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Mistakes and Consequences - Part 4
By Mega Raichu

The air was cool as Mewtwo and Sheena walked down the long corridor. Mewtwo looked up at the ceiling and saw many air vents. That explained the cool air, but he still hadn't received an explanation on what these people are.

"You still haven't answered my question." Mewtwo said.

"What question?" Sheena asked.

"What are you?" Mewtwo asked.

"Don't worry. He'll explain it to you." Sheena said. "He's really excited to see you."

"He? Oh your leader." Mewtwo said. "So is he the leader because he's the strongest or what?"

"That's one of the reasons. He's also the leader because of his heritage. He'll explain that to you too." She said.

They walked on until they came upon a window that looked out into the village. Among all the houses, only one seemed to be decorated. It was lined with several flags.

"What's with the flags?" Mewtwo asked.

"Those are victory flags." Sheena said.

"I would suppose that those belong to your leader." Mewtwo said.

"Of course. He displays them proudly." She said.

"Victories, so you are pokémon trainers?" He asked.

"No. We are pokémon." She said as she led him once again down the corridor.

"But..." Mewtwo started.

"Everything will be explained." Sheena interrupted.

They came to a large wooden door. Sheena opened with great ease. Inside the room was a large office, furnished with large shelves filled with books, several leather chairs in front of a big oak desk. Behind the desk sat who Mewtwo assumed was their leader. He had the look of a man in his mid twenties, well built, dark brown eyes and jet black hair that seemed to point in every direction. He wore a light grey suit that he obviously took great care of. It was immaculate. He was also a Raichu hybrid. He was busy with some paper work that seemed to take all of his attention, and he did not even hear the two come in. Sheena coughed and the man's head shot up. He looked from Sheena to Mewtwo and back to Sheena. His ears flicked as he stood. He was tall, almost six foot five. His tail was hovering in the air as if gravity had no effect on it. He slowly smiled.

"Raichu, this is Mewtwo." Sheena said.

"Thank you Sheena." The man said.

He had a strong voice. Deep, yet in a way it was full of trust and friendship. Mewtwo felt totally at ease here. Sheena turned around and left the room. Raichu watched her walk out. He shook his head and sat down and motioned for Mewtwo to do the same. Mewtwo took a seat.

"How does that old saying go? If looks could kill? She'd kill us all." Raichu said.

Mewtwo said nothing.

"She tells me you want to know what we are." Raichu said.

"Yes." Mewtwo said.

"Well then, I suppose you have a right to know." Raichu said.

Raichu sat back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling of his office.

"It was twenty years ago. This place used to be a laboratory colony. They were doing some kind of research on Pokémon." Raichu said.

"Research?" Mewtwo asked.

"It wasn't any kind of harmful research. They were just studying Pokémon. But there was some kind of accident with one of the evolutionary stones. There was a big explosion and then a radiation leak. People began to mutate. In a matter of hours, everyone in the colony was a pokémon/human hybrid. We are everything that a pokémon is and more." Raichu said.

Mewtwo accepted this with a slight nod.

"Now about you. We have never seen anything like you before. What are you?" Raichu asked.

"I am a genetically enhanced Mew. But I have been so far enhanced, that I have become something far different from Mew." Mewtwo said. "I was originally created to be a weapon for Team Rocket, but I am no one's Pokémon."

"I had heard of Mew. But I've never really seen one. I thought they were extinct." Raichu said.

"I was cloned from a fossil." Mewtwo said. "But there is one other living Mew, I had been separated from her and I must find her."

"Well, you'd be more than welcome to stay here with us." Raichu said.

"I only have one question." Mewtwo said. "Why stay here? You're obviously more civilized than most Pokémon are, why not try to rejoin the human society?"

"Would the human society accept you?" Raichu asked.

Mewtwo looked away.

"I see your point." Mewtwo said. "I do have one other piece of business."

"Okay. Shoot." Raichu said.

"I was attacked by one of you." Mewtwo said.

"Attacked?" Raichu asked. "By who?"

"A" Mewtwo said.

Raichu's smile slowly turned to a frown.

"What?" Mewtwo said.

"You were attacked by a Ditto hybrid?" Raichu asked.

"Yes. Is that bad?" Mewtwo asked.

"Yes it is very bad. He had blonde hair right? And black eyes?" Raichu asked.

"Yeah, that describes him pretty well." Mewtwo said.

"Damn. That was Dr. Ditto. He was one of us, but his power went straight to his head. He can turn into anything and keep pokémon abilities from his transformations. He tried to take over this village by force but he lost in a battle to me. He didn't touch you did he?" Raichu asked.

"I kind of punched him." Mewtwo said.

"Great, now he has your DNA." Raichu said. "We had exiled him to a small island to the north. Where did he attack you?"

"In Cerulean and then on this island." Mewtwo said.

"Well then, we must find him and lock him up. He is a very dangerous man." Raichu said.

"We?" Mewtwo asked.

"Of course." Raichu said as he stood. "You and me."