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The Rainbow Gang
By Mega Raichu
Chapter 4 - Old Acquaintances, New Troubles

"So who are you going to take with you to the boss council?" The younger Raichu asked.

"Is there any problem with me bringing the both of you along?" Pikachu asked.

"Well no, but it might look bad." The older Raichu remarked.

"How would it look bad?" Pikachu wondered aloud.

"They would be thinking that you're trying to hide behind us." The younger Raichu responded.

"Hmpf. Let them think what they like. I want you both to go with me. Unless you've got something better to do." Pikachu said, with a look to both of the older Raichus.

"Well… Pikette has been riding my case that I haven't been spending time with my kids lately." The younger Raichu said meekly.

"Heh. You're whipped." Pikachu said with a sarcastic grin.

The younger Raichu turned red with anger.

"Am not!" He shouted.

"If you want to stay here, then you're free to do so." Pikachu said. "I want at least one of you there with me."

"Then I'll go with him." The older Raichu said to the younger.

"Yeah, go spend time with your wife and kids." Pikachu said with all seriousness evident in his voice. "And give them my love.

Following the specific directions to the place where the meeting would take place, Zapdos flew high in the sky at a relaxed pace with the two mice riding on his back. Pikachu looked down over the large bird's side and watched as the ground gave way to a large body of water. Pikachu then turned his gaze upward and stared at the sky as the clouds moved over their heads.

"Reach up and shake the heavens." The voice in his mind said silently.

Pikachu gave no response. He looked over at his older brother who sat in silent thought.

"Brother." Pikachu said aloud.

Raichu suddenly became alert.

"What will we be expecting brother?"

"Almost anything."


"Yes. I can only suspect that the topic of discussion will be your plans for a unified society."

"I don't see why they can't accept it."

Raichu didn't respond to Pikachu's statement. Zapdos then began to curve downward and landed next to a large building. Pikachu and Raichu disembarked from Zapdos and entered the building. Looking around the building, Pikachu and Raichu saw many familiar faces, and some new fresh ones. Once all of the bosses arrived, the meeting started. Alakazam took the position of Chairman of Council. All of the old and new bosses were introduced. Charizard, the new boss of the Fire Gang, Venusaur, the old boss of the Plant Gang, Blastoise, the newly evolved boss of the Water Gang, Golem, the old boss of the ground gang, Scyther, the young boss of the newly formed Bug Gang, Dragonair, another young face who claimed to be boss of the new Dragon Gang, Gengar, boss of another new gang, the Ghost Gang, Pikachu, representing the Rainbow Gang, and Alakazam announced his gang last, the Psychic Gang.

"First order of business, let's welcome these new gangs into our order." Alakazam said with an air of authority.

The other bosses greeted the new bosses with greets of formal cheers and leery glances. After a few moments, they turned their attention back to Alakazam.

"Next order of business, the official reinstatement of the old gangs, and initiation of the new gangs." Alakazam said. "All in favor."

Everyone but Pikachu and Raichu shouted "Aye".

"Opposed." Alakazam said, with his eye on Pikachu.

Pikachu, not to anyone's surprised stood and shouted "Nay!"

"Pikachu, I swear we've gone over this a hundred times!" Blastoise shouted at the young mouse.

"None of you understand what I'm trying to do!" Pikachu shouted.

"You just want to be in control of everyone!" Charizard said in retaliation.

"I don't think your opinions carry much weight here Charizard." Pikachu said.

"Is that a threat?" Charizard said, standing up.

Alakazam slammed his gavel against his podium.

"Enough." Alakazam said. "Charizard. Pikachu has a point. It was your gang that loosed Mewtwo upon us all."

"That's bias." Raichu said.

Everyone looked over at the older mouse with a look of surprise.

"I don't need your help you old rat." Charizard said with a huff of smoke.

Ignoring Charizard's remark, Raichu continued.

"The fact of the matter is, Mewtwo could have joined up with any gang. Even mine. Even yours." Raichu said with a glare at Alakazam. "He only chose to join the Fire Gang because of … personal interest."

"Personal interest!?" Charizard bellowed. "What kind of personal interest could there have been?!"

"He's really going to tell them." The voice in Pikachu's head said nervously.

Pikachu didn't respond, but found himself strangely interested in this new turn of events.

"Then tell us, Raichu. What about this 'personal interest' of Mewtwo's?" Alakazam asked, his curiosity showing clear through.

There was a murmur of agreement throughout the entire room.

"Come on brother. Tell us the story." Pikachu said silently, always loving his brother's stories.

"Well alright. Mewtwo and I, we were rivals back in the day. It was way before the gangs became type specific." The old mouse said in recollection. "He wasn't in a gang, but I was in the Electric Gang, under boss Electabuzz. We both had a thing for Rapidash."

"You?" Pikachu asked with a laugh. "And her?"

"Yes, I liked her. But Mewtwo fell for her in a big way." Raichu said, his tone beginning to sadden. "He challenged me to a fight. I lost."

There was a moment of silence.

"But this story does have a happy ending though." Raichu said perking up. "Rapidash completely rejected him. But since she didn't want him, then I figured that there would be no contest for me. So I never pursued her."

"And instead you pursued your career." Pikachu said.

"Exactly." Raichu said. "But if Mewtwo hadn't had that interest in Rapidash, he could've joined with anyone. So don't pick on Charizard for what Mewtwo did. It wasn't his fault."

Raichu sat down in silence. There was another moment of silence. The silence was broken by Alakazam clearing his throat.

"Well, now that we have that bit of information, I stand corrected." Alakazam said. "So for now, no one will be biased against the fire gang for what happened in the past. Agreed?"

There were answers of general agreement coming from the entire congregation.

"Pikachu. As it is, your motion to consolidate all the gangs into one has already been voted out." Alakazam said. "Your gang will be treated the same as any other."

"But…" Pikachu started.

"Don't argue." The voice said.

"Why not!?" Pikachu thought back.

"Just don't." The voice said. "Take my advice and don't."

"Something you wanted to say Pikachu?" Alakazam asked.

"No." Pikachu said quietly. "Nothing."

"Now about alliances." Alakazam said. "Will the old alliances be reforming?"

"I have a plan." The voice said.

"What plan?" Pikachu thought.

"Just do as I say." The voice responded.

Pikachu sat silently listening to the council members argue amongst themselves.

"What do you have to say about this Pikachu?" Alakazam asked.

"Condemn it all." The voice said suddenly.

"What!?" Pikachu thought.

"Do it." The voice said.

Pikachu stood. Everyone stopped arguing and looked over at the young mouse.

"I condemn this entire system!" Pikachu said.

"You what!?" Raichu shouted in surprise.

"You all can sit here and argue about territory and alliances all you like. I was my hands of the whole thing. I will make no alliances and I will participate in nothing to do with you all, and that includes rumbles. You all can destroy yourselves for all I care!" Pikachu shouted.

There was an uncomfortable silence as everyone in the room stared at the angry youth.

"Now leave." The voice said.

Pikachu turned on his heels and walked out of the room. Raichu scrambled out of his chair and ran after his younger brother.

"What the hell was that!?" Raichu asked, making no attempt to hide his anger.

"Don't worry. I have a plan." Pikachu said.

"A plan?"

"Yes, a plan."

"I hope you know what you're doing." Raichu said.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Voice." Pikachu thought.

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