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Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu - Part II
By Mega Raichu

Pichu watched with wide eyes as Pikachu and Raichu lifted the large banner onto the wall. The banner was the masterpiece of the gang's only artist, Big Electabuzz. The banner showed Boss Pikachu and Giga Raichu standing on top of a large lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is the gang's symbol. With the past victory, the morale of all the members of the gang was at an all time high. Everyone was pleased. Pikachu was still learning to be a leader and Raichu helped him along the way. Pichu had defeated a peon and was now a member of the gang. Things were going quite well. Pikachu put the banner on a nail in the wall and let go and looked it over as it hung. Raichu did the same. They both got down by pichu and stared at the banner. Electabuzz stood behind them and smiled at his handiwork. Pichu smiled. Several other gang members started to applaud Electabuzz. It was a pretty good day for everyone. Pikachu's parents finally consented to having Pichu in the gang. Pichu was having a fun time and was finally learning a few words. Raichu hadn't lost any respect that the gang had for him. He had proved himself as a powerful fighter and the only one who could defeat him was pikachu.

As the day progressed, many more things got done. Most of it was renovation of the gang's hideout. They were in an old warehouse that the electric company doesn't use anymore. Zapdos was holding up an Electabuzz in the air while he reconnected some old wires that a Rattata had bit into only the day before. Jolteon was on the prowl for the Rattata that cut that wire but was having little luck. A magneton was in the back charging an old generator that they had found. Pikachu and Raichu had their attention on Pichu when Zapdos, having finished with the repair, approached them.

"I'd like to introduce some of my cousins to the gang." Zapdos said.

"What cousins?" Pikachu asked.

"Moltres and Articuno." Zapdos said. "They want in."

"Moltres and Articuno aren't electric types." Raichu said.

"This gang is only for electric types. If they want to be part of a gang send them to Rapidash and Wartortle." Pikachu said.

"They want to be here with us." Zapdos said.

"No can do." Pikachu said. "No non-electric types allowed."

"We are allies with the water gang and we have a treaty of friendship with the fire gang. They'll be in good hands." Raichu said.

Zapdos went away quietly. That wasn't the answer he was looking for. Pikachu and Raichu turned their attention to Pichu.

"Go ahead pichu." Pikachu said. "Say it."

"Pi… pi… pika!" Pichu said with a smile.

Pikachu and Raichu both laughed.

"He's getting there." Raichu said.


Zapdos flew through the air, heading for Indigo Plateau, the home of his cousin Moltres. Zapdos landed softly near the mouth of a cave on top of the plateau and entered. Moltres saw Zapdos and rushed to him.

"Well, what'd they say?" Moltres said.

"You can't be in the electric gang. You're not an electric type." Zapdos said.

"Aw man!" Moltres said.

"But you can go to the fire gang. They have a treaty of friendship with us." Zapdos said.

"Where is the fire gang?" Moltres said.

"Cinnabar." Zapdos replied.

Soon, Moltres was flying south to Cinnabar as Zapdos headed to Sea Foam Islands. Articuno had gotten some digletts to build a tunnel to her underground lair. Zapdos stood at the mouth of the cave and walked in. Soon he stood on a small platform looking over and underground river. Articuno was snoozing in her nest. Zapdos lightly nudged her and she woke with a start. The she recognized her cousin.

"Cuz!" She said. "What's the good word?"

"No chance." Zapdos said. "You're not an electric type."

"Geez. I figured that much." Articuno said.

"You can join the water gang. We're allies with them." Zapdos said.


It had been a week since Zapdos had asked them about his cousins joining the gang. It had been a month since the rumble. Pikachu and Raichu were enjoying some sun on the roof of the warehouse. Pichu was in a small wading pool they had set up for him. Zapdos was on air patrol, keeping a sharp eye on the perimeter of their territory. As Zapdos flew, he spotted a Ponyta waiting at the perimeter. He recognized the ponyta as a member of Rapidashs' gang. Zapdos swooped down to speak with the ponyta. Pikachu saw this and went to the edge of the roof to investigate. Raichu did the same. They watched as Zapdos conversed with the ponyta. The ponyta then turned, and left. Zapdos flew up to the warehouse roof.

"I have a message for Pikachu from Rapidash." Zapdos said.

"So spill it already!" Raichu said.

"For Pikachu and only Pikachu." Zapdos said.

Raichu moved to the other side of the roof where Pichu was happily splashing in his kiddie pool.

"Boss Rapidash wants to have a word with you. Now." Zapdos said. "Bring only your transportation. No one else."

Pikachu nodded.

"I'll be ready in five." Pikachu said.

Zapdos nodded and went back to his patrols. Pikachu went to Raichu and motioned for a private conversation. Pikachu explained the situation to Raichu.

"It sounds like a private Boss conference. But why only you and Rapidash?" Raichu said.

"That's what I want to know." Pikachu said.

"Don't say anything that might make Rapidash mad. We don't want to lose that treaty." Raichu said. "Always be polite and speak clearly. I can't be there with you so you'll have to make decisions on your own."

Pikachu understood. This was one he had to do without any help. He waved to Zapdos. Zapdos flew to the warehouse and Pikachu jumped onto his back. Pikachu waved to Raichu and Pichu as Zapdos flew off.


Zapdos flew quickly through the air. He knew that Pikachu was going to make an important decision in this meeting with Boss Rapidash. He could only wonder what was going to happen behind those closed doors. Pikachu was having the same thoughts. He hadn't done anything lately to make Rapidash mad at him. The rumble was between Pikachu's gang, Wartortle's gang and the Psychic gang. Pikachu had no idea what was going to happen. He wished that Raichu could be with him to help him out. Pikachu was still young. He had little to no experience in council. Zapdos slowed as he approached the perimeter of Rapidashs' territory. Pikachu looked around and saw that a Moltres was waiting in the air. Moltres led Zapdos down to the Island. Pikachu was led into a small deserted laboratory. Pikachu began to feel nervous as he saw the charred blast marks on the walls of the lab. Zapdos stayed outside with his cousin. A Magmar led Pikachu to a large door. The door slowly opened and Pikachu entered. Once inside he immediately saw Rapidash lying down on a large cushion. There were several other ponyta in the room. Rapidash saw Pikachu and motioned for the ponyta to leave. The other ponyta left the room, leaving only Pikachu and Boss Rapidash. There had never been a female Boss in any of the gangs for a long time. But Rapidash was an exception. She was large for a Rapidash, which made her very attractive to the stallions. She hadn't chosen a mate yet, and that worried most of the Rapidash community. Pikachu never found other species of pokémon, other than his own, very attractive but this one seemed to catch his eye. He saw the beauty in Rapidash that Raichu had spoke of earlier. Raichu had said that Rapidash is the most beautiful horse he had ever seen. Now Pikachu knew that Raichu wasn't lying. Rapidash flicked her head to mover her mane to the other side of her head, revealing her sharp horn.

"Boss Pikachu. Welcome to my home." She said.

"I'm honered." Pikachu said nervously.

"Is there something wrong?" Rapidash asked.

"Ummm… no. Let's get down to business. What was it you wanted to talk about?" Pikachu asked.

"Straight to the point. I like that." Rapidash said. "I wanted to speak to you about your ally, Wartortle."

"What about him?" Pikachu asked.

"I don't like him." Rapidash said.

"So what does that have to do with me?" Pikachu asked.

"I will not keep our treaty if you keep relations with Wartortle." Rapidash asked.

"Why don't you like him?" Pikachu asked.

"Water types are the hated enemy of all fire types." Rapidash said.

"All the more reason you should ally with him. If you should go to war, he would be a valuable ally." Pikachu said.

"I will not ally myself with my enemy!" Rapidash said.

"Then what would you have me do?" Pikachu asked.

"Ally with me and destroy the water gang." Rapidash said.

"I can't do that. The water gang was an extremely big help in our battle with the psychic gang." Pikachu said. "Besides. If we did do battle with the water gang, it would be a slaughter. That is unethical."

"If you will not ally with me then I shall make our treaty null and void." Rapidash said.

"I simply cannot turn on my ally." Pikachu said. "I'm sorry that we cannot meet on the same terms here."

"If you will not be my ally, then you are my enemy." Rapidash said.

Pikachu thought for a moment.

"Then so be it." Pikachu said.

Rapidash was taken aback. She had not expected him to respond that way. But she could not back out on her word.

"If there is no further business." Pikachu said.

"There is. I have enlisted the help of a powerful pokémon that will help me defeat you." Rapidash said.

"Yes I know you have Moltres in your ranks." Pikachu said.

"Not Moltres." She said.

"Then who?" Pikachu asked.

A figure stepped from out of the shadows. Pikachu looked in horror at the figure standing before him.

"Meet Mega Mewtwo." Rapidash said.

"You can't have a psychic in your ranks! It's against the rules!" Pikachu said.

"I can. You see Mewtwo knows metronome. Metronome is an attack that can conjure up ANY attack that ANY pokémon can do. That includes fire. So in a sense, he is a fire type." Rapidash said.

"You can't do this. I won't allow this." Pikachu said as he backed to the door.

"I can do this and you are going to allow it whether you like it or not." Rapidash said.

"You can't force me to do something I don't want to do." Pikachu said.

"Then we have no further business. Remove yourself. You are trespassing." Rapidash said.

Pikachu walked out of the laboratory and met up with Zapdos.

"Let's go home. Quickly." Pikachu said.

"What happened?" Zapdos asked.

"Nothing good." Pikachu said as Zapdos flew towards the power plant.

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