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The Electric Gang
By Mega Raichu
Chapter 5 - The Plan

Pikachu sat in deep though in his office, working out the small details of the new plan that the Voice had given him. Pikachu smiled as the plan unfolded in his mind.

"Finally", he thought, "they'll all become one again."

The door swung open. Pikachu looked at the open door and saw both of his older brothers.

"What's this 'plan' I'm hearing about Pikachu?" The younger Raichu asked.

"It had better be good." The older Raichu said.

"Oh it is good, my brothers." Pikachu said smugly. "Sit and I'll tell you all about it."

Both of the Raichus took their seats in front of Pikachu's desk.

"We've been getting reports from our spies in all of the gangs." Pikachu said. "As it is, all the old rivalries are heating up again, and new ones are forming."

"So? What difference does that make?" The younger Raichu said.

"Yeah, we're staying out of all the rumbles." The older Raichu said.

"That doesn't matter." Pikachu said. "My plan is brilliant. All we have to do is get our people to instigate fights between those gangs."

"So what will that accomplish?" The younger Raichu said.

"I'll tell you what that will accomplish." Pikachu said, standing up. "We'll let them fight each other and destroy each other."

"And we'll go to the battlefield and pick up the pieces, am I right?" The older Raichu said.

"Exactly." Pikachu said. "The losers will want to have a safe haven to hide in so their 'rivals' won't get to them."

"That'll make us look like the 'Good Samaritan', so to speak." The younger Raichu said. "I have to admit Pikachu, that's pretty devious. But what do we do about the winners?"

"Eventually they'll fight each other down to one gang, and us." Pikachu remarked. "With us picking up all the stragglers and losers from each rumble, we'll have a fairly sizable army. All we do is demand that they join us, or be annihilated."

"That's not only devious, it's on the verge of being... diabolical." The younger Raichu remarked.

"What happens if we get caught?" The older Raichu said.

"We won't. I've already been gathering our most loyal gang members to be sent on a 'secret mission'." Pikachu said dryly. "They've already agreed to deny any and all connections to us if they are caught. In fact, they'll say that they're from a different gang. The gang they say they're from will deny it, and that is what I call rumble fodder."

"That's genius Pikachu!" The younger Raichu exclaimed.

"There's only one flaw." The older Raichu said softly.

"What's that?" Pikachu asked.

"Once we start 'collecting' members out of the rumble losers, the other gangs will know right off the bat what we are doing." The older Raichu said. "They already don't like us too much. If they feel that losing means they'll get recruited by us, they might use that as a reason not to fight."

"My dear older brother. Since when has any gang ever refused a rumble?" Pikachu said smugly. "I am certain that no one will refuse to fight, or refuse our generosity."

"And if they do refuse us?" The younger Raichu asked.

"Then we leave them be. We won't force them to join us. We are only offering them a safe place to stay and a large community to join with." Pikachu said firmly.

"Ha! True genius Pikachu! I'll back this plan one hundred percent!" The younger Raichu said. "Do you think that we could watch the rumbles as they happen?"

"I don't see why not, as long as we don't participate." Pikachu answered.

"Great. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce this to my kids." Raichu said.

"You're going to teach them to fight like us?" The older Raichu asked, surprised.

"Why so surprised Raichu? You two taught me the same way. Why should his kids be an exception?" Pikachu asked.

"Hmm. I was merely thinking of how Pikette will take it." The older Raichu said.

The younger Raichu opened his mouth to comment, but closed it again. His face showed signs of thought.

"I don't know if Pikette will like it." The younger Raichu said. "But I'm sure I can talk her into it."

"So when do we set things into motion?" The older Raichu asked.

"I have mobilized my spies already. They'll be doing their 'thing' within a day or less." Pikachu said confidently.

"Perfect. That gives me time to talk to her." The younger Raichu said, then left the room, leaving the door ajar.

The older Raichu stood, walked to the door and closed it. He turned back to Pikachu.

"Tell me something Pikachu." The older Raichu said.

"Yes? What?" Pikachu asked.

"How did you come up with that plan?"

"It just popped into my head."

"I think I know you better than that Pikachu. I know you couldn't come up with an intricate plan like that without the counsel of myself or Raichu. Who helped you?"

"No one 'helped' me Raichu. I did this on my own."

"This sounds like a plan that could have come out of the mind of an experienced diplomat."

"Am I not a diplomat?"

"As a boss, yes you are. But you are still young..."

"And headstrong. I may be young, brother, but don't underestimate me."

Raichu contemplated this as he left the office without another word.

"I don't know how, but he knows." The Voice said.

"No. He doesn't suspect a thing." Pikachu thought.

"Still, I think something should be done..."

"I won't harm my own brother, you know that."

"If he finds out about me, things could get very ugly."

"That reminds me. Who are you anyway? Are you a spirit or something?"

The Voice did not respond. Pikachu dismissed it and went back to work, fine tuning his new plan.


"Listen up all of you." Pikachu stood in front of a small group of well trained and loyal gang members, "This is very tricky business we're getting ourselves into. At the first sign of trouble, I want you all back here, pronto."

The group remained silent.

"This isn't going to be easy. I know all of you are very good at what you each do. But all you have to do is instigate tension between these new gangs. Not only will the rumbles that you start be good entertainment, but they are the very core of my plan for a unified society. I don't care how you do it, just get the job done. You all have your orders. If you're caught, don't mention this gang, but instead name another gang. Do not contact each other or anyone from this gang until the fighting starts. Understand?"

Voices of general agreement rose from the group.

"You are the wheels that make this machine work. Do your job well and everything will fall into place. I don't care who fights who, but make sure you guys are not involved in the fighting. I can't stress that enough. But once all the gangs have beaten themselves silly, I promise we will have peace. I know I can trust each and every one of you."

Pikachu could see the loyalty in the eyes of every gang member that stood before him.

"You have your orders. Make the gang proud!" Pikachu said proudly.

The group let loose a small cheer and then left the compound to do their assigned jobs.

"That's right my friends. Make them fight, and we will win." Pikachu thought.


Deep in the Viridian forest, the home of the Bug Gang, a Parasect scuttles into the HQ of this newly formed gang. Getting in and blending was quite simple.

"These new gangs have no idea what they are up against." Parasect thought.

Parasect then began plotting his plan to get the bugs to declare a rumble.


In the underground cavern that the Psychic Gang called their home, a young Abra teleports in behind a large rock. This young Abra was once a member of this gang, but Pikachu's ideals impressed him.

"They probably didn't even miss me. I should have no trouble here." Abra thought to himself.


Flareon now stood near the charred remains of the Cinnabar laboratory that the fire gang calls home. Flareon, being a former member of the fire gang, knew he would not be noticed.

"Charizard is too much of an egotist to even worry about someone like me." Flareon said to himself.

Flareon padded over towards the building, a plan forming in his head.


All of the other gangs were infiltrated in a similar manner by other members of The Rainbow Gang. Pikachu stood, looking over the ruined reactor. Memories of the epic battle with Mega Mewtwo flooded into his mind. Pikachu knew these memories were only proper, as another epic war was just about to begin. Pikachu smiled to himself as a cold wind shot through the ruins.

"A wind of change." Pikachu thought.

The Voice in the back of Pikachu's mind silently laughed. Pikachu silently laughed with the Voice.

"It is only a matter of time." The Voice said.

"Yes, I can't wait! Victory will finally be mine!" Pikachu thought silently.

"Neither can I." The Voice said, and continued laughing.

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