me do the thinking from now on."

"Okay, so start thinking. What do we do now?"

"Alakazam has a plan."


Raichu's wounds were quickly healed up care of the softboiled ability from the resident Chansey. Raichu was quickly up and running the gang like he had never stopped being the boss. Being in charge was natural to him, as he had been the boss since he defeated his older brother before their rumble with the Psychic Gang way back when Pikachu was still a young Pichu. It was a bit more complex than before, as now he was dealing with more than just electric types. Now he had to contend with Pokemon of every type. But with his older brother looking over his shoulder, things were moving smoothly.

"Just like the good ol' days." Raichu commented.

"Hm? Like what?" His older brother asked.

"Just like when I first became the boss."

"Well I think things are a little more different now."

"Yes, of course. So where's Alakazam?"

"He'll be here."

Alakazam, being as punctual as ever, arrived right on time. Pikelle had a conference area prepared for his arrival, and she ushered the three Pokemon into that area, and promptly left them to their meeting.

"So what do you have for us?" The younger Raichu asked, getting right to the point.

"This." Alakazam said as he produced a strange looking collar.

"What is it?" The younger Raichu asked.

"It is a powerful psychic collar." Alakazam said.

"What does it do?" The older Raichu asked, curiously.

"Simply put, it will block all the psychic powers of the wearer. It will also disable all motor functions of the body." Alakazam explained.

"Meaning?" The younger Raichu asked.

"Meaning, if we put this on Mewtwo, he won't be able to use his powers or move at all. He'll be completely disabled." Alakazam said.

"Geez! It's like trying to put a bell on an Arcanine!" The younger Raichu exclaimed.

"It can't be that hard." The older Raichu commented. "I would think that Alakazam has an idea of how to get this thing on Mewtwo."

"Well actually..." Alakazam started.

Both brothers looked over at Alakazam.

"I was kind of hoping that you two would be able to come up with a plan." Alakazam said quietly.

The older Raichu shook his head.

"We'll think of something." The older Raichu said.

"Now here's the million dollar question. What do we do once we get this collar on him?" The younger Raichu asked.

"Now, for that, I do have a plan." Alakazam said proudly.

"Then we should focus on how to get this collar on Mewtwo." The younger Raichu said.

"Alright, let's brainstorm." The older Raichu said.

"Mewtwo is a psychic trapped in an electric's body. Can we use that to our advantage?" Alakazam asked.

"The only thing that could get close to Mewtwo would be a dark type." The older Raichu said.

The younger Raichu looked over at his brother. The older Raichu looked over at his younger brother. They were both on the same track.

"Jolteon." They both said.


"You want me to do what!?" Jolteon asked.

"We need you to get in contact with Umbreon." The younger Raichu said.

"You're asking the impossible!" Jolteon said.

"Why is it so impossible?" The older Raichu asked, confused.

"Umbreon is always moving. There's no way for me to know where he is at any given time!" Jolteon said.

"What about Espeon? Would he know?" Alakazam asked.

"Well... maybe. But..." Jolteon started.

"Perfect. I can locate Espeon. All psychics can find each other." Alakazam said.

"Well get to it." The younger Raichu said.

Alakazam sat down and concentrated. Purple waves of energy began to emanate from his body as his mind worked feverishly trying to locate the psychic energy wavelength of Epseon. His mind scanned the entire world, going through each path, cave, field, and forest of the world until at last, he found Espeon sunning himself in a field outside of Fuchsia.

"Espeon!" Alakazam's voice rang out inside Espeon's head.

Espeon leapt to his feet.

"Who's there?" He asked, looking around his immediate vicinity.

"I am Boss Alakazam of the Psychic Gang. We met before during the battle with Mewtwo. I am contacting you through mental telepathy." Alakazam said.

"Oh yes. Alakazam." Espeon calmed down and laid back down and started soaking in some more sunlight. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm on permanent vacation?"

"We need your help in locating Umbreon."

"Umbreon? What do you need him for?"

"We need a dark type's help."

"For what?"

"Mewtwo has returned."

Espeon remained silent for a few moments.

"Tell me everything."

Alakazam then relayed the entire story of how Mewtwo had taken over Pikachu's body and was trying to bring about his own resurrection.

"This isn't good." Espeon said after a long silence.

Alakazam didn't comment.

"Alright then. Umbreon always moves at night. But he always stays in the same places on different days. It's Friday today isn't it? Today, he's sleeping in Diglett's Cave. Not too far from you. But you need to get there before nightfall. He hates to move at daylight so he runs around at night, for obvious reasons."

"Thank you Espeon. You've been a tremendous help."

"Just pray that Mewtwo doesn't try to resurrect the Dogs of War."

"We will do so. Thank you again."


Deep within Diglett's Cave, Umbreon snoozes soundly in a dark, secluded corner of the tunnel. Suddenly and without warning, a sandshrew pops out of the ground a short distance away from the sleeping pokemon. The younger Raichu clambers out of the hole and dusts himself off.

"What a way for a raichu to travel : underground." Raichu said as he wiped the last of the dust from his chest.

He looked around, squinting to see, but couldn't see a thing.

"Time to shed a little light on the subject." Raichu said as he used his flash ability.

His tail and cheeks suddenly illuminated very brightly and lit up the entire tunnel. Umbreon, startled, jumped to his feet and tried to run. But since he was blinded by the light, he stumbled head first into a wall.

"Hey! Turn out that light!" Umbreon said as he held his head with his front paws.

"Opps. Sorry." Raichu said as he stopped his flash ability.

"What the heck were you thinking, using a flash attack while I'm sleeping huh?" Umbreon asked.

"Umbreon, look, we need your help."

"My help? For what?

"Mewtwo has returned, and we need your help so we can stop him."

"Why me?"

"You're the only dark type we know."

"Good reason. Alright, what do I have to do?"

Alakazam's plan was coming together. Now they had the means to stop Mewtwo, and someone who's able to get close to Mewtwo, and he had a plan of what to do with Mewtwo, once they had him.

"So who's going to go with me?" Umbreon asked.

"Well I'm definitely going." The younger Raichu piped up.

"And I suppose I should go with you, so I can keep you out of trouble." The older Raichu said.

"Count me out." Alakazam said. "I don't stand a chance against Mewtwo. You're better off without me."

"Well you can still help." The younger Raichu said.

"How's that?" Alakazam asked.

"Find him." The older Raichu said, once again, on the same mental track with his younger brother.

Alakazam nodded and sat down. He began to concentrate. His mind telepathically searched every field, forest, cave, and path of the world. It took him a few moments, but he finally found Mewtwo.

"I found him. He's in Mt. Moon." Alakazam announced.

"Then that's where we're going." The younger Raichu said.

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