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Mistakes and Consequences - Part 6
Into The Darkness
By Mega Raichu

The salty air stung Mewtwo's eyes as the small boat sailed on towards the mainland. Mewtwo looked out towards the horizon with a look of displeasure painted on his face like a mask. He didn't realize how far the mainland was from the island, but he was flying when he went to the island, so it seemed shorter to him. Raichu approached Mewtwo from behind. Mewtwo remained motionless.

"We'll be there shortly." Raichu said.

"I still don't see why I can't just fly you two down there." Mewtwo said.

"Because Ditto will be looking for you to be flying. He'll never expect us to come from the sea." Raichu said.

Mewtwo looked on towards the horizon and saw the tip of the Lavender Ghost Tower.

"What should we expect from him?" Mewtwo asked.

"Anything really." Raichu said.

Mewtwo accepted this with silence. The boat sailed onward for awhile. Sheena was in the rear of the boat, fiddling with her staff. Mewtwo had no idea why she would need a weapon. The only thing that was odd about the weapon was that it was made completely out of steel. It was an hour before the boat made a landing on the shore. As soon as they stepped foot on the beach, a spearow floated down towards Raichu. The spearow whispered something into Raichu's ear and flew off quickly.

"What was that all about?" Mewtwo asked.

"Reconnaissance. I now know Ditto's location. Lets move." Raichu said as he walked off down the beach.

Mewtwo and Sheen followed closely. They weaved in and out of thick brush, behind groups of trees and then between buildings to keep out of public view. Then they came to a large building that was settled in a large clump of forest, just northwest of the city. They entered the building and found themselves in complete darkness. Raichu was about to use his flash ability when there was a loud feedback sound.

"Welcome. I've been expecting you." A loud, familiar voice resounded.

"Ditto." Raichu said bluntly.

"Correct." Ditto voice sounded as the lights came on, temporarily blinding the three. "I'd like you to meet some friends of mine."

A large door in the back of the room opened and four black pokémon stepped into the room. Two were dogs, one was a small four legged creature that closely resembled an Eevee, and the other was a bird.

"Meet Houndour, Houndoom, Umbreon, and Murkrow, my Dark Stars! These dark types have been enhanced thanks to your genetic information Mewtwo." Ditto's voice sounded.

"What!? My genetic information?" Mewtwo asked.

"Yes. With your DNA code I was able to give these pokémon a certain gene therapy. Now they are invincible! Their weaknesses have been eliminated and their resistances have been increased ten fold!" Ditto's voice shouted. "You shouldn't have made fun of me at those meetings Raichu. I told you I could create an invincible army and now I've done it!"

"We don't need an invincible army Ditto! All we need is to live our own lives in peace! We don't need to take over the world!" Raichu shouted.

"Maybe you don't but I do!" Ditto shouted back.

"Surprise, surprise. Yet another insane plan for world domination." Mewtwo said softly.

"I heard that!" Ditto's voice shouted. "Now it is time for the final field test. Kill them."

The smaller dog, Houndour, launched itself at Sheena, she parried the attack and swung her staff towards the dogs head, striking it and sending it tumbling, but it got back up and launched itself at her again. The larger dog, Houndoom, tried to tackle Mewtwo, but Mewtwo dodged the attack and launched his swift attack at the dog. The shooting stars made contact, but the large dog shook off the attack and returned with his own version of the swift attack, Faint. The black stars sped towards Mewtwo, but Mewtwo quickly put up a barrier and the stars bounced harmlessly off. The large dog launched itself at Mewtwo and shattered the barrier with a mighty tackle attack. Then the dog reared it's head up and bit down on Mewtwo's shoulder in a massive bite attack. Raichu was battling the other two dark pokémon. The Umbreon let loose with it's Faint attack while the Murkrow tried to peck at him. Raichu shot a thunderbolt at the Murkrow, causing it to faint, while dodging the onslaught of the Faint attack. One of the stars hit Raichu in his arm and he got caught off balance. The rest of the stars slammed into him. But Raichu kept his bearings and held his ground as he let loose with a thunderbolt attack on the Umbreon. The Umbreon somehow escaped the attack and lunged at Raichu. But Raichu was quicker than the Umbreon and caught it by its neck. The Umbreon began to try and wriggle itself out of Raichu's grip, but Raichu tightened his grip and then released some electricity through his hands into the body of the Umbreon. The Umbreon's body went limp.

Sheena was still battling the Houndour. It had launched itself at her, but she quickly turned and the Houndour's head was met by a mega kick roundhouse by Sheena. The Houndour yelped in pain as it hit the ground. Sheena leapt at the dog with her staff high in the air. The Houndour quickly got up, but Sheena compensated for his movement and was able to slam he staff onto the side of the Houndour's head. The Houndour flew a few feet and then rolled for a moment when it hit the ground. It did not get up. Mewtwo was still having it out with the Houndoom. Mewtwo, being at a disadvantage because of his weakness to dark types, was not faring well. The bite on his shoulder was bleeding freely, and Mewtwo did not have time to use his recover ability. Instead, he chanced a psybeam attack. The attack hit home but did no damage. Mewtwo cursed under his breath as he dodged a tackle attack from Houndoom. Mewtwo had no choice but to pull out all the stops for this one. His eyes quickly flashed bright blue and he envisioned a fireblast. The attack took form in front of him and slammed into the Houndoom. The Houndoom, not expecting the attack, took the full force of it and was thrown into the wall. Mewtwo then called up his Restore ability and his wound healed. The Houndoom quickly got up and launched itself at Mewtwo, but Mewtwo, now fully healed and then some, raised his arm and stopped the Houndoom in mid air. This surprised Mewtwo because the dark types are strong against psychics, but Mewtwo monopolized on this sudden advantage and threw the Houndoom up towards the ceiling. The Houndoom hit the ceiling and then came crashing down to the ground. It laid on the ground motionless.

"I never knew that you had Metronome Mewtwo. That will be a most handy ability." Ditto's voice sounded. "Come, we have much to...discuss."

The door in the back of the room slowly opened and the three walked through it.