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Mistakes and Consequences - Part 7
The Ditto Encounter
By Mega Raichu

The air was still as Mewtwo and the two hybrids entered the large laboratory. Mewtwo listened intently for any sounds, keeping his body poised to pounce anything that came his way. Then, directly in front of them, a door slowly slid to the side and Dr. Ditto stepped through. He had that insidious smile pasted on his face. His black eyes seemed to stare right into their souls. Raichu sneered. Sheena readied her staff.

"Since you didn't like my previous experiments, I thought I'd entertain you with something a bit different." Ditto said as he lifted a large object that looked like a laser rifle from an old sci-fi movie.

"What is that?" Mewtwo demanded.

"Just wait and see." Ditto said as he pointed the object at Mewtwo and pulled a small trigger.

The object fired a purple beam at Mewtwo. Mewtwo was caught off guard and got hit by the beam. There was no pain, just a slight uneasy feeling.

"Was that supposed to kill me?" Mewtwo asked.

"No. Just to cripple your powers." Ditto said with an evil grin.

Mewtwo tried to gather his psychic powers but found that he could not. His powers would not respond.

"What have you done to me!?" Mewtwo shouted.

"This is my psycho-kinetic-destabilizer ray. It basically searches for your psycho-kinetic wavelength, e.g. your psychic powers, and disrupts it so that your powers are useless." Ditto said with his trademark evil grin. "And if you'll turn your attention to the large object in the rear of the room..."

Ditto motioned to a large object that looked like an electric generator. They turned to look.

"That is a dampening field generator. Your electric attacks will not work here." Ditto said. "Now I will kill you all myself. And then I shall be the leader of the colony."

"You can't be the leader." Raichu said.

"Give me one good reason why not!" Ditto said.

"Because you're insane!" Raichu said, then he quickly turned to Sheena. "Find a way to shut down the dampening field."

Ditto jumped down off of his platform and charged at Raichu, who promptly dodged. Mewtwo began to concentrate on his Metronome ability as Raichu let loose with his swift attack. Ditto kept trying to tackle them. Raichu and Mewtwo were on the same track : they could not let Ditto touch them. But Ditto surprised them by transforming into Mewtwo.

"Damn! It hasn't been 72 hours yet!" Raichu said.

Mewtwo concentrated and let loose with a fire spin attack. The fire tornado engulfed Ditto. While Ditto was caught in the fire tornado, Mewtwo and Raichu turned to Sheena. She was playing with the controls and not having much luck. Mewtwo shooed her away and began to work on the generator himself. Raichu and Sheena turned just as the fire spin ended. Ditto immediately charged at Raichu, but Sheena caught him in the head with her staff. Ditto was caught off guard and was knocked down. Mewtwo was having much trouble with the generator and decided that the only way to disable it was to destroy it. Mewtwo backed off and began to concentrate on his Metronome ability. He then let loose with a hydro pump attack on the generator. It began to short circuit. Mewtwo, Raichu and Sheena dived away as the generator exploded, catching Ditto in the explosion. When the fire from the explosion subsided, Ditto was standing with his arms covering his face. But his body was made of solid rock. He then changed back into Mewtwo and redoubled his efforts to fight Raichu. Raichu let out a test electric shock that hit Ditto square in the face, temporarily blinding him. Sheena let out an electric blast that knocked Ditto back. Mewtwo had found something that looked to be useful. There was a small sign that read "Cellular Transport System". Mewtwo prayed that the system still worked as he tried to get it working. Within moments, it hummed to life. Mewtwo turned to face the battle, standing in front of the open door. But then everything began to move in slow motion. There was a bright flash and then a psychic explosion. Raichu's body began to fly right towards him. Raichu's body made contact with Mewtwo and they were both thrown into the Cellular Transport System. There was a loud noise as the System went to work. Ditto and Sheena watched as the other end of the System opened. A large creature stepped out. It looked like a mix of a Raichu and Mewtwo. It had the body of Mewtwo, but it's skin was much more tanned. It had the ears of a Raichu and a longer, thicker Raichu's tail. It's face was Mewtwo's but with the addition of the circular yellow cheeks.

"What the heck!?" Ditto shouted.

The creature looked over itself and then at Ditto.

"!" The creature shouted.

"The Transport System combined their DNA to create a new pokémon!" Ditto shouted.

Mewchu raised an arm and a large purple ball, with an electric field around it formed. Mewchu then threw that ball of psychic/electric energy at Ditto. The attack hit home and Ditto was thrown to the far wall. He lost his Mewtwo form and returned to his human form. He then slowly stood and produced a pistol.

"Since I can't kill you with conventional means, I'll just have to resort to good 'ol lead!" Ditto said as he opened fire.

Mewchu dived away as a bullet ricocheted at the place he just vacated. Then, Mewchu heard a scream. It took him a moment to realize that it was Sheena. He turned his head in time to see Sheena slump to the ground. Mewchu was filled with rage. He stood up and began to walk towards Ditto. Ditto kept firing his gun. A bullet caught Mewchu in the shoulder and on one of his arms, but he kept walking. A large purple aura formed around Mewchu. The bullets began to ricochet off of the aura as Mewchu marched onward. Mewchu then raised his arm and another ball of energy formed. Ditto quickly hit a panel on a wall and a door quickly slid open.

"Don't think that this is the end!" Ditto shouted as he disappeared behind the door.

Mewchu threw the ball at the door and it exploded. Mewchu then turned and quickly went over to Sheena. There was another loud explosion, and another and another. Mewchu lifted Sheena's body and ran out of the exploding building. Mewchu then flew off back towards the island.