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The Rainbow Gang
Chapter 8 - Coming Out
By Mega Raichu




Pikachu could just barely make out the voices of his friends and family. He could feel their presence around him. He could also feel their fears and worries. Somehow his mind had expanded. It had expanded to make room. To make room for something else. Someone else. Someone dangerous.

"Pikachu!" It was his eldest brother.

Pikachu groaned.

"Oh! He moved!" Pikette's voice said in surprise.

"Get a Chansey!" The younger Raichu's voice shouted.

Pikachu felt numb all over. He could feel something in his mind trying to take over. But no matter how hard he resisted, he could not fight it.

"Voice? What happened?" Pikachu thought.

"Don't you get it Pikachu?" The Voice responded.

"Get what?" Pikachu asked. "What have you done?"

"Don't you realize who I am?"

"I don't understand."

"Listen to the sound of my voice."

Pikachu's eyes shot open. A look of fear became plastered on his face.

"Pikachu!" The younger Raichu exclaimed.

"No time!" Pikachu shouted. "He's… he's coming!"

"Who's coming?" The older Raichu asked.

"You need to rest!" Pikette grabbed Pikachu's arm.

He shoved her away.

"There's no time! We have to… AAAH!" Pikachu clutched his head and doubled over in pain.

Everyone was silent as Pikachu laid there, holding his head and groaning. Suddenly his groaning stopped. The younger Raichu took a step forward, but stopped when Pikachu made a sudden movement. He began to shake slightly. Then he began to laugh. At first it was a silent laughter, but he got louder and louder until his laughter filled the room.

"Pikelle, get the kids out of here." Raichu whispered to his wife.

She complied and quickly got the Pichus out of the complex. Raichu turned back to his younger brother. Pikachu was now on his feet, still laughing. But his laughing soon slowed until he stood there, staring at his brothers with a grin on his face.

"What's so damn funny?" The younger Raichu asked.

Pikachu smirked.

"Haven't you figured it out by now?" Pikachu asked, only his voice was different.

"Pikachu? What's wrong with you?" The younger Raichu asked.

"Wait! That's not Pikachu!" The older Raichu said.

"Go ahead Raichu. Say it loud so everyone can hear!" Pikachu said.

Pikette, the younger Raichu, and the other gang members stared at the older Raichu.

"I can't believe that you're alive, Mewtwo!" The older Raichu said.

"That's right! And you're all invited to my… coming out party!" Mewtwo said with a smirk.

The younger Raichu stepped forward.

"Get out of my brother's body!" He shouted.

A blue aura formed around Pikachu/Mewtwo's body. He floated up into the air.

"And if I don't?" Mewtwo asked.

Raichu took another step forward.

"Don't do it Raichu!" His older brother shouted. "You don't stand a chance!"

"You should listen to your brother."

Raichu didn't say anything. They stood there for a few moments, staring each other down. Suddenly, Raichu lunged at Pikachu/Mewtwo. But Pikachu/Mewtwo dodged and launched a psybeam attack at Raichu. Raichu was expecting it and rolled away and launched a thunderbolt at Pikachu/Mewtwo. The attack scored, but Pikachu/Mewtwo was not affected by the attack. Raichu stood in disbelief.

"Since I now inhabit your brother's body, I also take on all of his physical attributes." Mewtwo said. "Electric attacks won't even phase me now."

Raichu stood, staring at disbelief, trying to think of a way to defeat Mewtwo. But while Raichu hesitated, Mewtwo launched another psybeam attack, sending Raichu through a nearby window. Pikachu/Mewtwo smirked and floated through the hole in the window. Pikachu/Mewtwo made a soft landing and looked around for Raichu.

"Where are you Raichu? Hiding?" Mewtwo asked with a taunting tone.

"Right here!" Raichu shouted from a tree.

Pikachu/Mewtwo turned to face Raichu and saw that Raichu had leapt from the tree and was flying down towards him. Pikachu/Mewtwo didn't have time to react. Raichu smashed into Pikachu/Mewtwo. They both slammed into the ground and slid for a few feet. Raichu began punching Pikachu/Mewtwo until Pikachu/Mewtwo threw Raichu off with a psychic attack. Raichu arced as he flew through the air, but he twisted around and landed on his feet. Raichu wasted no time and launched himself at Pikachu/Mewtwo once again. But this time Pikachu/Mewtwo was ready and stopped Raichu in midair with telekinesis. Pikachu/Mewtwo floated up into the air and flew away from the complex, dragging Raichu against the ground behind him as he flew. When they had gotten some distance away from the complex, Pikachu/Mewtwo threw his arms forward, sending Raichu flying forward. Raichu hit the ground again and slid forward for a few moments and then slowly came to a stop. Raichu lay there unmoving for a few moments. Pikachu/Mewtwo floated over to where Raichu had stopped and landed a few feet away. He smirked as Raichu tried to pull himself to his feet. Pikachu/Mewtwo allowed Raichu a few moments to get to his feet and regain his bearings.

"Your older brother couldn't defeat me." Mewtwo said. "What makes you think that you can?"

Raichu sneered and launched himself at Pikachu/Mewtwo, catching him off guard. Raichu began whaling on Pikachu/Mewtwo with mega punch after mega punch. Each hit Raichu landed caused more blood to flow from Pikachu/Mewtwo's mouth.

"Brother stop!" Pikachu's voice resounded.

Raichu stopped in mid-punch, his eyes widened with disbelief.

"Why are you doing this?" Pikachu asked.

"I… I…" Raichu stuttered.

"You're a fool!" Mewtwo's voice shot out.

Pikachu/Mewtwo threw Raichu off of him with a massive psychic blast. Pikachu/Mewtwo stood up as Raichu got to his feet.

"Ha ha ha ha! You are such a fool Raichu!" Mewtwo said. "Did you really believe that Pikachu is still in here? Ha!"

"Oh brother! Please save me!" Pikachu's voice said.

"Pikachu!" Raichu shouted.

"I own this body now Raichu! And there's nothing you can do about it! I control everything about this body! Attacks, defenses, even the voice!" Mewtwo replied.

"There is one thing I can do!" Raichu said angrily.

"Try me." Mewtwo said, motioning to Raichu to bring it on.

Raichu launched himself at Pikachu/Mewtwo once again, but this time, his strategy was different. He quickly used his agility attack and suddenly was behind Pikachu/Mewtwo. He grabbed Pikachu/Mewtwo's arms and pulled them behind his back. Then he began to charge himself.

The older Raichu, Pikette, and Pikelle ran towards the place where Raichu and Mewtwo were fighting. Pikelle had left her Pichu's in the care of one of her brothers so that she could come and help her husband.

"What's going on Raichu?" Pikelle asked as they ran.

"Mewtwo has taken over Pikachu's body! He's trying to bring about his own resurrection!" Raichu said between breaths.

"What chance does Raichu have against Mewtwo?" Pikette asked.

"About zero to none." Raichu replied grimly.

The three arrived as Raichu had put Pikachu/Mewtwo into the arm lock.

"No! He's gonna…" The older Raichu started.

There was a loud explosion and a great expansion of energy. The older Raichu grabbed both of the girls and dived behind a large rock. The shockwave of the energy passed over the rock . The wind whipped over them. The older Raichu looked up as the light died down, just in time to see the younger Raichu's body fly one way, and Pikachu's body fly in the opposite direction. Raichu ran off in the direction the younger Raichu flew. The two girls followed him. They found themselves in a forest area. Then they found Raichu's battered body. Blood was flowing from his mouth and nose, and he was unconscious.

"Dumb kid." The older Raichu said as he approached his younger brother.

"Oh Raichu… why?" Pikelle asked as she lifted his head.

Together, the three of them carried him back to the complex.

Atop Mount Moon, a Pikachu's unmoving body lies on a large boulder. His eyes slowly crack open. He looks up to the sky and smiles. And he begins to laugh.

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