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The Rainbow Gang
Chapter 6 - Battle
By Mega Raichu

Deep in the forest, a makeshift dam made of logs stands to hold back a reservoir of water that the bug gang uses. A paras scuttles away from this dam, and suddenly, it breaks and water begins to gush towards the Bug gang HQ. The paras finds a high spot in a tree and looks over the damage, and chuckles to himself.

"Now, to incriminate…" the paras thought to himself.


Boss Scyther stood over his waterlogged home, deep in thought. He looked down at the waiting paras, who had just delivered a disturbing message.

"You're sure about what you saw?" Scyther asked.

"I know a squirtle when I see it." Paras said.

"Got to be from the Water gang." Scyther said grimly.

"Couldn't be from anywhere else." Paras said, controlling his happiness.

"This is cause for war." Scyther said angrily, and stormed off.


Pikachu stood at the ruins of the old reactor, letting his thoughts roam free. He had already lost all track of time. The Voice was oddly quiet, but Pikachu paid it no mind. He looked at the destroyed walls and reminded himself that everything that was going to happen, had to happen if he was to bring peace to the gangs. His thoughts were disturbed by a small voice from behind him.

"Sir?" A quiet female voice from behind him asked.

Pikachu turned around and saw a female Pikachu staring back at him.

"What is it?" Pikachu said.

"A message from Blastoise." She said.

Pikachu waited a moment so that she could tell him the message, but she remained quiet.

"Well?" Pikachu asked impatiently.

"The message came as a letter." She held out a small envelope.

Pikachu took the envelope from her and walked past her into the compound towards his office. Curious as to what the message said, she followed him. Pikachu was fully aware that she was following him, but said nothing about it. When he reached his office he turned around to face her, startling her.

"What's your name?" Pikachu asked her.

"Pikelle." She answered.

Pikachu smiled.

"Pikelle, I'm in the market for a secretary. Want the job?" Pikachu asked.

"Oh yes sir!" She answered excitedly.

Pikachu looked past her and saw his two brothers talking to each other.

"So do you think this plan will work?" The older Raichu asked.

"I think so. It's a pretty good plan." The younger Raichu answered.

"You think Pikette will let you take your kids to the rumbles?"

"I still need to talk to her about that."

The older Raichu laughed.

"What's so funny?" The younger Raichu asked.

"I never thought you'd get tied down to a woman." The older Raichu said.

"Well at least I have one!"


Raichu snapped his fingers and a female Raichu came up, took his arm and they walked off.

"How did he do that?" The younger Raichu asked himself.

"Papa!" One of Raichu's kids shouted.

Raichu turned and saw Pikette standing in the door with their kids. Raichu swallowed hard. He was supposed to stay home today.

"Raichu! Where have you been all day?" Pikette asked angrily.

"Uh I had a meeting with Pikachu!" Raichu said nervously.

"Hey don't try to pin this on me man." Pikachu said from behind Raichu.

"Uncle Pikachu!" On of the Pichu's said excitedly.

Pikachu walked away, with the Pichu's and Pikelle following him. Raichu watched as they walked away.

"Man, he's got a woman following him too. How do they do that?" Raichu thought.

"Ahem. Forget something?" Pikette asked angrily.

Raichu spun on his heels to face his wife, knowing that he was knee deep in trouble.

Pikachu sat down and the Pichu's gathered around him. Pikachu opened the letter and read the message.

"What's the letter say uncle?" One of the Pichu's asked.

"Well, it seems we may have a real treat for you kids." Pikachu said.

The Pichu's gathered in closer with wide eyes.

"The Bug gang has declared a rumble on the Water gang. You kids may get to see a real rumble!" Pikachu said.

The Pichus cheered.

"What are they so happy about?" Pikette asked, hearing her kids cheering.

"Hang on, I'll go find out." Raichu said.

Before Pikette could argue, Raichu ran off. Pikachu looked up as Raichu approached him.

"What's up?" Raichu asked.

"My plan is working. The Bug gang and Water gang are gonna rumble!" Pikachu said.

"A rumble, wow. It's been awhile since one of those happened." Pikette said from behind Raichu, startling him.

"Mama! Can we watch the rumble?" One of the Pichu's asked.


"Pretty please?"

"Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"Come on Pikette, it'll do 'em some good." Raichu said quietly.

"Well, alright, but keep them at a safe distance." Pikette said. "This will be a good opportunity for you to spend some time with them."

Raichu laughed, and the Pichu's cheered.

On the chosen battlefield, the Bug gang and the Water gang prepared to meet in battle. On one end, Scyther and his bugs, on the other, Blastoise and his water Pokémon. High on a hill, Pikachu and his two older brothers, along with the younger Raichu's children, and a few other gang members, sat and waited for the battle to begin.

"When is it gonna start papa?" One of the Pichu's asked.

"Very soon." Raichu said.

Blastoise took his position in front of his gang, with the rest of his gang taking their battle positions behind him. Scyther and his gang moved similarly. There was a long pause as Scyther and Blastoise stared each other down. Suddenly Blastoise let out a loud battle cry and the Water gang surged forward. Scyther pointed forward with one of his razor sharp blades and shouted a charge, causing the Bug gang to advance towards the Water gang. The two gangs moved quickly towards each other, each member of both gangs shouting war cries. Pikachu and the others stood and leaned forward to watch the charge. There was an almost bomb-like explosion as the two gangs smashed into each other. The two gangs fought for what seemed like an eternity. Scyther shot through the mess of fighting pokemon, slashing left and right. Water pokemon fell under his attacks. There was a short break in the fighting. Scyther looked around him.

"Who else wants some, huh? Who's next?" Scyther shouted.

Suddenly two bug pokemon flew past him due to two large water gun blasts. Scyther looked and saw Blastoise, his water cannon still dripping water, standing before him, issuing a silent challenge. A small clearing in the fighting appeared around Scyther and Blastoise as they fought. Scyther, being smaller and faster was making the battle difficult for the large tortoise. But the more experienced Blastoise was able to fight his way through Scyther's fast and furious attacks. Eventually the veteran fighters of the Water gang became just too much for the Bug gang to handle, and the Bug gang began to lose ground. Soon, the Bug gang became overwhelmed and eventually defeated. Scyther and his most trusted members were taken away by the Water gang. The Water gang left the remains of the Bug gang on the battlefield. Pikachu and the other Rainbow Gang members went down into the battlefield and rounded up the remains of the Bug gang. Pikachu formed a small pedestal from a few rocks, and stood on top of it. He had the full attention of the Bug gang members before him.

"That was a pretty impressive display." Pikachu said. "But the fact of the matter is, you've lost. On top of that, Scyther has been taken to be…ah… interrogated."

No one argued.

"So this is what I offer you." Pikachu said. "I offer you a home, a society, and safety. You can follow us, or go out on your own. If you choose to go out on your own, it is highly likely you'll end up running for the rest of your life. I've never known Blastoise to leave a losing gang free to run around. I can guarantee, however, that if you join us, you won't be hunted, and you'll be able to live in peace. Join or don't, the choice is yours."

Pikachu hopped down from his pedestal and walked away, with the electric gang members following him. The Bug gang members watched as Pikachu walked away.

"Like we have a choice?" A Butterfree asked.

The entire Bug gang followed Pikachu back to the Rainbow gang HQ.

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