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The Rainbow Gang
-A sequel to Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu-
Chapter 1 - Things Change
By Mega Raichu

The two pokémon stood near the ruins of the old electric generator that had been destroyed in their epic battle with the monstrosity that was Mega Mewtwo. The older one, a Raichu, looked out at the ruins with an almost nostalgic air. The younger one, a Pikachu, looked beyond the ruins, as if watching over the world. It had only been a few years since the destruction of the generator. It was decided that the ruins would stay in the condition they were left in after the battle as a reminder of what had happened that fateful day. Pikachu stared steadily at the horizon as the morning sun rose into the pre-dawn sky. Raichu decided to break the silence.

"Nice sunrise." Raichu said.

Pikachu gave no response, or any indication that he had even heard. They stood in silence for a few more minutes, before Pikachu finally spoke.

"Brother, what will happen now?" Pikachu asked.

"Anything can happen now." Raichu answered bluntly.

"I wanted to bring all pokémon together under one flag to improve our society. But all I got was…" He didn't finish his sentence.

They stood in silence for a few moments more. The only sound was that of the wind blowing through the ruined walls of the generator.

"We all know what you tried to accomplish." Raichu said.

"Yes, we all know. But I didn't expect this." Pikachu said.

Raichu knew what 'this' was. It had only been a week since factions of pokémon began to secede from the Rainbow gang. They started to reinstate the old gangs of the past. The water gang of the newly evolved Blastoise, the plant gang of Venusaur, the ground gang of Golem, and the fire gang of the newly appointed boss Charizard, and even the psychic gang of Alakazam were the new factions created by those who left the Rainbow gang. The Rainbow gang still held many members of different types as well as many electric types. All of Jolteon's family remained as well as a few members of other types that didn't go to the other factions.

"Rapidash's decision to put Mewtwo in her ranks nearly destroyed us all." Pikachu said.

"That's right. She didn't know the consequences of her actions." Raichu said.

"That's true, but we never expected what had happened either. When we start thinking like she did, the very fabric of our society is torn apart! Why can't they see that? Why must they tear themselves apart due to petty differences?" Pikachu asked.

Raichu could offer no answer.

"Where is our big brother now, when we need him the most?" Pikachu asked.

"He said he needed to get away for awhile." Raichu said.

"He saw what was going to happen. He told me that the Rainbow gang was an impossibility! I was foolish to think I could make it work. But these others, they only think of themselves." Pikachu said.

"He also said that in times of crisis, we need all the allies we can get. If another Rapidash were to arise…" Raichu started.

"I know. But I can't help but to think that all this trouble can be avoided if we all just get along." Pikachu said.

"We both know it doesn't work that way, brother." Raichu said.

From behind them, Vaporeon made a quiet cough to inform the two mice of his presence. Raichu and Pikachu turned around.

"A messenger from Blastoise, boss." Vaporeon said.

Raichu figured that Vaporeon would find it fitting for him to deliver this message, being that Blastoise was his former boss.

"What is the message?" Pikachu asked.

"I don't know. He says he'll only tell it to you, face to face." Vaporeon said.

"Alliances…" Raichu started.

"I don't want alliances, brother. I want a society for all of us." Pikachu said.

Raichu stood and watched as his brother left the ruins with Vaporeon. Raichu turned back towards the ruins. It almost seemed like yesterday that Pikachu was a Pichu, standing atop this old reactor, giving his all to defeat Mega Mewtwo. Raichu sighed.

"He sure has changed." He said to himself.

And it was true. Pikachu had changed. Since he became the leader of the Rainbow gang, his attitude towards life had changed. He wasn't as fun loving as he used to be. He seemed to be taking a more serious attitude towards things, especially when it came to the gang. But he was extremely good with the children. He seemed to have a soft spot for them. Perhaps it was because he had been one for so long, or the trauma that he suffered during the battle with Mewtwo. Raichu wasn't sure, but the one thing he was sure of, his brother had become someone totally different then who he had been before. Once the gang started to split up, his brother seemed to be getting worse. He seemed more stressed. Raichu tried to help his younger brother, but Pikachu would always claim that he was alright. But Raichu could see through the mask his brother wore. Raichu sighed again and moved towards the new gang hideout.

Pikachu stood in thought, as a young restless Squirtle stood nearby. Raichu could only assume that the Squirtle was the messenger that Blastoise had sent. Raichu approached Pikachu, but Pikachu gave no indication that he even saw his older brother.

"So what's the news?" Raichu asked.

"Blastoise wants to have a boss' meeting." Pikachu said.

"Hm, you don't think that he's going to want to re-establish our alliance do you?" Raichu asked.

Pikachu only looked at his brother in a way that said that was the wrong thing to say at this moment.

"Tell Blastoise that I'll see him whenever he wishes." Pikachu said.

The Squirtle nodded and ran off.

"Sorry bro, I just thought…" Raichu started.

"This isn't a gang anymore brother! This is a society! A society of pokémon! We're here to live in harmony with one another! Not to fight over territory or worry about alliances!" Pikachu said.

"So what are you going to tell Blastoise if he asks for an alliance?" Raichu asked.

Pikachu stood in silence for a moment.

"He was one of the loudest objectors to my ideals." Pikachu said. "I don't know what I'm going to tell him right now."

"Bro, we'll need his help if another Rapidash situation arises." Raichu said.

"I know that. But a Rapidash situation can be avoided if we can just learn to get along with each other." Pikachu said.

"How are you going to make all the gangs come back into the Rainbow gang? By force?" Raichu asked.

"I'd like to avoid another rumble, but I will do what is necessary to bring peace to all of us." Pikachu said.

"But you know we all can't live together. There's always conflict. That was the number one thing that big brother Raichu taught us. You know that." Raichu said.

"I know. But I want to prove him wrong. They may say I'm young and headstrong, and that my ideals are impossible, but I know in my heart that I can do this." Pikachu said. "I just need a little time."

"Not to mention a lot of help." Raichu said.

"Yeah." Pikachu replied.

Pikachu turned away from his brother.

"Tomorrow, things will be starting anew around here. All the old gangs are back, but this time we, personally have a new goal." Pikachu said. "We are going to bring all the gangs together under one banner. We will have peace. I will do this, one way or another."

"Bro…" Raichu started.

"Don't tell me it's impossible!" Pikachu said. "I don't think much is going to happen today brother. Why don't you go home to your wife and kids?"

Raichu didn't respond. He simply turned and left the building.

Raichu walked down the path to his home. It used to be that no Raichu would ever walk this path ever again, until he and his older brother changed that. His older brother told him of why they banned Raichus from this old forest in the first place. When their grandfather was a young Pichu, a Raichu from another forest had been coming to this forest and causing trouble. He would pick on the children and tear apart their homes. One day, he got to their grandfather. The young Pichu tried to put up a fight, but wasn't able to even leave a mark on the more powerful being. The Raichu left the poor young Pichu in a very bad state. The young Pichu and his parents made it a rule to never let another Raichu set foot in this forest again, lest another poor soul be harmed. The Raichus that were living there were exiled from the forest. Needless to say, they weren't very happy, and let that other Raichu from the other forest know of their unhappiness by beating him senseless.

Raichu came around a large bush and found his new family just waking up. Raichu's life had changed when he met Pikette. He met her when he was still a pikachu. They had both evolved together to symbolize their matrimony. The four young pichus, two girls and two boys, were their pride and joy. The young ones loved their parents as much as they loved their uncles.

"Papa!" One of the boys called.

The other three and their mother turned to see their father coming home much earlier than usual.

"Papa! I'm so glad you're home!"

"Did uncle Raichu come back from his trip yet?"

"Play with us daddy!"

"I'm hungry!"

Raichu laughed.

"Okay, okay, settle down." Raichu said.

"Hello Raichu. Home early today?" Pikette asked.

"Yeah. Pikachu let me off." Raichu said.

"Is he still on that whole society trip?" She asked.

"Uncle Pikachu's going on a trip too!?"

"I wanna go!"

"I still wanna play!"

"I'm still hungry!"

"Now, now kids. Why don't you all go play? Let me talk with your father." Pikette said.

The four pichus ran off into the forest to play.

"So what's going on now?" She asked.

"Blastoise is calling a meeting." Raichu said.

"Uh oh. Think he's going to try to set up an alliance?" She asked.

"I think so, but that's not what Pikachu wants." Raichu said.

"Yeah, I know. He wants a perfect peaceful society." She said.

"Yes. And what's worse, he thinks he can do it." He said.

"Sometimes I just don't understand him." She said.

"I think that Raichu left because he knew that Pikachu was starting to lose control." He said.

"All the more reason he should've stayed." She said.

"No, he's done enough for the gang, and for us. He want's me to take care of things. I'm sure of it." Raichu said.

"I take that back. I'll never understand either of you." She said.

"Is that why you married me?" He asked.

She merely smiled. Raichu lifted himself up.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I need to find out what Blastoise wants before Pikachu messes things up." Raichu said.

"So you're going to Cerulean?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Just be careful, okay?" She asked.

"I will. If he comes looking for me, tell him I'm running an errand for you. He'll understand." He said.

She smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. Then he turned and walked into the forest.

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