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Pichu and The Electric Gang Of Raichu - Part 10
By Mega Raichu

Mew watched the psy-projection in front of him. It showed his armies becoming victorious over their opponents. Golem and Venusaur have fallen. The fire wall has been torn down. The dogs of war have been annihilated. A smile appeared on Mew's face.

"It's over Mewtwo." Mew said.

"It is far from over." Mewtwo said painfully.

"How can you say that Mewtwo?" Serebii asked. "Your body is wracked with injury and on top of that, you're paralyzed."

"A psychic should never make assumptions." Mewtwo said. "You forget the power I wield: Metronome!"

Mewtwo's eyes flashed blood red as he initiated the metronome. His body glowed his trademark bright blue color. When the light subsided, Mewtwo stood up.

"Before I killed her, Rapidash gave me her power. I am more powerful now than I have ever been!" Mewtwo shouted.

Mewtwo called upon the metronome ability again and let loose with multiple hyperbeams, one after another at Mew and Serebii. Mew and Serebii did their best to dodge. Mew tried to make a barrier but it was shattered instantly by one of Mewtwo's hyperbeams. Serebii shot a psybeam at Mewtwo but it was destroyed by another of Mewtwo's hyperbeams. Suddenly, Mewtwo ceased his attack. Mew and Serebii thought that he had finally tired out, but he wasn't even sweating.

"Enough of these games!" Mewtwo exclaimed. "It is time for us to finally decide which of us the greater one Mew!"

Mewtwo became surrounded by his blue colored energy as Mew surrounded himself with his pink energy field. Mewtwo and Mew charged each other. They collided and there was a bright flash. They backed off and collided again and again. Neither was gaining or losing the advantage and neither was weakening. Mew shot a psywave at Mewtwo, but Mewtwo deflected the attack. Mewtwo released a psybeam at Mew, but Mew easily dodged and released a psybeam of his own. Mewtwo dodged and returned with a psychic attack which Mew avoided. Serebii wanted to interfere but the psychic power that was being traded between the two battling Pokémon was far too great for him to withstand. Mew closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Mewtwo took this as an opening to attack and released a psybeam. Mew opened his eyes, they had become totally pink. Mew released a massive psybeam, much bigger than that of Mewtwo's. Mew's psybeam engulfed Mewtwo's and slammed into Mewtwo throwing him into a nearby building. Not only did Mewtwo go into the building, but he went clear through the building and landed hard on his back. Once the dust settled, Mewtwo tried to get up. When he tried to move, his body responded with excruciating pain. He tried to use metronome but he had depleted his power. He closed his eyes. He knew he had failed and would be punished. Then a voice resounded in his head.

"You will not lose. I entrust you with my power." The deep voice said.

Mewtwo recognized the voice as the Earth Spirit. Suddenly, Cinnabar Island split in two as if a humongous fissure attack had just occurred. A pillar of fire erupted from the crack in the earth. Mew and Serebii backed away.

"It's the Earth Spirit!" Serebii said.

"He can't interfere!" Mew said.

The Earth Spirit, a huge formless cloud of fire with giant evil golden eyes turned to face the injury wracked body of Mewtwo. The golden eyes of the Earth Spirit shined a bright white. Mewtwo's body began to shine white as well. Slowly, Mewtwo stood. He was still shining a bright white.

"Now destroy them!" The Earth Spirit bellowed before he descended back into the fissure.

Mewtwo began to grow larger. His arms became more muscular and his torso increased in muscle mass. Silver metal plates began to form around his appendages and a large golden chest plate appeared on his torso. A black helmet, that only showed his eyes, formed on his head. His eyes were now just two blood red slits behind the black helmet. Mew and Serebii could feel the intense psychic power emanating from Mewtwo, like heat emanating from a bon fire.

"What the!?" Serebii asked.

"He's become a ... a ... a Mega Mewtwo!" Mew shouted!

Mega Mewtwo let out a blood curdling roar and released a massive psywave attack that threw Mew and Serebii clear to Viridian City. Mega Mewtwo launched himself into the air and headed straight for Viridian City.

Lugia felt the monster coming and had the Legendary Birds set up in a defensive position. Lugia let loose with his Aero Blast attack as Houou let loose with Southern Blaze. Zapdos released Thunder while Articuno called up a Blizzard attack. Moltres summoned the strength to use Fire Spin. None of the attacks did any good against Mega Mewtwo. Mega Mewtwo plowed through them. Underneath Mega Mewtwo, Jolteon and his family were following on foot, being followed by the psychic gang. They had immediately recognized the threat and were throwing attack after attack at the monstrosity. No attack seemed to be able to phase Mega Mewtwo. Soon Jolteon and the others were losing ground and Mega Mewtwo disappeared over the horizon.

Mew and Serebii landed in the center of Viridian City. They quickly regained their bearings and shot off towards Lavender where Pikachu's army was waiting.

"What do we do? We can't beat him like this!" Mew shouted.

"We have to get the armies to work together! One massive attack could probably take him out!" Serebii shouted.

Mew nodded and sent a psychic message to Alakazam to teleport everyone to Lavender. When Mew and Serebii arrived, Serebii explained the plan.

"We all have to attack with our most powerful attacks." Serebii said.

Raichu was still patching Pikachu's arm.

"We took some heavy injuries in that last battle. I don't think..." Raichu started.

"We'll have to bite our tongues and bear the pain. If this is the only way to defeat that monster then we have to do what is necessary." Pikachu said. "Even if it kills us. We have to do what we have to, to save the universe."

No one argued.

"Here he comes!" Zapdos called out.

Everyone turned to face the oncoming threat that was Mega Mewtwo. Alakazam and his army charged their psychic powers. Pikachu's gang turned the Lavender electric generator to overdrive and began to absorb massive amounts of electricity. Wartortle's gang collected all the water they could find. Mew and Serebii faced Mega Mewtwo. Pikachu and Raichu stood facing Mega Mewtwo. Pichu gave Pikachu one more hug before Mega Mewtwo descended upon them. Mega Mewtwo landed with a loud thud and immediately began to throw out humongous hyperbeams with great ease. They psychic gang quickly began to release their attacks, teleported and released their attacks again. Pikachu's gang stood on the power plant and released the electricity they had absorbed. Wartortle's gang fell back and attacked with surf and water pump attacks. The Legendary birds flew high and attacked with everything they had. Lugia and Houou were double teaming with Aero Blast and Southern Blaze. Zapdos released thunder attacks, one after another. Articuno was using blizzard and ice beams repeatedly. Moltres kept using Fire Spin and Fire Blast. Umbreon and Espeon had regained some of their strength and attacked with whatever they could muster. Jolteon and the others attacked with everything they had. Jolteon released thunderbolts, while Flare released Fire Spin as Vaporeon released his hydro pump attack. All of these attacks were going on simultaneously while Mew and Serebii were attacking with their psychic powers. Mega Mewtwo seemed to be attacking at random, taking hits as he attacked. Pikachu could see that Mega Mewtwo was weakening. His hyperbeams were not hitting their marks and sometimes they would do little to no damage. Pikachu relayed this to Raichu and Alakazam, who was fighting beside him. Alakazam sent the news to everyone via telepathy. With the news, everyone seemed to get a second wind, except Mega Mewtwo of course. Mega Mewtwo tried for a different approach and started throwing out psybeams at the psychic gang. Members of Alakazam's gang were falling like flies. Mega Mewtwo had found his niche. After a few moments, most of Alakazam's gang had fallen. Alakazam ordered a tactical retreat. Pikachu ordered his gang to double their efforts. Mew and Serebii had flown up behind Mega Mewtwo's head and released a double team psychic attack. Mega Mewtwo took the hit hard and was thrown forward, into the power plant. Pikachu and the rest of his gang quickly evacuated the plant. Mega Mewtwo fell in slow motion. When he hit the power plant there was a humongous explosion. Electricity was thrown everywhere. Pikachu and his gang did their best to absorb the energy. When the dust settled, Mega Mewtwo lay face down in the ruins of the plant. Slowly, though, he pulled himself up. Pikachu began to panic as he was looking around and could not find Pichu. Mega Mewtwo slowly got to his feet and met a bunch of thunderbolts from the electric gang. Suddenly there was a cry from the ruins of the plant. Mega Mewtwo heard the cry and turned to see the source. Pichu stood on top of the broken generator. His body was glowing with the electricity he had absorbed. Large bolts of electricity were shooting out from several places on his body. Pichu charged himself for an electric attack. Mega Mewtwo raised an arm and prepared a psybeam and shot it at Pichu. Pichu released his thunder attack at Mega Mewtwo. The two attacks met midway between Mega Mewtwo and Pichu. They remained their for a moment but then Pichu's thunder attack began to slowly progress towards Mega Mewtwo. Then, Mega Mewtwo's psybeam gave in and Pichu's thunder attack made contact with Mega Mewtwo. There was another huge explosion. The Legendary birds took the opening and released their best attacks. The remains of Alakazam's gang teleported in and released their psychic attacks. Pikachu's gang unloaded all of their electricity into Mega Mewtwo. Wartortle's gang got their second wind and let loose with all their water attacks onto Mega Mewtwo. After all the attacks had subsided, Pichu still stood there using his thunder attack on Mega Mewtwo. Finally, Pichu's attack ended and Pichu collapsed. When the dust settled, there was a large crater in the ground where Mega Mewtwo had fallen. Pikachu slowly walked over to the edge of the crater. Through the dust he could see the unmoving body of Mewtwo.


"And that's how we saved the world!" The pikachu said to the small group of Pichus.

Two Raichus stood behind the Pikachu. One was much older than the other. The Pikachu, formerly Pichu, had evolved shortly after the war. After Pichu's evolution, Pikachu used a thunderstone on himself and evolved into a Raichu. His parent's didn't object. His older brother, Raichu, became too old to fight and retired from the gang. After the war, Pikachu, formerly Pichu, was able to combine all the gangs into one gang: The Rainbow Gang Of Pikachu. Mew and Serebii returned to South America to live out the rest of their days.

"Tell us again uncle Pikachu!" One of the Pichu's said happily.

"You know," Raichu, formerly Pikachu said, "you never did tell me how you know so much."

"Trade secret." His older brother said while tapping the side of his nose.