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Mistakes and Consequences – Part 9
The Army of Dark Stars
By Mega Raichu

            Mewtwo stood back and watched as Sheena inspected her body.  She looked in amazement at the perfection and attention to detail.  She excused herself and went into an adjoining room.  Mewtwo had already used his restore ability to heal his wounds and Raichu’s wounds.  Raichu was busy tinikering with the transporter, trying to find out what had happened.

“How exactly does it work?”  Mewtwo asked.

“It breaks up the organism, cell by cell, and then… that’s it!”  Raichu exclaimed.

“What’s it?”  Sheena asked as she re-entered the room.

“The transporter mixed our cells up!  That’s how we merged!”  Raichu said.

“Well, that Mewchu thing y’all turned into can be a very useful fighter when we face Ditto again.”  Sheena said.

“Yes.  Very useful indeed.”  Raichu said.

“Are you sure that Ditto is going to come here?”  Mewtwo asked.

“Absolutely.  He’s desperate now.  Who knows what he’ll do, but we’ll all be prepared for him.”  Raichu said.

Within mere hours, word had spread that Ditto might be arriving with an attack force and the entire colony was prepared for battle.  All the small children had been hidden away and everyone who could fight went to their battlestations around the colony.  Mewtwo looked out the window at a seemingly abandoned colony.

“They hide in their houses until I give the signal.  We’ve been training for something like this for years.  Ditto may know what to expect, so he’ll have reinforcements.”  Raichu said.

“So what do we do?”  Mewtwo asked.

“We wait and then meet him in the square and hope he thinks that it’s just us who are waiting for him.”  Sheen said.

They walked back through the building and emerged in the square.  A spearow floated down and whispered something in Raichu’s ear, then flew off.

“He’s coming.  And he’s brought friends.”  Raichu said with a grim expression.

The gates then flew open and Ditto walked through, followed by a large group of his Dark Stars.  Ditto pointed at Raichu, Mewtwo, and Sheena and the Dark Stars charged forward.  Raichu brought two fingers to his lips and let loose with a high pitched whistle.  Suddenly, the doors of all the buildings that surrounded the square, opened and hybrids began to pour out.  The Dark Stars turned towards the rest of the hybrids and began to fight with them.  It seemed as though the Dark Stars outnumbered the hybrids, but the hybrids were going all out.  It took three Dark Stars to take down a young hybrid.  Raichu and Ditto clashed.  Sheena and Mewtwo were being attacked by a pair of Houndooms.  Mewtwo used his metronome ability to conjure up random attacks as Sheena fended off her attackers with her steel staff.  Raichu and Ditto were trading attacks, but none of them physical.  Raichu would not let Ditto touch him.  Soon, the fighting was becoming extremely intense, so intense that Ditto and Raichu lost each other in the crowd of fighters.  Raichu made his way to Mewtwo as Mewtwo dispatched one of the Houndooms.  Sheena was still fighting a Houndoom and was winning.  Mewtwo and Raichu ducked into a nearby laboratory and Sheena followed after finishing off the Houndoom.  Mewtwo knew what was on Raichu’s mind.  They went straight for the transporter.  Raichu and Mewtwo entered it as Sheena played with the control panel.  The machine hummed to life and the door on the opposite end of the machine opened.  Mewchu stepped out of the machine.  Mewchu and Sheena emerged from the building and immediately began to confront enemies.  Mewchu was releasing psychic-electric blasts at the Dark Stars, seemingly at random.  He then spotted Ditto and rushed over to him.  Ditto leapt at Mewchu, catching Mewchu off guard, and hit him in the face.  Ditto jumped back with a grin on his face.  He tried to morph, but he failed.  He then returned to his human form with a confused look on his face.

“It seems you can’t copy my DNA Ditto!”  Mewchu shouted as he launched a psychic-electric blast at Ditto.

A Houndour leapt at Mewchu from behind, but Mewchu lifted a finger and the Houndour stopped in mid air.  The Houndor then flew high in the air and slammed down into the ground.  Mewchu then began to concentrate.  Ditto looked on in horror.  A large blue aura formed around Mewchu.  The aura expanded until it enveloped the entire crowd of fighters.  Suddenly, all the Dark Stars were lifted into the air and then they all suddenly disappeared.  Ditto was enraged.  He morphed himself into a large Dragonite.

“Good thing I took this precaution!”  Ditto hollered as he charged at Mewchu.

Mewchu took up a defensive stance as Ditto slammed into him.  Mewchu slid back a few feet, though he remained standing.  Mewchu then lifted his arm and shot a beam of energy at Ditto.  Ditto was thrown back and was stunned.  Mewchu then began to concentrate.  A big blue ball of energy appeared in front of him.  Ditto stared into the ball of energy, as though he knew his fate.  The ball became very cold.  The ball grew larger and larger.  Mewchu then lifted his arms to the sky and the ball of energy followed.  The ball appeared to be floating on top of Mewchu’s hands.  Mewchu was staring at the ball.  He then looked down at Ditto and shoved his arms forward very quickly.  Ditto saw everything happen in slow motion.  The ball suddenly elongated and became a beam of pure cold.  The beam, he recognized as an ice beam, enveloped his body.  He felt the intense cold shoot through his body and saw large ice cubes form around his appendages.  He looked over at Mewchu and saw that he was holding a large ball of psychic-electric energy up with one arm.  Mewchu then threw the ball of energy.  Ditto saw the ball fly towards him.  The only thing that he could think of was “This is going to hurt”.

            Mewtwo stood beyond the force field that separated him from Dr. Ditto.  He was still unconscious from the battle.  Mewtwo could only wonder at why anyone would want to rule the world.  He too had aspirations for world domination, but he realized the error of his ways before anyone came close to killing him.  He saw Dr. Ditto stir.  Ditto sat up in his bed and went painfully over to the force field.  He tested the force field with his hand.  It shocked him slightly.  Ditto backed off.  He was staring at Mewtwo the whole time.

“You can’t keep me here.”  Ditto said.

“Yes they can.”  Mewtwo said.

“I mean you personally.  YOU can’t keep me here.”  Ditto said.

“Why not?”  Mewtwo said.  “I can easily let you rot in there.”

“Because I have something that you want.”  Ditto said.

Mewtwo shrunk his eyes until they were just thin slits.

“I have Mew.”  Ditto said.

Mewtwo remained quiet.

“Believe me or not, but if you ever want to see her again, you’d better get me outta here.”  Ditto said.

Mewtwo turned and walked out of the room.