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The Rainbow Gang Chapter 10.
The Road to Mt Moon.
Guest chaptered by Cullen Pittman

The sun was setting so it was time for the two Raichus to go off to Mt. Moon
and save Pikachu who had been possessed by the evil Mewtwo.  The reason they
waited till sunset was because their secret weapon, Umbreon, only traveled
around at night.  The three Pokemon walked through the beautiful starry night
getting closer and closer to Mt. Moon.

"Do you still have that collar?" the older Raichu asked the younger.

"Sure do", said younger Raichu sadly as he held it up. "I just can't believe
it's come to this", he moaned. "I have to collar my own little brother like
some kind of pet."

"I don't like it either", said older Raichu. "But Alakazam said we have to put
this collar around him to keep him motionless and powerless.  And remember.
We're actually collaring Mewtwo so we can help Pikachu."

"Okay, I'll look at it that way", said younger Raichu. "Thank you brother."

"My pleasure sport", said older Raichu.

Umbreon was just walking silently beside them paying no attention to the two
Raichus' conversation.  Then he noticed something coming up from the horizon.
"Hey, what's that?" he asked.

"What's what?" asked older Raichu as they looked and saw a cloud of dust moving
closer and closer.

"Is that a sandstorm?" asked younger Raichu.

"More like a duststorm!" gasped older Raichu. "Where's a dustbuster when you
need one?!"

"It's much worse", said Umbreon in a calm voice. "It's a stampede." Sure enough
the dust came from a herd of stampeding Stantlers who were running like crazy.

"And they're heading our way!" shouted older Raichu.

"How am I gonna explain to my family when I come home with hoof prints on my
fur?!" cried younger Raichu.

"Quick, stand by me!" shouted Umbreon.  The Raichus stood next to Umbreon while
he created a reflect dome protecting themselves from the rushing Stantlers.  The
Stantlers just ran around the dome while some of them jumped and climbed over
it.  Once the Stantlers were gone, Umbreon ceased his reflect power.

"Whew, that was close", said older Raichu.

"Thanks Umbreon", said younger Raichu as he patted Umbreon's head.

"Please do not touch me", said Umbreon while giving the younger Raichu a slight
mean look backing him away.  Just then, one last Stantler started to run up to

"Run for your lives!" cried the Stantler. "Before it gets you!"

"What's gonna get us?" asked older Raichu.

"THAAAATTT!" cried the Stantler as he ran away from the group.  Everyone
turned around and shivered at what they saw.  A giant 40 foot Gengar was
marching up towards them.  It had scary red eyes and a big toothy grin that
looked really hungry.

"Where did that come from?!" gasped younger Raichu.

"Who cares?!" cried older Raichu. "What I care about it surviving!  Thunderbolt
attack!" The Raichus launched their thunderbolt attacks at the Gengar, but they
just went right through its dark skin not harming it.  Then Gengar started
coming closer.

"I'll stop it with a confuse ray!" said Umbreon as he launched a confuse ray at
Gengar, but Gengar kept marching not a bit confused.

"I thought confuse rays always hits the opponent?!" gasped younger Raichu.
"What kind of Pokemon is this?!"

"I wonder", said Umbreon as he curiously ran over to the slowly marching Gengar.

"Umbreon, what are you doing?!" shouted older Raichu.

"You're gonna get yourself eaten!" shouted younger Raichu.

"Trust me", said Umbreon as he sat down on the grass just as Gengar reached a
hand down to grab him.  But suddenly, the hand just went through Umbreon like
it wasn't a real hand.  Then the Gengar vanished in a puff of black smoke.

"That wasn't a real Gengar after all, it was just an illusion", said younger
Raichu relieved.

"It was definitely one of Mewtwo's psychic tricks", said Umbreon as he walked
back to the Raichus.

"But how did you know?" asked older Raichu.

"Elementary", said Umbreon. "When I figured that a completely accurate attack
like confuse ray didn't affect that Pokemon.  I concluded that it wasn't a real
Pokemon.  So I figured there would be no real danger."

"For a dark-type you certainly aren't dim", smiled younger Raichu.

"And don't you forget it", said Umbreon. "Now let's get moving.  I want to end
this quest before the sun comes out." And the three Pokemon continued their

*      *      *      *      *      *

The Umbreon and the Raichus were now standing at the foot of Mt. Moon. "Exactly
how do we climb this huge thing?" asked older Raichu.

"Gee, I don't know", said younger Raichu. "Our paws aren't really made for
mountain climbing."  Just then, an avalanche of boulders started rolling down
the mountain.

"Geodudes!" cried older Raichu as they saw the angry red glowing eyes and arms
on those rolling boulders.  Sure enough, they were Geodudes.

"Wait a minute", said younger Raichu. "This all could be another one of
Mewtwo's illusions." Then he felt some real pebbles hit him in the face.

"These pebbles are real!" cried younger Raichu. "If so.  Those Geodudes must be
too!  Quick brother, thunderbolt those rocks back!" The two Raichus launched
their thunderbolts, but they did no damage since ground-type Geodudes were
immune to electric attacks.  The Geodudes kept getting closer and closer as
Umbreon calmly studied their red eyes.

"No doubt those Geodudes are under Mewtwo's mind control", said Umbreon. "I
guess it's up to me to save the day again." Then Umbreon released a powerful
mean look attack causing all the Geodudes to stop rolling and sit on the
mountain quietly as their eyes stopped glowing red. "We can use them as
stepping stones", said Umbreon as he leapt on top of one Geodude after another.
The two Raichus stood there silent for a second, then climbed on top of the
paralyzed Geodudes up to the entrance of Mt. Moon.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Finally, they reached the entrance to the cave where Mewtwo dwelled.  But now,
something blue and blubbery was blocking the entrance. "Where did Mewtwo get
such a big blue bean bag chair?" asked older Raichu.

"And since when does a bean bag chair snore?" asked younger Raichu as they
heard heavy snoring coming from the big blue object.

"That's because it's not a bean bag chair", said Umbreon. "It's a Snorlax." Sure
enough there was a 1000 pound Snorlax sleeping away while blocking the entrance
to the cave.

"Come on big guy, move it!" groaned older Raichu as he tried to shake the
sleeping Snorlax awake.  But the Snorlax just rolled over almost squashing the
Raichu if the younger one hadn't yanked him out of the way in time.

"Thank you my friend", said older Raichu.

"My pleasure", said younger Raichu. "I just don't see why this big oaf has to
choose this particular spot to take its month long siesta!"

"No doubt Mewtwo must've summoned it here to keep intruders like us out while
he's sleeping", said Umbreon.

"So now what do we do?!" demanded older Raichu. "There's no way we can push
away something that heavy without it rolling over us!"

"I've heard that the only thing that can awaken a Snorlax is the music from a
Pokeflute", said younger Raichu. "But where in the world are we going to get
one?" Just then, an object materialized right in front of younger Raichu. "A
Pokeflute!" he said as the flute floated into his hands.

"But where did it come from?" gasped older Raichu.

"There's a note attached to it", said younger Raichu as he read it out loud. "I
thought you could use this flute for a situation like this.  Signed:  Alakazam."

"Well how do you like that?" smiled older Raichu. "Even though old Al couldn't
join us, he still finds a ways to help us.  Go ahead and start tooting

"It's a good thing I took band in school", smiled younger Raichu as he played a
happy tune on the flute.  Suddenly, the Snorlax woke up with a loud yawn and
stood up.  It then looked at the two Raichus with an angry face and started
charging after them.

"Why is he angry?!" cried older Raichu. "I thought that was a nice tune you

"Even though I like nice music, I'd be ticked off too if it woke me up from a
nice sleep!" cried younger Raichu as they ran off with the angry Snorlax waving
its paws around getting ready to thrash the two.

"Quick brother, let's use our flash attacks at the same time!" shouted older
Raichu.  Younger Raichu nodded and then they flashed themselves like two
cameras.  "SNOR!" shouted Snorlax as it got blinded causing it to tumble down
the mountain knocking down most of the paralyzed Geoududes.  Both Raichus
looked down and saw the knocked out Snorlax lying back down on the grass with
his stomach covered with the many hands of passed out Geodudes.

"That would make a good front cover for PlayPokemon magazine", laughed older

"At least we got it out of the way", said younger Raichu as he pointed to the
cleared cave entrance.  Let's go Umbreon.  Uh, Umbreon.  Where are you?" The
Raichus looked around and found no trace of their dark companion.

"Where did he go?" asked older Raichu.

"You don't suppose that Snorlax scared him off?" asked younger Raichu.

"I never knew that a dark type would end up turning white with fear", grumbled
older Raichu. "Now how are we gonna capture Mewtwo without that coward's

"We have no choice", said younger Raichu. "All we can do is sneak into that
cave and hope and pray that Mewtwo will be asleep so we can clamp this collar
on him.  We can't turn back now.  My little brother needs me!"

"You're right", said older Raichu. "Unlike other certain fair-weather Pokemon,
I'll be by your side." And the two Raichus walked into the cave silently.

As they traveled through the cave, they heard the sounds of some snoring.  "Is
that another Snorlax?" gasped older Raichu.

"I don't think so", said younger Raichu. "I recognize that snore!  Let's get
closer." Soon they came across a glowing figure sleeping on a rock shaped like
a bed.

"It's Pikachu!" said younger Raichu with tears in his eyes.

"But he's glowing", said older Raichu.

"That's the way he always sleeps", said younger Raichu. "He feels that's his
own built in night light.  You wouldn't believe the number of times that kept
me awake when we were younger!" Then younger Raichu took out the collar and
slowly approached the sleeping Pikachu. "Don't worry little brother", whispered
younger Raichu. "Once I get this collar on you,  Mewtwo won't be able to have
any control over you." Just as he reached Pikachu's neck, Pikachu suddenly
vanished. "What... What just happened?!!" gasped younger Raichu.

"It was another illusion!" cried older Raichu as he felt a force slam and pin
him to the wall.  The same thing then happened to younger Raichu pinning him
to the wall too while dropping the collar.  Then Pikachu-Mewtwo crawled out of
the darkness and smiled wickedly at his prisoners.

"It's so wonderful that you've come to visit me dear brother", said Pikachu-
Mewtwo evily. "And during the middle of the night too!"

"You're not my brother!" growled younger Raichu. "You've taken over my little
brother's body you monster!"

"You mean these cute little Pikachu cheeks don't make your heart melt?" said
Pikachu-Mewtwo in a pretend hurt voice.  Then he noticed the collar on the
ground, picked it up, and studied it. "And just what were you going to do with
this interesting necklace?" he asked.

"That's none of your Beedrillswax!" shouted older Raichu.

"Well, let's just see what happens if I clamp it around one of your necks",
laughed Pikachu-Mewtwo as he tried to fit the collar on each of the Raichus'
necks, but their necks were too big.

"I guess this collar is only Pikachu sized", sighed Pikachu-Mewtwo. "I guess
I'll have to make both your necks thinner!" And he put down the collar and
squeezed both his palms like he was strangling someone.  Both Raichus started
coughing and gagging for they were both getting strangled by Pikachu-Mewtwo's
psychic power.

"All right mister, drop those Raichus!" called out a familiar voice. Pikachu-
Mewtwo quickly turned around causing him to release the Raichus from his
psychic grip and drop down on the floor.

"Who dares say that?!" scowled Pikachu-Mewtwo.  Suddenly a pair of red eyes
appeared in the darkness.

"I did!" said the voice. "And I suggest you come with us quietly before I do
something unpleasant to you.

"You dare threaten the great and powerful Mewtwo?!" growled Pikachu-Mewtwo as
he released a psychic blast at the stranger.  But the red eyes still remained,
unaffected by the psychic blast. "Oh dear!" whispered Pikachu-Mewtwo nervously.

"You were warned", said the stranger as he released a shadow ball at Pikachu-
Mewtwo causing him to cough and pass out.

"Quick Raichu!  Get the collar on him!" called out the voice.  Younger Raichu
quickly grabbed the collar and clamped it around the unconscious Pikachu.

"Everything will be all right brother", said younger Raichu as he patted
Pikachu's head.

"Umbreon, is that you?" asked older Raichu.

"Who else would it be?" asked Umbreon as he stepped out of the shadows with a
small smile on his face.

"Why did you dessert us back there earlier?!" demanded older Raichu. "I didn't
think you'd be scared of a Snorlax."

"I had to disappear", explained Umbreon. "If Mewtwo saw me with you two, he'd
teleport away in fear and we'd never be able to capture him."

"Well, I want to thank you Umbreon", said younger Raichu. "Thanks to you, we're
one step closer of freeing my brother."

"And a very good job you all have done", called out a voice.  They all turned
around and found Alakazam in the cave with them.

"Alakazam!" gasped older Raichu. "You've decided to come with us after all?"

"Actually, I only came when I sensed Mewtwo had been captured", said Alakazam.
"Now I can teleport you all back to headquarters so we can help your brother.
Then Alakazam concentrated on his teleporting power.

"It's good to have you back little bro", whispered younger Raichu as they and
everyone in the cave vanished from sight.


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